Friday, January 06, 2006

My travel to Gangotri, Kethernath & Badri

This is one part of the access road to gangotri

The view of the Gangotri temple (the white building in the center)

River from the mountains joining the river Ganges

The travel partner of the old man just had fallen in to the river and died (on the way to Guamukh). The man on the right is our guide.

This is the walk like to the source of Ganges, the place called Guamukh. It took 12 hours of tough 18Kms walk at a high altitude. Even my camera felt heavy.

A view from the last "basecamp" to Guamukh where i fell sick due to dehydration. At the background there was actually a beautiful mountain that looked like Kailash

People are resting at the last base camp.
Resting as we were decending before corssing the cold river.
Our driver, friend and companion Mr OM Singh

The Theri DAM. One of the biggest DAM that will take 30 years to complete
We meet the girl as we were going to Kedhernath.
The kids that we say as we were going up to the Kedernath temple by horse.

The mountain at Badrinath
Repair works going on for a road that was damaged due to landslide as we were decending back to Rishikesh

The Holy Shamadi Shirine of Swami Sivananda at DLS, Rishikesh. Taken during 2005 GURU PURNIMA

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