Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bukit Dara Estate School

This the is loving smile of a boy who wants to be doctor. He was happy to see us and grateful with what we gave and the love that we shared

The condition of the room that a family lives. I dont what the local MP is doing.

Smile of another soul

The location of the school.

Would you live in such a condition? Well they do. What can we do as a human to help others?

A bath place that has no water, what do we call that?

Wash place that has no water

Urine area that has no water and even the flush system is broken. How will the kids do their business?

Is this what we call dry tap?

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Duncan said...

What a marvellous web page- superb, clear images with simple but thought provoking captions. So effective. Keep it up! :-)