Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is health? Can I buy it at shop?

After many years, I went back to the place where I spend 15 years growing up. I saw the place "grow" from a nice clean place to a "notorious" place. Even though they say it is notorious, living was OK. What place is it? Yes, the place is San Peng Flats.

But what I saw the last day of 2006 was unacceptable. There were a stretch of rubbish bin that was place at the road side. Just few meters from the windows and veranda of many home. You can see the conditions of the place in the photo but you have to be there to experience the smell.

I see this as 3rd world DBKL attitude. Is this acceptable?

Are the Health Officers "closing one eye (tutup satu mata la!)" What will be the health impact to the children and humans who live there, specially the one that lives just few meters away? Are we in a country that has no meaning for the word HEALTH? Or maybe we have to invite politicians to make DBKL work.

Then I saw a big place that was labeled "TEMPAT BUANG SAMPAH". Looked like the place was build/completed sometime ago and was kept unused. Are we waiting for DBKL to inaugurate the place for the road side bins to be moved into the designated place?

Till then who will suffer?
Somebody tell me that i was wrong!

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