Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Why China Press punished, not Utusan?'

'The oft-repeated double standards and arrogance exhibited by the Umno regime in dealing with non-Umno parties is demonstrated here again.'

2-week suspension for China Press top editor

Lim Chong Leong: What is so inaccurate about the report that the inspector-general of police had tendered his resignation. He probably did, and that is why the need for an early reshuffle.

The whole issue is that China Press got the news early before Hishammuddin Hussein made his announcement and that upset him. The Home Ministry does not care about China Press. When the truth is reported, journalists often get punished. See what happened to the Ahmad Ismail episode?

Doc: I don't see why the editor-in-chief Teoh Yong Khoon needs to be suspended. Firstly, his newspaper reported fairly accurate news on the IGP's resignation/termination. Only in Malaysia can the media be penalised for printing accurate news.

Then again what about those seditious and false articles which has be spun from Utusan Malaysia? Not even a slap on the wrist was afforded for their editors for the rubbish that they produced.

Let's face it, the suspension of the editor by the management of China Press is a 'face saving' measure so that the home minister does not look like a bungling imbecile.

Not confused: What really is the problem with this incompetent and racist government? The story was true for heaven's sake - the press just got wind of it and spoiled the "dramatic" announcement planned by Hishammuddin.

Of course, China Press had to take some disciplinary action, or face the possibility of the home minister revoking their licence. This whole incident is an exercise in stupidity of the highest order. The only positive outcome is that the BN have just lost another batch of voters at the next GE (general election).

Ric: Hishammuddin is the one who should apologise and suspended. Anyway, I'm glad he acted the way he did. It will definitely help to swing more Chinese votes towards Pakatan Rakyat.

Kementerian Luar Negeri: As an Umno loyalist, I totally disagree with the suspension of editor-in-chief of China Press. He did not commit any crime. He was just reporting something which is true before the KDN (Home Ministry) made its announcement. Next time, KDN should be a step ahead than the media.

Alexander Yuan: This is a joke. If Teoh gets suspended two weeks for publishing an 'inaccurate report', what about those racist columnists of Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia (aka Awang Selamat and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah)?

What they 'publish' almost every single day is 100 times worse than this. Why no action against them? Are you doing your job, Home Minister, or you just 'close one eye' when it comes to Utusan and Berita Harian?

Jbss: The oft-repeated double standards and arrogance exhibited by the Umno regime in dealing with non-Umno parties is demonstrated here again. This a classic example of the regime's bullying tactics against a non-Umno media publisher just to save Hishammuddin face.

RR: If the BN government is really fair and sincere on the IGP issue, then it should advise Utusan and Berita Harian to take similar action on the writers for writing sensitive issues affecting the non-Malays on many occasions. What is wrong for one should be wrong for the others as well.

Geronimo: To China Press - if you feel intimidated by Umno, it's better you close shop. To all those who support freedom of the press, boycott the newspaper. This is truly a blatant act of double standard where Utusan is having a free rein on publishing seditious comments and not have to "pay" for it.

Nil: China Press' explanation has been accepted and no action will be taken... so why the need for the suspension as demanded by the Home Ministry? I just hope there will be a promotion after the suspension.

Cala: What is the message from China Press' miss-step? We now have two sets of law. The lenient one is for the ruling elites and their cohorts, while the harsh one is meant for the rest of us as we are deemed less cooperative in many ways, and given a chance, bent to teach the executive a lesson or two on what is right and what is wrong. This is rule by men.

Gk: This news comes as no surprise to me at all. Everything can be arranged behind closed door to save somebody's face. Editor Teoh is just a sacrificial lamb for this face-saving exercise. With their kind of 'tuan' mentality, it is not difficult to imagine what had actually happened.

I think we are used to these 'face saving' measures. Their faces are more precious than their dignities. They like to 'look good' but in actual fact, how good are they? GE13 will have the answer, rakyat are not fools.

Amaso: China Press, maybe the management should consider selling a controlling stake to BN component parties, then you will be safe like Utusan Malaysia.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Girl meets Boy! - face guide for girls -

This 'face guide for girls' video educates girls on how they should or should not use their facial expressions when a boy passes them by. Not all the boys are the same, so use the right face in the right time at the right place for the right boy!

Zul walks out of PKR disciplinary board

Maverick party leader Zulkifli Noordin today walked out of the PKR disciplinary board meeting in protest of the presence of non-Muslims on the panel.

Zulkifli said that the panel should be all Muslim because one of the charges he faced is related to the 'Allah' issue.

His demand for an all-Muslim panel was rejected by the panel members. He subsequently walked out of the meeting.

NONEAccording to him, the panel was made up of one Muslim, two Christians and one Hindu.

The panel members had apparently told him that they cannot replace themselves with others because the power to appoint the panel lies with the party supreme council.

Hence Zulkifli called on the supreme council to appoint a new panel before next Tuesday.

He said if the party rejects his demand, "I would have to resign."

Zulikifli claimed two Chinese members on the panel were Christian activists.

“How can I get justice if the panel is not all-Muslim? Justice should not only be done, it should be seen to be done."

He stressed that while he respects the non-Muslims sitting on the panel, justice demands that the accused be tried by his peers, in this case Muslims.

NONE"I do not want the hearing to be done before a board which is not Islamic as the issue in question concerns my belief, Islamic law and the 'ummah'," he told journalists after the walkout.

"For that reason, I have decided not to recognise the panel of 'Christian' disciplinary board members to discuss the issue on the use of 'Allah'.

"I believed this is a plan hatched by the 'little pharaohs' within PKR, who want to humiliate me and also Islam, by producing me before a non-Muslim disciplinary board."

Zulkifli charged that should the hearing continue and his objection dismissed, then PKR is a party which does not respect Islam and Muslims.

"I call on the party leadership to dissolve the disciplinary board."

'Don't play with my religion'

Zulkifli said he had earlier sent three letters to the board stating his objection to the presence of non-Muslims on the board, but he did not receive a reply until today.

He stressed that the only issue that will force him to quit the party is religion.

“Don't play with my religion, I will not compromise."

Asked whether he is still loyal to the party, Zulkifli said that he would be giving the party a chance to set up a new disciplinary board. “This means that I still have faith in the party.”

Zulkifli said that he will exhaust all party channels in seeking justice before making a decision on whether to follow three of his parliamentary colleagues to quit PKR.

The disciplinary board is meeting to determine the fate of the errant Kulim Bandar Baru parliamentarian.

NONEHe was asked to face the board after he made a police report against fellow Pakatan Rakyat colleague Khalid Samad, the Shah Alam MP from PAS.

Zulkifli had arrived at the PKR headquarters in Kuala Lumpur 30 minutes earlier on a Modenas motorbike wearing his trademark white 'kopiah' and white shirt.

PKR disciplinary board had on Monday postponed its hearing of the case against Zulkifli in order to consider a number of objections raised by the errant party leader.

Zulkifli had raised eight objections, among them, that PKR practises double standards because party colleagues Wee Choo Keong and Zaid Ibrahim were not hauled up by the disciplinary board.


seals: Then if he has the guts he can quit the seat and call for re-elections, then we can see the truth. I can see the UMNO play here PERAK :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

One day, the husband JALENDER working abroad wrote to his wife...


I can't send my salary this month; the global market crises has
affected my company, so I am sending 100 kisses. You are my sweetheart
please adjust.

Your loving husband,

His wife replied...


Thanks for the 100 kisses, below is the list of expenses I paid with
the kisses...
1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month's milk.
2. The electricity man agreed not to disconnect; only after 7 kisses.
3. Your landlord Balkar Singh comes every day to take 2 or 3 kisses
instead of the monthly rent.
4. Supermarket owner Jaswant Singh did not accept kisses only, so I
gave him other items; hope you understand.
5. Other expenses 40 kisses.

Please don't worry about me, I have a remaining balance of 35 kisses
and I hope I can complete the month using this balance....Shall I plan
the same for next month? Please Advice!!!

Your Sweet Heart,

Fish-box ruling: 'Will MACC investigate?'

'I thought that as a senior civil servant under the professional grade, the marketing division director should not be involved in outside business other than his own department work?'

'Possible conflict of interest in fish box ruling'

Kgen: Why is the ruling to use these expensive boxes, whose price is jacked up by corruption, applied only to imported fish and not local fish? Why is a monopoly created for the distribution of the boxes? Why is the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) director involved?

This shows that health reasons have nothing to do with it. Rent-seeking is the real reason. The public is being taken for a ride again. Let's be clear about this - it's not the fish importers who are victimised but the consumers. The importers should boycott and hold their ground until this shameless government backs down.

Gen2: Another money-making scheme by a government agency. They call it food-quality plastic boxes. The fishes are raw uncooked fish. Whether they are in the old plastic boxes or styrofoam or in the new boxes, the fish still need to be cooked before eating. You can lie to the public but not everybody will swallow it.

The Auditor-General's Department should add one more role to its portfolio: to examine every government agency's new proposals and determine if it costs more money to the government or the public. Do a due diligence study on every proposal before it can be implemented to see if there is good justification for the new proposal.

It should also be the accountant-general's duty to shield the public from money-making scams initiated by a government agency on the instigation of certain individuals with vested interests in the scam.

Phan Gaik Cher: As usual, LKIM officers are only thinking of how to line their pockets by making money from this forced switch. Be it the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry or LKIM, when did any government department ever have the interests of the people at heart?

It's time MACC get to the bottom of it and investigate all the leakages and abuses that are going on. When have farmers or fishermen been able to enjoy the subsidies/grants? I bet you hardly any of it trickles down to them.

Daniel Tan: The corrupted Umno and their cronies are up to no good again. This time, they're preying on the helpless fishermen. Where on earth is the MACC and their newly-minted head? Can't touch this case because its Umno's rice bowl?

PT Tan: Now we know. Ultimately, the public gets milked twice over: Once, to subsidise a government body director in his private business while on the taxpayers' payroll; next, by getting milked through the higher cost of fish that is eventually passed on to the public.

The LKIM can also cut the crap about the embedded microchip. The microchip costs peanuts and can be embedded into any box, not just the blue box. LKIM should be protecting our interests and the fishermen's interests and stay out of the process of regulating the import of fishes. Leave that to the market forces.

The public should also demand that (LKIM marketing division director) Mohari Mohammad Tamin resign or be sacked for causing us to pay more for fish today. We don't really care if he was right or wrong - he botched his job and caused us a shortage of fish. Who cares if it was bad PR, the intransigence of fish importers, etc. Just get out and let someone else take over.

Perak Boleh: Was this Mohari guy appointed by the agriculture ministry to sit as a director for KF Marketing Sdn Bhd? If the answer is 'no', MACC please do your job.

Lim Cheong Chuan: I thought that as a senior civil servant under the professional grade, the marketing division director should not be involved in outside business other than his own department work?

This ruling is generally imposed on all civil servants in the professional scheme, whether within department or among the administrative and diplomatic service. Is the marketing director and all LKIM professional grade officers exempt from this ruling?


seals: Investigate? What does that mean?