Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Song (pattu) by Saint Tirumoolar

I love this 4 lines that was sung by Saint/Sittar Thirumoolar the first time I heard it back 12 years back ......and today i found the translation in English
"Love and Sivam are different - says that ignorant
Love is Sivam - they do not understand
Love is Sivam after they understand
In the ecstasic love, they merge into Siva"
Sivam, Shiva and what ever name, form and understanding can be it was a name that was given based on the language, culture and practice of life at that time period (horizontal) and forms to help people of various levels of understanding to be able to accept, practice and progress in the spiritual life.
An atheist and non atheist needs to have a direction that can make them believe that GOD exist and forces of the nature and its relation via statues and objects will help them to ACCEPT the next level of the religion
A religionist will need an object to start with, to put the mind in focus and emotions expressed (Bakthi Yoga, Ngayana Yoga, Karma Yoga). To be able to PRACTICE and start experiencing the higher spiritual of the being.
Once the superconscious communion is established with pure and unconditional LOVE the next level PROGRESS is experienced, where the being will be able to experience the absolute state and all as ONE and NONE ... THE ABSOLUTE! They call "MERGER INTO SHIVA"
Replace the name SHIVA with ABSOLUTE and meditate on it.

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