Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wesak Day 2006

Why do we close our eyes when we pray?

To go within you and get detached from you as a body and commune with the divine in thought, vibration in super-concious state.
Explore you will find many reasons and ways.

Wish of thousands of people

There are lights all around, can you see that beyond the physical body?

Its not the people but the Light .
See the Light, Feel the Light and Be the Light

A night View of the dome

Service to mankind is service to GOD.
Be a human first the others should be the rest

A night view that captured my heart

The future ....

No words to say

YOU shine in every HEART within, without

A sad moment, even for Buddha

Buddha saw these when HE came out of HIS palace and renounced to seek answer

HE found the answer, but we failed to know, understand or realise that answer
Have we? Did we? Will we? When?


Anonymous said...

very very nice pictures selian.. keep the good job. :-)
Very beautiful lights.. taken

Reinee (Sherin) said...

I have no idea why we cloce our eyes when we pray....perhaps the guidence u hve given is right maybe not...but i only know when i close my eyes i see myself....

The lights remind me of where i will end one day.....the moment i look into it i feel....iam glowing with it...

It was a damn good shoot Selian...Keep the good work...
Take care...cheers...bye