Saturday, August 12, 2006

More About Maha Avatar Babaji

"His appearance is that of a young man, fair, medium height and a strong
slim body. His hair is long, lustrous and copper colored. A radiance
emanates from him which is intense. The love that flows from him
is physically felt. When you have attained the Divine it is truly
beyond human comprehension."

Badrinath has been sanctified for thousands of years, by the hermitages of saints, yogis, rishis and siddhas, as well as by the presence of a great temple dedicated to Sri Badrinarayan (Lord Vishnu).
References to the Sri Badrinarayan temple are made in the Vedas, indicating that, prior to Babaji's arrival there, it was a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years.

Badrinath is situated in the Himalayan mountains at an altitude of 10,243 feet. Kedarnath is even higher.Badrinath is at the confluence of the Rishi Ganga and Alaknanda rivers. In the distance is Neelakanth Peak, towering above to an altitude of nearly twenty two thousand feet. Four monasteries (maths) established by Adi Shankaracharya lie in a town ship of Joshimath twenty four kilometers south of Badrinath.

Badrinarayan in the temple of Badrinath with a striking resemblance to Babaji.

It was installed there by Adi Shankaracharya, who had a vision, that in the aqua blue waters
of the Alaknanda river nearby, he would find a stutue of Lord Vishnu. According to the
Skanda Purana, when the Adi Shankaracharya was climbing towards "Ashta Khand",
a place for meditation, an voice spoke to him: "Oh Shankar, the thing you wanted
to attain through meditation, can be attained by you, by enshrining the idol of
Lord Vishnu, which lies in the Narad Kund. Avail yourself of this
opportunity and be blessed for having done so".

Pilgrims pay their homage year after year to the Lord Badrinarayan.

It is Badrinaryan temple their evil karmas and tendencies are washed away. This particular prayer Brahma-Kapalli if undertaken at Badrinath, they attain Moksha, liberation, from the Wheel of birth and death. After the pilgrimage, the pilgrim is filled with spiritual vibrations and can live a pure life of righteousness, devotion, truth, love and purity.

Babaji made the long pilgrimage to Badrinath and then spent eighteen "long months" practicing intensively all the yogic Kriyas taught to him by his gurus Agastyar and Boganathar. After eighteen months of arduous yogic discipline, Nagaraj entered a state of soruba samadhi wherein the Divinity descended, merged with and transformed the spiritual, intellectual, mental, vital and physical bodies. The physical body ceased to age and sparkled with a golden lustre of divine incorruptibility.

To those He Appeared to.....

The wonderful presence of Mahavatar Babaji
continues to bless the northern hills of the
near Badarinarayan also known as Badarinath.

To this day His Ashram continues at Badrinath. When one is spiritually refined, when you
have set aside the ego, free of vasanas (desires) you may be allowed to visit it. Babaji, permission is needed to enter. A mysterious force keeps o
ne away from the Ashram.

Babaji, has retained his physical form for centuries.

As quoted by Swami Yukteshwarji, who had the opportunity of personally meeting the great master three times in the flesh and blood and one of it was during a Kumbh Mela “ His spiritual state is beyond human comprehension” is inconceivable to picture the attainment of the Avatar.

Mahavatar Babaji has appeared to a few people. He appeared to Lahiri Mahasaya, who became his disciple in the 19th century and became responsible for reviving the lsot Kriya art. It was in the year of 1861, when Lahiri Mahasaya was working as an accountant in Durgapur. On being transfered to Ranikhet in Himalayas he joined the office there. With a deep desire to meet great saints who roamed the Himalayan hills he would often wander. To his astonishment he heard his name being called and continued towards the voice on Drongiri Mountain. As he reached a clearing dotted with caves he met a young man with copper colored hair who was none other than Mahavatar Babaji. To those who have been fortunate enough to meet him they have described him.

He has appeared to many others who have met him and spoken to him at varying times. The timeless Babaji has taught Shankara who was initiated into Yoga by Babaji. In fact it has been specified that Adi Shankaracharya was taught Kriya Yoga and Babaji was his spiritual yogic guru. Kabir ( 1407-1518 A.D) the great saint and poet who brought harmony between factional Hindus and Moslems was initiated by Babaji.

The yogic practice of his disciples puts emphasis upon the meditation on the Nada or the divine sound. In his book “The Autobiography of a Yogi” which has inspired millions, Paramhansa Yogananda describes his meeting with the Mahavatar who inspired Yoganandji to travel to America to bring his teachings to the west.


Anonymous said...

Poignant, awe inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I am trying very hard to meet with Babaji. Why it is not happening?
Am I rejected and a bad sinner?

Anonymous said...

I really like all the work you put in.
Great effort and great service.
You smell like in love with Tamil, Look like having a body of Chinese and act like a Malay.

I can see now.
Send me a email

Seal in Astral said...

With your higher emotions, and practice of Kriya Yoga and total surrender, merge in mind, thought and emotions...HE will know you...then time, karma and destination will direct you if you want to meet HIM in physical or astral.

akg said...

Baba Maha Avatar Ji is the right hand assistant of Lord Jesus Christ and is on the verge of displaying a spiritual global manifestation through a regular man. Have faith and remain positive in these times of great turmoil. Believe me please.

Anonymous said...

After reading the autobiography of a yogi by yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, I feel that i have a rare connection with Babaji. Can that be possible?

Seal in Astral said...

YES possible.

Books like this not only exist in physical but also in astral.

Meaning this book is a link into astral world. As the reason for the existence of the book for such a long time, it helps many lost souls into identifying the SELF just by reading it.

As you read the book it links back the superconcious mind of us into astral world where you might get the "feeling" / feels like / visions and so on to spark you to the next level.

For some it can also help then in their spiritual path. Reading the book itself can be an initiation.

You have to judge it YOURself ...its the begining of the OLD self.

Anonymous said...

souls who have meet babaji rarely use the net........friends learn to read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

souls who have meet babaji do not use net etc..........
ask for help at the right place. fakir

Anonymous said...

Thinking and meditating on the Maha Avatar seems to be powerful especially if one has been initiated into meditation before. While searching the net in order to learn "Kriya Yoga" I feel however confused because there are so many teachers claiming to be teaching the original Kriya Yoga of Babaji. Where should one actually get the proper initiation into this yoga?

Anonymous said...

Maha Avatar seems to be powerful especially if one has been initiated into meditation before. While searching the net in order to learn "Kriya Yoga" I feel however confused because there are so many teachers claiming to be teaching the original Kriya Yoga of Babaji. Where should one actually get the proper initiation into this yoga?

Anonymous said...

When you find it hard to contact Babaji, meditate. STOP thinking, stop everything, stop all your techniques and methods...and be still. Great Saints and Masters rarely ever appear for a trifle, they're too busy working for the greater be still. You are not yet receptive enough to realise that he is even now with you.

Anonymous said...

The divine guru totally dedicated to the betterment of all the creature.... The living Jesus.. My heart and soul is with him.. Bless us baba

A Nepali Devotee

premkumar said...

mahaavatar babaji go to his samadhi and sit in a posture and close your eyes dont think about anything when ever thoughts comes to u u eliminate and nothing is the one u should think no thought state babaji vl come invisible help to have no thought state with his power u vl go to deep state of relax and peace

Nirmell said...

Thank you for the wonderful info
I really want to go to Babaji's ashram and stay there for a few days..
when i tried looking in the net, i am getting confused with other "babaji's" and their ashram..
which is the exact ashram for Mahavatar Babaji... please i need your advise... thank you very much...


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. My mother has been learning kriya yoga since 2 months and she is getting very good results. Her guide, Mrs. Anuja Janavlekar is very experienced and has been successfully conducting batches after Babaji appeared to her during meditation and advised her to do so. She teaches authentic Kriya Yoga and also runs a magazine "Divyang", which you may have heard about.

You can read the issues on

If you wish to contact her, I can provide the contact details.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

To make your home a place of peace recite Sri Mahavatar Babaji's prayer directly received from him "Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever."

You will be blessed. Set a goal to meditate for 10000 hours in a decade or two (1000 hours p.a.) maintain celibacy until you are married.

Kriyaban J

Vastha Yogi said...

I see this blog carries with it your vibration - which is a great compliment on account of both!
Mahamuniji's blessing are with you. Pronams, Thakur.



Pavithra said...

I assume that Babaji is with whereever i go whenever i am alone and i know that he is with me, but i have to meet him and need his blessings,i have hugged his legs for him to give his love and care,i really surrender myself to his flower perfumed legs,i am in thirst for his blessing and support in this worldly life to makeover my duties correctly without any confusion and i need his hands to hold me and travel towards sprituality of realizing God. But when will i know the truth and meet my Guru Babaji.


Ashutosh Pandey said...

Jai Mahavatar babaji. I totally Believe in you and am confident that you will give me your Darshan sometime. Till then, i am preparing myself so that i can face the divine energy refelcted by you. jai babaji...jai babaji...jai jai babaji....