Monday, February 13, 2006

Thaipusam 2006-1

The walls of Batu Caves

The tallest Murugan Statue a pride of Malaysian Tourism

I felt sad to see this old lady taking her Paal Kudam alone without assistance

This parent carrying their child on a carrier that is made of a sugar cane

This is how she fulfills what she wished for
Another Kavadi

A nicely decotrated "Paal Panthal" (The place where they serve free drinks)
This is another type of kavadi. Usually for the goddess Amman (divine Mother)

She is cute :) She is being shaved bald

Another cute one :)

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medusa_metis said...

Sweet God! is this how people repay to god? I simply cannot understand (refer: pic of lady climbs the steps using her knees). I seriosuly beleive that Murugan worshipping is a cult worship.