Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doc spills beans on Orang Asli hospital

A doctor from the Orang Asli Affairs Department (JHEOA) Hospital, Gombak has made startling claims of rampant malpractice, misappropriation of resources and other wrongdoings by its staff.

NONEDr KP Selvaa Vathany (left), who has been attached to the hospital since March last year, made the claims today in order to pressure the authorities into conducting a proper investigation.

"The hospital has deviated from its original objective, which is to provide healthcare provisions and medical services to the Orang Asli people," she said, during the press conference at the Bar Council headquarters, yesterday.

She was accompanied by former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan and Bar Council's Orang Asli Affairs Committee head Augustine Anthony.

Citing an example, Selvaa Vathany said the hospital's essential supplies scheme has been abused and the goods are not reaching the target group.

NONE"For instance, a tin of infant milk is divided into six small packets with 15 to 20 packets distributed to a village of between 250 to 500 people.

"It is disheartening to see mothers clamouring for milk powder," she said.

Salvaa Vathany also alleged that JHEOA Hospital's funds for 'food baskets' to curb malnourishment among Orang Asli children had been misappropriated.

Complaints unheeded

She notes that the programme was in view that Orang Asli children were 15 times more likely to die from malnourishment compared to other children.

"Essentials given out are limited to one to two bottles of cooking oil, six to eight tins of canned food, two packets of 400gram Milo, 15 to 20 small packets of milk powder, 10 to 20 diapers, two bottles of detergent and 10 to 20 pairs of slippers, per visit.

"These are distributed at random and stored in a black bin bag. If the villagers are lucky, distribution could be as frequent as once in every two to three months," she said.

She jahai orang asli 220807 housessaid hospital administrators incapable of following Health Ministry protocols and standards were made hospital administrators and were from the Rural and Regional Development Ministry without medical training.

Selvaa Vathany alleged that complaints have been made to the Prime Minister's Department, Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Health Ministry, chief secretary, Public Service Department and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to no avail.

However, a team sent investigate the allegations comprised of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, who tried to cover up the matter.

"They questioned the complaint and remarks made by the Orang Asli in an unprofessional manner. The complainants were also intimidated and threatened.

"Despite all efforts taken, investigations are delayed and medical staffs are persecuted severely and threatened for trying to do so," she said.



Selvaa Vathany alleged that complaints have been made to the Prime Minister's Department, Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Health Ministry, chief secretary, Public Service Department and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to no avail."

MACC what is the excuse now? Who are you waiting for?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Good joke for year 2010

A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’. His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’?” The man asked, “Why?” The neighbor retorted, “Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too. They might get confused and mistake you to be their father.” Then the man told his neighbour, are you not a shame to say that your children do not know who is their 'Ayah'.So you are saying by using the word 'Ayah' ,your children will call me ayah too without knowing who is their father. The neighbour said yes,only he should use the word 'Ayah'. The man said, then there is something wrong in what you are teaching your children.They are not sure and do not know who is their 'Ayah'

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

PM aide's 'racist' remarks spark outrage

PM aide's 'racist' remarks spark outrage
RK Anand Feb 2, 10 5:13pm

The stinging remarks made by a special officer to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak during a seminar titled 'Rapat 1Malaysia' in Malacca this morning prompted scores of MIC and MCA members as well as representatives from non-governmental organisations to stage a walkout.

NONEAccording to a source who attended the meeting, Nasir Safar had ruffled feathers when he labelled the Indians and Chinese in this country as 'pendatang' or immigrants.

"He was saying that the Indians and Chinese came here as immigrants and are now enjoying life in this country.

"He also remarked that the Chinese, especially the women, come here to 'jual tubuh' (flesh trade)," added the source who requested anonymity.

He claimed that Nasir also credited Umno for being solely responsible in drafting the constitution, "sidelining the contribution of the other parties in the Alliance back then."

'Revoke their citizenship'

Apart from this, the source said the officer also threatened to 'revoke' the citizenship of those who were vocal about the subject cap for the SPM examination.

"He was telling us of how he visited several MIC branches to explain the government's stand on this issue and expressed regret that the branches remained steadfast in their call for the cap to be scrapped. He accused them of making an 'extreme' demand."

NONE"He said, 'How can they talk so much about the Tamil language when Bahasa Melayu is the official language. If they continue to make such demands, we could revoke their citizenship'."

"Who is he to revoke their citizenship?" asked the irate source.

Following this, he said "some 60 to 70" MIC and MCA members as well as the NGO reps present decided to leave the room.

"The organisers tried to coax us to stay but we were too upset," he said, adding that the seminar was organised by Jasa, the Information Ministry's special affairs division.

Meanwhile, the source said MIC Youth is expected to file a police report on the incident.

Furthermore, a memorandum would also be submitted to Najib when he visits Malacca on Feb 4.

Samy: Punish him under Sedition Act

In an immediate reaction, MIC president S Samy Vellu, who was briefed on the issue by the party leaders who attended the seminar, expressed outrage and demanded that Nasir be punished under the Sedition Act.

samy vellu exclusive on tamil schools 080708 01Describing the remarks as being "racist of the highest order", he urged the premier to take the appropriate action against his aide.

Confirming that a police report would be lodged, he said: "MIC condemns the colonial attitude of this person for degrading the Indian Malaysians."

"His views are entirely the opposite of the goodwill shown by the government and the prime minister under the '1Malaysia' concept," he added.

Samy Vellu said Nasir must realise that the present generation of Indian Malaysians in this country were born in Malaysia and are also the sons of the soil.

"As such, who is he to suggest that their citizenship should be revoked merely because they have been fighting for their rights.

"In my 29 years of service as a cabinet minister, I have not come across such a person who felt fit to question the loyalty of Indian Malaysians. Shame on you!" he said, expressing confidence that the prime minister would do the right thing.

'Feelings of all M'sians have been hurt'

NONEMIC deputy president G Palanivel was saddened that such "uncalled for" remarks were made following Najib's historic visit to Batu Caves during Thaipusam.

"All the Indians who listened to the prime minister (during Thaipusam) would have noted the goodness coming from his heart.

"Soon after the whole tempo has been disturbed. The feelings of all Malaysians have been hurt.

"Such remarks would definitely put back efforts to build national unity," he told Malaysiakini.

'Destroy the fabric of nation building'

sk devamanyMIC vice-president SK Devamany told Malaysiakini that if Nasir had uttered those remarks, then it would be nothing short of "detrimental".

"If true, then he owes an apology and action should be taken against him. Every citizen has to be respected.

"Statements like these are irresponsible and could destroy the fabric of nation building," added the deputy minister.

Devamany also stressed that Nasir's views do not reflect the stand and views of the prime minister.

"The '1 Malaysia' concept comes from his heart. I followed him to India and Batu Caves. He meant what he said," he noted.

mic info chief interview 180909 p kamalanathan 001MIC information chief P Kamalanathan lambasted Nasir as an "enemy within."

"While the prime minister is going through the country and all over the world propagating '1Malaysia' and talking about the importance of Indians and Chinese, we have an officer who works in his department and says racist remarks.

"The person should not be sitting anywhere near the building (the Prime Minister's Department).

"To ensure that '1Malaysia' is successful, we have to eradicate characters like these from the system," he added.

'What's the point of visiting Batu Caves?'

Also expressing regret over the "insensitive" remarks was MIC Youth advisor S Vell Paari.

"Whatever hard work done by the prime minister in fostering closer ties among the people has been destroyed by this act," he told Malaysiakini.

NONE"What is the point in Najib visiting Batu Caves for Thaipusam and visiting Tamil Nadu to talk about the close ties with the Tamils here when his own officer failed to understand the concept of '1Malaysia'," he asked.

He added that the police should investigate the officer for sedition and hoped the government would act soon to alleviate any fresh fears among the Indians and the Chinese.

In a related development, Malaysia Indian Youth Council (MIYC) president A Rajaretinam demanded that Nasir be suspended.

He warned that if no action is taken by next Monday, MIYC, which had five representatives present at the seminar, would mount a massive protest.

Nasir could not be reached for comment.


seals: Should be arrested under ISA for being a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY?

And insulting the Chinese females as prostitutes ("the Chinese, especially the women, come here to 'jual tubuh' (flesh trade)")

Should MCA WANITA / DAP WANITA /PR WANITA and even UMNO WANITA sit duck with this insult? Where is all the NGO?

If at all MIC and MCA keeps quiet then it will be that you admit what he says..... !!!!

And strip his Dato ship.......!!!!!

I am sure the main stream media will block this news!!!!

Street Children

Monday, February 01, 2010

Badrinath Shiva Puja

Taken at Badrinath, on the Saraswathi River. The water flowing like doing pooja (abisheham) to Shivalingam