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Kriya Babaji Nagaraj - Do You Know Details about HIM?

As I mentioned earlier to publish sone details about sittars

A Brief Introduction Into Kriya Babaji's Life Story
Kriya Babaji is the great Himalayan master of masters who has lived throughout the centuries, having been born more than 1,700 years ago. Babaji is an Avatar of lord Muruga and the source and fountainhead of all forms of Kriya Yoga.

In the year 203 AD Kriya Babaji Nagaraj was born on the night before the new moon during the Tamil month Kartikai (November 30). He was born in Tamil Nadu, in the seaport village of Parangipetti. The seaport town of Porto Novo lies there now. His parents gave him the name "Nagaraj", or "King of serpents" to honor the great primordial life force. After being kidnapped at the age of five by a Pathan and taken north to Dacca, he was later released. He wandered with religious mendicants till the age of eleven and then migrated to Benares where he rose to be a Sanskrit scholar.
Discontent with his early scholarly success, he sailed by boat to the shrine of Katirgama on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. For eighteen months he plunged into such contemplation (meditation) where he could analyze different philosophical systems with the bright mind of a twelve years old youth.

At Katirgama he received inspirational guidance from the great Siddha Boganathar and was able to appreciate and understand what Siddhantha Yoga and Soruba Samadhi (the descent of the divinity into the physical plane) stood for, after 18 months of intensive Dhyana Yoga meditation. Following the advise of his teacher Boganathar, he wandered throughout South India and pinned for initiation into the mysteries of Kundalini Yoga from the great Agastyar Siddha. Agastyar was the guru of Boganathar. After winning the grace of Agastyar Siddha, Babaji Nagaraj was finally initiated into Kundalini Pranayama at falls of Kutralam.

Following the orders of his teacher Agastyar Siddha, Babaji traveled to northern India and retired into a cave and remained absorbed in intensive yogic Sadhana. He finally emerged after achieving the golden deathless state of Soruba Samadhi and has remained a youthful sixteen ever since by completely surrendering to the divine and winning the grace of Lord Muruga.

In 1952, Kriya Babaji gave a description of who he really was and his state, which was recorded by V.T. Neelakantan. Babaji revealed: "I am existence-knowledge-bliss absolute. I am that by very nature. I cannot be anything else but that as I am that alone without a beginning and an end. It is my real innate nature. I am the absolute and supreme Self, both within and without the finitude. I am truth, eternal and everlasting. I am the only one, all in myself: None exist save I, in and through all that exists. I am ever all‑existence itself. I am the changeless one in the midst of all changes. I am the formless in all forms...I am the living ocean of ecstasy that rages wild and surges and storms and levels down the earth and heavens. I send such continuous wave after wave of inarticulate ecstasy into the world drowning deep and scattering all its thoughts and cares. I beat in every breast, see in every eye, throb in every pulse, smile in every flower, shine in the lightning and roar in the thunder. I flutter in the leaves, I hiss in the winds, and I roll in the surging seas. I am the wisdom of the wise, the strength of the strong, the heroism of the heroic. I am the very life of infinity, both within and without. I am the one in all and the all in one. I am the impersonal personality of the whole universe. What can make me afraid? I care not for natures laws. DEATH IS A JOKE TO ME AND I AM THE DEATH OF DEATH. I am the infinite, the eternal, and the immortal Self. Me no fire can burn, no water dissolve, no air dry, and no sword pierce. I am that supreme self before whose magnitude the suns and moons and all their systems appear as insignificant specks in the ocean and before whose glory space melts away into nothingness, time vanishes into non‑existence, and causation dwindles into emptiness. Ranging beyond names and forms, passing free into woods and forests, mountains and rivers, into day and night, clouds and stars, passing free into men and women, animals and angels, as the Self of each and all am I. Truth flows from me just as light radiates from the sun and fragrance emanates from a flower...I am the transcendental bliss, the absolute intelligence, the supreme synthesis of consciousness that shines in the shrine of every heart. I am the immutable and indescribable Atman, the dynamic principle of existence and the infinite ocean of everlasting glee."
Karai Siddhar draws a distinction between a Siddha and a non-Siddha by saying that a Siddha points to the path of the experience whereas a non-Siddha points to the path of scriptures.


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nice article. pls update on more of Babaji's presence in our today world. any latest anecdotes?

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That is a great article. It inspires me to practice more and keep a regular schedule. My teacher always encouraged practice along with surrender to the satguru