Friday, February 23, 2007


The "Hantaran". It is norm, during the wedding or engagement for the groom to give the Saree and what ever that groom wishes her to wear. It will always be send in as the groom walks in to the place. No, this is not dowry!

This is a must as part of the "seer" (in Malay said Hantaran) for Indians. The try will carry a container of kum-kum (the red thing they bride places on the forehead), santhanam (sandal powder) and rose water

The engagement rings...

And finally the completion....

This (i believe) is not part of the traditional Indian culture to wear rings on an engagement guess it was taken from the western culture. Originally the parents agrees and exchange a plate of beetle leaves and beetle nuts

Pictures that I took at an Engagement

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waulaueh, boleh jadi wedding potograper lah!!