Monday, December 18, 2006

AirCraft Landed At Cheras

Hmmm what is this fellow doing here? The fighter just landed here or retired here .... hmmmm!

Imagine, if we can find out who was the pilot and if he is still alive. What will he feel when he see the aircraft is still around and with all his memories.

I am not sure how much he is spending for the maintenance, but I can see she is well taken care.

Actually it retired here. I am not sure of the make and the model of the aircraft (will be glad if anyone can advice here). I did not ask the house owner of the history of the aircraft being there. But I am sure who ever installed it here is a lover of fighter aircraft.

Hmm one day I hope to do the same at my house with a MiG or a F18 Hornet hahahahaha, dream on!

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Anonymous said...

It is PISTON PROVOST Year about 1960's .....