Monday, May 22, 2006

Photographic Tour Around KL/PJ

A Cute little monkey at Bukit Gasing. We trespass into their forest/home and destroy their food. When they come out for food we kill them using the reason they are trespassing and will harm us. What a joke!
"High Class" Monkey ...eating POLO sweets :)

Getting treatment using MINYAK CAP KAPAK?


Yummy, yummy.....

The sad face :(

I just hope the HUMAN will stop destroying the forest and nature specially the few that is still surviving in Klang Vally. I am sure if they touch it the nature will surely give a tight slap back to us!

At Orchid Farm, Lake Gardens

Saw this fellow near a jogging track at Lake Gardens

Enjoying the hot weather

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lily said...

Natural splendor verses human character? Superb