Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Forgotten & soon to be dead!

I have rarely seen promotions on flights to India, why? My conclusion is what ever the price is flights to India is a very profitable business for MAS. It is a golden duck. There are lots of tourist from India too, even travels to shop in Malaysia!
What is my point here.....i am sad to see even the MAB ignores to use Tamil/Hindi on the signage!
Hi leaders of Indians ....... keep sleeping till there will be no reason for your presence as soon if this continues Indians will be categorised as "Lain-Lain"!
UMNO honoured their man who played the main role for MERDEKA, then MCA (not to be left behind and to make sure the rakyat knows that a Chinese played his role in getting MERDEKA for Malaysia) honoured their man. Errrrr what happened to MIC ....did MIC not contribute towards MERDEKA? Or we just let the generations to come forget what the MIC has contributed!?

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