Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pakistan Dec 2006

The pictures was taken during my 1st week visit to Pakistan. It was between 5-15 deg celcieus. Yes cold but it does not snow in Islamabad or Lahore....but it snows on the hills around Muree.

I will publish photos on the hills that you see as the background later ....

Living at the hill slope .....

Just starting to snow..the next day was 2 feet.

Market area on the way to Muree. But we were not going to Muree. This road leads to NWFP. One of the province of the 4 provinces of Pakistan.

Buying somethign to eat with tea.
yes, pakoda hehehehe...

Served hot on plate

Well decorated lorries are common here, you will never see a lorry that is not. Alot of work you know!

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