Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beautiful View

A beautiful view of a Masjid. A view that i wanted to capture for some time and now I had the time. Where is this? I let the viewers guess and add to my comment.
Taken with SONY DSC V3


I said...

Could it be the masjid terapung in Terengganu????//Zu (Taza's wife)

This site is cool,dude!!

selian said...

no my dear ...it is not...jauh la tu for me to go it is in Klang Valley

lily said...

Emmmm…… you have very good skill in clicking camera man!!!

I don’t know which should I admire first the view or the person to captured it! :p

Any now! It’s simply miraculous!!

Anonymous said...

The answer.....this is the Masjid at Puchong Perdana, Puchong ..cool eh! I will take a better pic with my D70s+camera stand - selian