Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jumping "Q"

I was driving to Puchong today and saw a lots of car at Sunway toll and it was a low traffic hours. I guess as usual ...weakness of the operator and we are paying toll to face congestion.

Myself and BHX was in a queue...then the other 2 cars on the right cut in even though the queue at the back in not long. Please observe the 2nd Touch & Go is off line. It is normal to see that lane to be off line :)

Then the 2 queue ...became 3 ...... grrrrr. To my surprise the car in front of me was leaving a gap to allow the jumping queue cars to cut in ......

As i moved closer to the toll a WAJA car cut in just before the concrete barrier.

And he was successful ...... what kind of brains they have....

I think they should sell the SmartTAG at not more then RM50.00 (to sell at cost price) or below and open more SmartTAG lanes. As they will gain from reduction on employment (per seat cost 4.5 head count). Less booth and air conditioner. Insurance, medical etc ...that in not seen as direct profit but gain back from reduction of overhead.

Once more start using SmartTAG then we can see less congestion then users will be happy.

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