Monday, March 05, 2007

Holi Day ...The festivle of colors

Nice clean table ... I noticed the food but not the color powder.....

The event was more fun and actually brings the family and friends and community closer. It was fun to be and wish we in Malaysia can make this as part of our multiracial culture.

I was here during the right time but failed to have my camera with me (so I had to use my Sony Ericsson Z800i Camera phone)....then on Sunday the peak of the "Holi Day" I dare not go out and get my only spare jeans colored (I have already colored my office slack) and I have to wear jeans to visit my customer from now onwards.

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Anonymous said...


Love the Holi Festival blog... but it will be great if you could explain in more details...i mean like the orgin n why it celebrated...

Reinee Raman