Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photoshoot At Penang

Heritage Building....

Somewhere in China?

This is Little India

Another Heritage.....

More photos will be published ...

Hamid, Shabery Cik and MCMC should explain why so tardy and laid-back in taking action against the blog which insults Prophet Mohammad

While all right-thinking Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, agree that stern action should be taken against those responsible for the blog which insults Prophet Mohammad, many are asking why the authorities have been so tardy and laid-back in acting when complaint was first made many weeks ago.

Although Utusan Malaysia first reported about the blog last Saturday, 27th December 2008, with the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, responding on the same day by directing the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar and the police to act quickly against the blog over insults to Prophet Muhammad, in actual fact, the authorities had been aware of the blog concerned for weeks.

This was revealed by the Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek who said on Saturday that the woman in her 20s whose photograph and identify were used in the blog containing insults to Prophet Mohammed had denied owning the Internet domain and had in fact met him two weeks ago to ask RTM to help clear her name.

Shabery said:

"She sought help from RTM to publicise the matter because the web log, which also contains Deepavali messages insulting the Hindus, was not hers and had tarnished her reputation and the company she works for."

But neither Shabery nor RTM gave her any help although she had lodged reports with the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to trace the people responsible after coming to know the existence of the blog several months ago.

Instead, the woman was picked up by the police at 6 pm on Saturday to “assist in the investigation” and later released on police bail!

The police said today that they have identified several suspects in connection with the offensive blog and several people would soon be called up to assist in the investigations under the Sedition Act.

The question Hamid Albar, Shabery and MCMC should answer is why the police, the RTM and MCMC had been so tardy and laid-back in taking action against the blog concerned when the woman victim had lodged reports with the police, the Information Minister and the MCMC weeks before the Utusan Malaysia report last Saturday and why she had to be taken into custody to “assist in investigations” despite her earlier complaints!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bukti BN Sarawak yang mula ketakutan..?

Malaysiakini yang melaporkan ‘wakil rakyat PKR dihalang masuk ke Sarawak‘ membuktikan parti komponen BN Sarawak yang mula ketakutan dan kepanasan akibat dari perubahan stunami politik semasa di negeri tersebut.

Insiden ini berlaku apabila ahli parlimen PKR bagi Padang Serai, N Gobalakrishnan mendakwa beliau dihalang masuk ke Sarawak oleh kerajaan negeri sewaktu tiba di lapangan terbang antarabangsa Kuching petang ini.

Dalam insiden kira-kira jam 5.30 petang tadi, tambahnya, beliau diberikan sekeping notis larangan oleh pihak imigresen.

“Sebaik tiba di lapangan terbang, pegawai imigresen memberitahu saya yang saya tidak dibenarkan masuk atas arahan kerajaan negeri.

“Pegawai imigresen memberi sekeping notis yang tertulis ‘Tuan bukan rakyat Sarawak, tidak berhak untuk masuk ke Sarawak tanpa permit atau pas Akta Imigresen 1959-1963′.

Gobalakrishnan berkata, walaupun beliau bertanyakan alasan mengapa tidak dibenarkan masuk, pegawai berkenaan memberitahu ia atas arahan kerajaan negeri.

Beliau percaya tindakan itu ada kaitan dengan tindakannya mempertahankan seorang ahli parlimen DAP bagi Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen di Dewan Rakyat yang mempersoalkan peranan sebuah syarikat milik kerajaan Sarawak.

Pada 16 Disember lalu, Gobalakrishnan turut serta dalam perbahasan wakil pembangkang itu yang menggesa Ketua Menteri, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud disiasat apabila Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) diluluskan.

Chong mendakwa rakyat Sarawak mengetahui perkara tersebut tetapi Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) tidak menyiasat dakwaan terhadap Abdul Taib dan ahli keluarganya.

Sewaktu dihubungi tadi, Gobalakrishnan berkata beliau mahu masuk ke Sarawak untuk menghadiri satu program PKR.

Berikutan itu, katanya, beliau akan membangkitkan perkara itu dalam sesi sidang Dewan Rakyat yang akan datang.

Bagaimanapun, tiada reaksi rasmi kerajaan Sarawak setakat ini berhubung insiden tersebut.

PKR telah meningkatkan kempennya di menjelang pilihanraya negeri - diura-urakan akan diadakan pada 2010.

Pemimpin utamanya Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim mendakwa pembangkang semakin kuat untuk menumbangkan kerajaan BN pimpinan Abdul Taib.

Anwar juga telah meminta barisan pemimpin kanan parti itu termasyk ahli-ahli parlimennya setiap minggu melawat Sarawak untuk menemui rakyat negeri tersebut.

Sumber : Malaysiakini

Seals: And the local government says they don't know?

Friday, December 26, 2008

No Restriction On Opposition Members Entering Sarawak

No Restriction On Opposition Members Entering Sarawak

KUCHING, Dec 26 (Bernama) -- The Sarawak government has never prevented Peninsular opposition leaders from entering the state, said Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Office Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman.

He said opposition stalwarts like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang were free to come to Sarawak as they pleased and that what happened to Padang Serai Member of Parliament N. Gobalakrishnan on Wednesday was an immigration matter which did not involve any Barisan Nasional (BN) political leaders in Sarawak.

"People are free to come to Sarawak but if the Immigration Department denies entry we (State government) cannot do anything about it," he told reporters here Friday.

He said the Immigration Department must have its reasons for preventing a certain person from entering Sarawak and this included matters concerning security.

He added that the Sarawak government was not fearful of the presence of opposition leaders, who aim to unseat the BN government in Sarawak, in the state.

On Wednesday, Gobalakrishnan, a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) was denied entry into Sarawak by the Immigration Department and had to return to the Peninsular from here the same day.


seals: So the Sarawak till now cannot explain why he was denied entry?

Ong: It’s DAP that needs to boycott by-election

Ong: It’s DAP that needs to boycott by-election
Giam Say Khoon

PETALING JAYA (DEc 26, 2008): MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat says it is the DAP that should boycott the coming Kuala Terengganu by-election following PAS’s unrelenting stand to impose Hudud laws.

Ong posted this in his blog in response to DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang’s call to the MCA not to campaign in Kuala Terengganu’s by -election on Jan 17 over Ong’s alleged lack of stand in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) controversy.

“I think this is Lim’s latest attempt to distract the public from one of the worst conflicts affecting PR following PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa’s Hudud statement. If DAP feels so strongly about Husam’s remarks, it should as a matter of principle, not campaign for the PAS candidate in the by-election.

“By choosing to campaign for PAS would only mean the DAP supports public whipping, amputation and stoning for criminal offences under the Hudud laws. Mere words objecting to Husam’s statement would not suffice if not demonstrated by action.”

Ong said: “When Lim asked the MCA to boycott the by-election campaigning, it merely shows that the DAP is terrified that the MCA will be able to win over the almost 9,000 Chinese voters in the constituency.

“The Chinese, who make up about 11% of the voters there, are said to be the key to Barisan Nasional’s victory. I give my assurance that the MCA will not only work hard to win over the Chinese voters there but will work with its coalition partners to woo voters of all races there.”

Ong also said for Lim to issue two media statements on PKFZ since Sunday and regurgitating on the same old issues showed that the DAP had run out of issues for the by-election.

“While Lim is free to comment, I would like him to be objective as whatever negative perception he is portraying to the public will affect the confidence of the existing and potential investors.

“Instead, he should be reminded that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had acknowledged that the PKFZ is a viable project,” he said.

Ong said he had also answered Lim’s queries on PKFZ as early as last May in Parliament. “PriceWaterhouseCoopers is finalising its audit on the corporate governance of PKFZ, among others. I have said that there will be no interference on my part or the government and I stand by my words.

“It is unnecessary to jump the gun before the audit report is released. I have said this many times before but somehow it did not register with Lim who keeps harping on the same issues.”

seals: Or maybe BN should walkover this by-elections, as after 51 years they still cannot deliver results to people, for people.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dance instructor will miss the tosai at rest stop

IPOH: Roti canai and tosai lover Michael Yeap makes it a point to stop at the Ulu Bernam rest area near Tanjung Malim for breakfast when driving to Kuala Lumpur.

However, his 15-year love affair may have to end after Dec 31 because the stall that serves the Indian delight has failed to obtain a permit to continue operating at the rest area.

The 60-year-old dance instructor said he would time his travel so that he would either catch breakfast or lunch at the Indian stall at the rest area.

“I have been doing that for the past 15 years. I love the food there,” he said yesterday.

“But during my last visit, the operator told me his permit for the stall has been terminated,” Yeap said, adding that the stall was the only one run by an Indian there.

He said he or other travellers would be unable to find non-Malay food along the expressway if the permit were to be terminated.

Yeap’s plight came to light after Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran called for a press conference to lament about the lack of non-Malay food served along the expressway.

Kulasegaran said there were only a handful of stalls that served non-Malay food in the Tapah and Ulu Bernam rest areas.

“Many Malaysians use the expressway and it is a problem to those looking for vegetarian or non-Malay food,” he said.

Kulasegaran said he was not against the number of Malay food stalls at the rest areas but he was hoping that PLUS would allot more stalls for non-Malays.

He said he had written to PLUS, the Malaysian Highway Authority and the Works Minister to look into the matter.

When contacted, PLUS senior public relations manager Khalilah Mohd Talha said PLUS would introduce a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian foods that appealed to the masses next year.

“We are re-looking at our rest and recreational areas along the North-South Expressway. We are introducing more varieties in terms of menu to appeal to travellers from different ethnic and cultural background.”

She said PLUS had never practised discrimination against the multi-racial stall operators, but over the years, operators requested to serve titbits and more Malay-based food based on demand for those kind of food.

“We do invite multi-racial stall operators. The response is another story.”

She said licences were only terminated if the operators did not comply with the Health Ministry’s guidelines on food preparation, cleanliness of premises or hygiene discipline, did not pay rental or had customer complaints.

“But this is after several warnings are issued.”

seals: ever since I start to travel on PLUS highway I always had problem getting Indian food specially me being a vegetarian. It has been since then, when I asked why they don't sell food, the common answer among the very few Indian outlet operators at PLUS R&R said was "we are not allowed to sell food".

But recently they start to sell curry puffs and so on. But, I have to survive on these food when I travel on PLUS. Why not let 1 or 2 shops to sell full Indian food?

Is the Malay food so bad that they need to protect the operators so badly, that the consumers are indirectly forced to buy the Malay food? Or PLUS don't trust itself that MALAY food is good enough to compete with others?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lecture for umno minister

Selangor MB pisst-off with umno minister in Ministry of Works who ordered IKRAM to not to deliver the initial assesment and investigation report on Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.

I believe not only MB but even every Selangorian shall get angry with this minister for playing politics in people's life. The people's under tremendous pressure whether to re-occupy or moved away from the hill yet umno have decided to play politcs.

Their refusal to deliever or to delay the report from reaching the state government shall be condemn by every citizens. I believe, Selangor royal shall summoned umno minister to Istana and give him lecture either to deliver the report or do not ever touch his foot in Selangor soil.

Delaying the report means State Government will not be able to take a timely decision which might make people to boil with the state government.

Umno didnt learn the people's wish since the last GE and they are making future to be more mockery than today.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why harass like this? People have already very little confidence in the Police

A day that saw an incident free day of cycling took a turn at Rawang . We arrived in Rawang at about 4.30pm. We were supposed to meet up with YB ADUN Rawang, Gan Pei Nei at Rawang Jaya . She and her delegation planned to cycle with the JERIT convoy from there to Rawang town.

But a roadblock greeted us at Rawang . As usual the police requested for names and IC of all the cyclist and coordinator. We intervened and told the police that it is not necessary to record names and addresses of all cyclist as we have a list that we can give it to them. After much argument we took back all the IC of the cyclist and gave the coordinators IC to record . Myself ,Sugu, Saras,Rani ,Mohan gave our IC to be recorded . The IC were returned after recording. But my IC changed hands to another officer .

Soon the police received new directions. The bus was to held and myself and the coordinators were asked to come to the balai . Eventhough we managed to get the cyclist to continue to cycle , but they were stopped again further ahead . As the cyclist met up YB Gan Pei Nei group , they were stopped from cycling to town . After some negotiations by Gan Pei Nei , the convoy proceeded into town . They cycled around Rawang town and stopped at a coffee shop for a drink .

Myself ,Sugu and Saras made our way to the balai polis . At the balai , Saras immediately checked on the 7 junior cyclist in the bus that was brought in to the balai . The police were already intimidating the children, asking them questions. Some officers also asked the cyclist if Dr.Kumar had paid them money to participate in the campaign.They harassed the cyclist who were in the bus . Saras and Sugu intervened and chased out the officers from the bus .
I met up with Gan Pei Nei who then arrived at the balai . We went over to see the OCPD , Abdul Rahim . He was asking the same stupid questions ,whether did we get a permit to cycle. He said ,it does not matter if other OCPD have allowed the cyclist , but we supposedly should have seeked his permission in his district .OCPD instructed all the bicyclist to be brought to the balai . We objected and said that we have given all the names and there was no need to have any statements taken .

Later the OCPD instructed statements to be taken from all the 7 cyclist that were already in the bus. He said that he wanted to verify if there were under aged children being abused . I followed them. Informed the officers that they cannot take statement, and we will not give statement . The cyclist will only give their details only .

Soon all the cyclist were already brought in the balai . Dr.Kumar arrived shortly . I and Dr.Kumar met up with the OCPD . He still insisted that he wanted to take statements from all the cyclist. We showed him that we have consent letters from all the parents . We gave the police a copy . After much negotiations ,we agreed poiice to record details of all the cyclist accompanied by us . As this was going on , I was taken by the OCPD to his room . He explained that he still considered that the event was a procession . He confirmed that I will be charged under Section 27 of the police Act’ illegal assembly’. Kumar also had his statements taken later .
At this moment , we were quite sure that all will be released after giving the details to the police . This was when matters took a turn , when the Selangor CPO arrived , Dato Khalid .
Immediately the CPO ,OCPD and other officers went for taklimat. About an hour later the CPO arrogantly came down and announced that all 50 cyclist and all the 15 coordinators will be arrested . We were gathered at the parking lot. They put a yellow tape around us .All those below 18 years old were separated from the seniors .

By this time a crowd of supporters were already swelling outside the balai . A candle light vigil began . Makkal Sakti slogans and songs were sung . There were also PKR , DAP and PAS members .

The police made arrangements for the welfare officers to take the junior cyclist away .They would be then handed ’safely’ to their parents.

The police went all out to harass us . Edmund Bon , lawyer informed us that the police were going to expel the permit and the driving licences of all the lorry drivers and bas driver. JPJ officials also arrived. They examined the bus , lorry , looking for something to issue summon on .The driving licences and road tax of the lorry and bus were taken away .

As protest outside gathered momentum , a complete battalion of FRU ,Water cannon arrived . The crowd outside carried on chanting and demanding for our release. As they were about to use the water cannon, the rain poured heavily. The police did not use the water cannon .
As rain kept pouring heavily , the car park where all of us who were being detained began flooding . All of us were standing cold in a river of water . We demanded to be shifted out of the parking lot . As usual the police buat tak tahu . Tempers flared . I moved to rip of the yellow police tape and walk out of the parking lot . The rest followed. A fight pursued between us and the police as they were trying to push us back into the parking lot and we were moving out . The officers couldn’t stop us . The Light Strike Force rushed in . They pushed us back with their shield and batons .

The CPO looked and couldn’t do anything . Immediately the police brought all the cyclist below 18 years of age into a dry place at the balai meeting room upstairs .
As this was happening , we were also amazed at the 300 0ver crowd outside that stood in the heavy rain and did not budge . FRU cordoned the police station entrance . The welfare officers couldn’t find a place to take the junior cyclist , thus they stayed at the meeting room . The junior cyclist told the police they refuse being brought away by the welfare officers and they rather remain arrested with the others

At about 2 am , I and Kumar were given the bail sheets . Soon the rest were being taken details and issued bail sheets . Some comrades spent the nite with the junior cyclist at the balai meeting room .

At about 3.30 am all walked out of the balai polis Rawang . It was a eventful nite .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JERIT Update : Another 9 More Arrested, Bus Held

December 15, 2008

The JERIT team that was cycling from the north has also faced hindrance by the police.

As they were entering Rawang, they were stopped by a police road block. The police asked the cyclists if they had permit to cycle and checked their particulars and ICs. They were allowed to proceed but suddenly the police held the bus used to transport the cyclists has been held along with the bus driver and 7 cyclists who were on the bus. Another JERIT activist was also held at the roadblock. They were arrested around 5.15pm.

The bus and the 9 arrested are being brought to IPD Gombak.

Those arrested are:

1. Syed Azman

2. Hussein

3. Barathan

4. Henry Dass

5. Sathish

6. Darnenthiren

7. Dinesh

8. Mageswaran

9. Bus driver (name not known)

SUARAM strongly condemns the police for their ongoing attacks and intimidation on freedom of expression, a fundamental right which is guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. We demand the Malaysian government to allow the cyclist to continue cycling and practice their freedom of expression as stated in Federal Constitution.


JERIT or Oppressed People’s Movement is organizing a cycling campaign throughout the nation to put forward six demands to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The campaign officially began on the 3rd December at Wisma Darul Aman Kedah. 50 cyclists have been flagged off from Wisma Darul Aman and they would cycle for sixteen days through Kedah, Penang, Perak, and Selangor. On 18th December they will handover a memorandum to the Prime Minister in Parliament.

4 December: A volunteer of the campaign, Ruben s/o Loganathan has been arrested at Merbau Pulas, Kedah, for leafleting leaflets containing demands of JERIT’s Bicycle campaign, but released under police bail on the same day.

5 December: Teluk Kumbar police had stopped the cyclist of JERIT cycle campaign from leafleting in Teluk Kumbar, Penang.

6 December: 16 Activist has been arrested in Skudai Johor.

9 December: 8 individuals have been arrested on the seventh day of the JERIT cycle campaign. One of the female JERIT activists, Helen Mary Johnson has been molested and punched on the face by a police officer while she was taking photographs. Another JERIT activist Lee Huat Seng’s Lee Huat Seng’s camera was confiscated and in the process the police hurt him in the arm.

15 December: 39 individuals from the Southern team were arrested at Bangi Lama Estate. 9 individuals from the Northern team were arrested at Rawang.

Released By,
Temme Lee

SUARAM Coordinator

Urgent action needed:

Please continue to write protest letters to the government and the police to express your strongest condemnation of the arrests and the ongoing denial of rights of expression. Please also demand the Malaysian government to allow the cyclist to continue their campaign and allow them to practice their freedom of expression as stated in Federal Constitution.

read more :

seals: Mr Home Minister this after speech or before speech action?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Gurudeva's Teaching

We are immortal souls living and growing in the great school of earthly experience in which we have lived many lives. Vedic Rishis have given us courage by uttering the simple truth, "GOD is the Life of our life."

A great sage carried it further by saying there is one thing that GOD cannot do: GOD cannot separate HIMSELF from us.

This is because GOD is our life. GOD is the life in birds. GOD is the life in the fish. GOD is the life in the animals.

Becoming aware of this Life energy in all that lives is becoming aware of GOD's loving presence withing us.

We are the undying consciousness and the energy flowing through all things. Deep inside we are perfect this very moment, and we have to only discover and live up to this perfection to be whole. Our energy and GOD's energy are the same, ever coming out of the void.

We are all beautiful children of GOD. Each day we should try to see the life energy in trees, birds, animals and people. When we do, we are seeing GOD Siva in action.

Aum Namasivaya

From Gurudeva's Teaching

seals: If we can feel and absolute energy that we exist within as an infinite being, you will see the truth and experience what Gurudev has mentioned.

Spider......At Cameron Highland

Scary but beautiful....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jerit coordinator claims cop sexually harassed her

IPOH: A Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) coordinator has lodged a police report claiming that a cop grabbed her breasts during a scuffle in Kuala Kangsar on Tuesday.

Helen Mary Johnson, 41, claimed that a uniformed policeman had sexually harassed her when she was about to retrieve a camera from a colleague.

She told reporters at the Perak State Secretariat building here yesterday that she also suffered injuries to her mouth.

Johnson is a participant of Jerit’s ongoing “People Cycling for Change” expedition that began in Alor Star on Dec 3.

They presented a memorandum to Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin yesterday.

Johnson said at the time of the scuffle, she and about 20 others from Jerit were gathered outside the Kuala Kangsar police station, some 45km from here.

“I reached for the camera that my colleague was passing to me over the gate when suddenly the man came from behind and grabbed my breasts,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nizar said he knew it would be a difficult journey for the group.

“I suggest that the next time your team gets stopped by the authorities, hand out roses to them,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police are urging the public to not participate in a campaign organised by Jerit entitled “Rakyat Pergayuh Perubahan” (People For Change).

Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the unregistered organisation had kickstarted the campaign on Dec 3 in Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Johor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan.

He said the campaign would cap off on Dec 18 with the handing over of a memorandum in Parliament. Ismail said the organisation needed to apply for police permits to hold gatherings and parades.

“Because these activities do not have police permits, those taking part are committing an offence,” he said, adding that some political parties were exploiting the campaign for their own interests.

seals: pssst..... was the UiTM students applied via a registered body? Don't you know the students are under the College and University Act? How come they were issued a permit in 2 hours?

We have seen much too long.... when it is not from BN you will never get a permit.

So you are not keen in answering the incident but you are talking about the expedition?

Don’t blame others for mishaps, Pak Lah tells Selangor govt

JAKARTA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has hit out at the Selangor Government for apparently trying to wash its hands of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy.

The Prime Minister said the Pakatan Rakyat government should accept responsibility and correct any mistakes or weaknesses which have occurred.

“This is not the way to govern – taking credit only for the good things and blaming others for the mishaps.

“As the new state administration, they should improve on all aspects and take things in their stride,” he told the Malaysian media here when commenting on claims by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that a total of 99 risky hillside projects were approved by the previous government.

Abdullah said there was no need for him to teach the present administration how to do their work as they should be fully aware of what was good for the people.

On the Kuala Terengganu by-election, Abdullah said Umno leaders should not be campaigning for themselves but use the time to help the Barisan Nasional candidate.

“We must bear in mind that if our candidate loses, it will affect our party’s image.

“I hope those vying for posts (in the Umno polls) will not use the by-election for personal gains,” he said.

seals: Pak Lah.... BN Approve the projects (knowing the risk and the history) and you expect new government to take responsibility? That's a joke Pak Lah. It is a key thing that the right info reach the people. That the projects was approved by Khir Toyo and this is the result, before any action be taken by the new government. And you can say "should accept responsibility"?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bukit Jalil

Malaysia Today interviews the Home Minister

Today, Malaysia Today interviews the Home Minister to get his take on a range of issues that have been the bone of contention with most Malaysians. This article is of course just a satire and any similarities with persons still alive, already dead, or about to die is purely coincidental.NO HOLDS BARRED

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysia Today: YB, thank you for agreeing to an interview with Malaysia Today’s No Holds Barred column.

Yang Berhormat: Thank you for inviting me. It is very seldom that the alternative media would interview a member of the Cabinet so that we can set the record straight and correct the lies and wrong perception about the government, which are spread by the alternative media. Normally, the alternative media just reports rumours without obtaining the government’s side of the story. I congratulate the alternative media for becoming more mature in giving the government space to inform the public of the truth.

But before we start, I would like to offer my condolence to the Indian government on the recent tragedy in Mumbai. I thank God that Malaysia does not suffer such acts of terrorism, primarily because we have the Internal Security Act, which allows us to detain terrorist before they can cause any harm to society. This shows that the Internal Security Act has been very successful in maintaining law and order and in safeguarding the security of this country.

MT: Since you have brought up the matter of the ISA, YB, can we start by talking about that?

YB: Sure.

MT: The people criticise the ISA and…….

YB: Which people? The alternative media always talks about ‘the people’. But which people are you talking about?

MT: Well, I suppose the civil society movements and human rights movements.

YB: These people are in the minority. The majority of the people voted for the government. So this means the majority support the ISA. If not they would not have voted for the government. It is the majority that counts, not the minority. We can’t make laws or abolish laws just for the sake of the minority. We must do what the majority wants. The ISA is to prevent terrorism. If, in 2001, the US also had the ISA, their Twin Towers would still be standing. Malaysia’s Twin Towers is still standing because of the ISA.

MT: But the ISA is not used against terrorists. The government has always said that Malaysia does not have any terrorists. The ISA is used to deny the people freedom of speech.

YB: There is still freedom of speech in Malaysia. Who says that there is no freedom of speech?

MT: It is not freedom of speech which does not exist in Malaysia. It is freedom after speech.

YB: That is different. Then you can’t say that there is no freedom of speech in Malaysia. There is freedom of speech. Of course, if you say the wrong things, then you run the risk of being detained under the ISA. Berani cakap, berani tanggunglah!

MT: Okay, then what would you regard as ‘saying the wrong things’?

YB: Well, like inciting the people to hate the government or saying something that may start racial problems.

MT: But we already have so many other laws like the Sedition Act, Criminal Defamation, PPPA, and so on, to charge those who may have broken the law. Why the need to detain them under the ISA? Just charge them in court.

YB: That would not be so easy. We will need evidence to charge them in court. Without evidence how to charge them?

MT: But how do you know all those people who the government has detained under the ISA have committed a crime? Is it not possible they are all innocent?

YB: No, we have evidence. That is why we detained them.

MT: But if you have evidence then why not use this evidence to charge them?

YB: I already said there is not enough evidence to charge them.

MT: But there is enough evidence to detain them?

YB: Yes. The evidence is enough to detain them, only not enough to charge them.

MT: But when you sign the Detention Order you must first see all the evidence. Is this not so?

YB: That is true. Only when I am satisfied there is enough evidence will I sign the Detention Order.

MT: But you still feel that the evidence, though sufficient to detain them, is not sufficient enough to charge them.

YB: That is correct. But the detainee still has a chance to appear before the Advisory Board within three months to argue his case. If the Advisory Board is of the opinion that the detainee is innocent then he will be released. So we are quite fair.

MT: Have many people been released through the recommendations of the Advisory Board so far?

YB: Well, not many…..maybe none so far. But this only means we were not wrong in detaining them. If not, surely the Advisory Board would have recommended their release.

MT: But there have been reports that, from time to time, the Advisory Board has recommended the release of some detainees. However, the Home Minister has always overruled their recommendations.

YB: Yes, that is true. This is because the Advisory Board was mistaken and we did not agree with their recommendations. So we overruled them.

MT: This would mean the Advisory Board is a lame duck and has no power. It is the Home Minister who has the final say. Would this not be so?

YB: That is not true. The Advisory Board does have power.

MT: Power to do what?

YB: Power to recommend the release of the detainee.

MT: But the Minister does not follow their recommendation and overrules them. The Minister has the final say.

YB: But this does not mean the Advisory Board does not have power.

MT: If you say so YB. Okay, can we now talk about the Umno party elections and the numerous complaints about corruption in the party?

YB: What corruption are you talking about? There is no corruption in Umno.

MT: But the mainstream media has been reporting the many complaints of money politics.

YB: That is money politics, not corruption.

MT: Is there a difference?

YB: Of course there is. Corruption is when you pay to get something. Money politics is not corruption.

MT: What would you call money politics then?

YB: Money politics is……..well, money politics.

MT: And that is not corruption?

YB: Of course not.

MT: Okay, whatever. Now, on the matter of race relations, don’t you think that Malaysia is very dangerously being pushed to the brink of racial problems?

YB: That is why we have so many times said that the opposition is stirring the sentiments of the many races.

MT: But it is not the opposition that is doing this.

YB: Then who?

MT: Umno.

YB: Umno is a responsible party. We do not play the race card. It is the opposition that is doing this.

MT: In what way is the opposition doing this?

YB: They are asking for the government to abolish Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP. This makes the Malays angry and may cause the Malays to mengamuk. The opposition should stop all this nonsense before the peace and harmony of this country is compromised.

MT: But is it not time we treat all Malaysians equal and no longer treat one race as having more privileges than others?

YB: Aiyah, how can! That is the kind of talk that makes the Malays angry. It is dangerous to suggest such things. We must maintain the harmony between the many races and not say things like that.

MT: But what gives one race the right to have more privileges than others?

YB: That was the agreement when we gained Merdeka in 1957. How can we go back on what was agreed?

MT: What agreement?

YB: The Social Contract that was agreed by the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

MT: Many say that the Social Contract does not exist. Have you ever seen it? Can Malaysians see a copy?

YB: It was not a written contract. It was a verbal contract.

MT: When was it made and under want circumstances was it made?

YB: It was agreed upon when Umno, MCA and MIC jointly negotiated for Merdeka from the British.

MT: And what were the terms of the contract?

YB: That Malay would be the National Language and Islam the official religion plus the Malays would be accorded special rights and privileges such as certain quotas in the civil service and in educational institutions.

MT: But has this not since been amended many times in breach of the original Social Contract?

YB: No! In what way has it changed? Everything still remains the same.

MT: The government imposes new rules such as companies must be 100% Bumiputera before they can get import permits or APs and 30% of houses built must be sold to Bumiputeras according to the land area and so on. This was not part of the so-called Social Contract agreed by Umno, MCA and MIC before Merdeka. They are new rules made up as we went along.

YB: True. But the non-Malays accepted them.

MT: How do you know they accepted them?

YB: Because they continued to vote for the government. If they did not agree then they would not have voted for the government.

MT: But they did not vote for the government. 49% of the Malays and more than 80% of the Chinese and Indians did not vote for the government in the last general election. This means they do not agree with the government policies.

YB: But we still won more than 60% of the Parliament seats.

MT: That is only because of Gerrymandering. Malay majority seats like Putrajaya, where the voters are 98% Malay, have only 5,000 voters while seats that are 80% or more non-Malay have 120,000 voters or more. That is why the government still won and not because the majority voted for it.

YB: That is beside the point. We still can’t deny the fact that we won 140 seats and the opposition won only 82 seats.

MT: Yes, but if the votes were evenly divided between constituencies with a variation of plus-minus 20% the government would have fallen by now. It is only through Gerrymandering that the government managed to hold on to power.

YB: That is your opinion. It does not mean it is true.

MT: Thank you, YB, for the interview. I am sure you have helped enlighten Malaysians with your view of things.

YB: Thank you. I hope I have managed to rebut the opposition lies and propaganda and I look forward to similar sessions in future where the government can be given an opportunity to set the record straight. , pls go to the site to read the comments..

What is happening ?

Natural or man made?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hindraf and Penan get human rights awards

Hindraf and Penan get human rights awards

by S. Tamarai Chelvi

KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf and the Penans of Ulu Baram, Sarawak received Suaram’s Human Rights Award yesterday for their courage, perseverance and achievements in defending human rights.

The two groups were among six nominees, which included the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih), urban settlers of Kampung Berembang, the Kampung Chang Sungai Gepai community of Bidor, Perak and the Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee.

The awards were presented at ceremonies in Kuala Lumpur and the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Suaram (Suara Rakyat Malaysia) also launched its “Malaysia Civil and Political Rights Report 2008” at the event.

Sahabat Wanita’s Irene Xavier, who was on the panel of judges, said Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) made “a signifi cant change in the thinking of the community”.

“Within a short period of time, Hindraf had successfully captivated, mobilised and empowered vast numbers of Malaysians of Indian ethnic origin to struggle against very powerful interests and forces,” she said.

“There is also no denying that Hindraf had a big impact on the Malaysian political scene in 2008 and its rise has in fact surprised and captured the imagination of many Malaysians, and has also inspired others.”

On the Penan people, Xavier said Suaram recognised their long, difficult struggle as an isolated community.

“They have been defending their traditional lands from encroachment, especially by loggers, since the early 1980s.”

The Penan issue is the non-recognition of their native customary right over their traditional land.

Representing Hindraf were its national coordinator R.S. Thanenthiran and national event coordinator R. Kannan, and the Penan, Tuai Kampung Tirong Lawing, 60, and Nik Kelesau, 43.

Thanenthiran said the award “goes to all who came to the street to prove that the oppressed and marginalised can’t be stopped”. Nik thanked all those who contributed to efforts to defend Penan land.

The recipients each also received RM1,000.

seals: As I said earlier.... I feel we in British time ..... HERO'S for the people, BAD GUYS for the GOVERNMENT.

History Of Landslides In Hulu Klang

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 6) - Hulu Klang, the place where the latest landslide occurred in Taman Bukit Utama and Taman Bukit Mewah in Bukit Antarabangsa yesterday is actually a hilly area that is prone to landslides.

On Dec 11, 1993, 48 people were killed when one of the three condominium blocks of Highland Towers in Taman Hillview, located 1.5km away from Saturday's landslide scene, collapsed.

The tragedy shocked the whole nation as it was the first in its history since the independence. The collapse of the building after three days of downpours had created public awareness on the safety of buildings built on hill slopes.

Apart from the Highland Towers, other landslide-related incidents which had occurred in the Hulu Klang area are:

Dec 10, 1985: Two new unoccupied double-storey houses in Taman Melawati, collapsed at 8.50am during downpours.

Sept 17, 1998: One house was destroyed in Gombak due to soil erosion.

March 29, 1990: A landslide occurred in Taman Setia Wangsa, affecting 80 families in two flats.

Dec 25, 1997: Three people were buried alive in a landslide in Km17 of the Ampang-Hulu Kelang Expressway.

May 15, 1999: Thousands of residents in Bukit Antarabangsa and Wangsa Ukay in Jalan Hulu Klang were trapped when a 100m-long landslide occurred at 5.20am and cut off the only access road to the hilly residential area.

Feb 24, 2000: A four-year-old child was killed in a landslide in Kampung Sri Damai, near Taman Kencana, Ampang.

Oct 5, 2000: A landslide in Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa during downpours but no casualty was reported.

Nov 20, 2002: A landslide at 4.30am flattened the double-storey bungalow of Affin Bank Bhd chairman Gen (Rtd) Tan Sri Ismail Omar. His wife, Puan Sri Azizah Abdul Aziz, his son Hijaz, two in-laws, two grandchildren and two Indonesian maids, perished. The bungalow was located 300m away from the Highland Towers.

May 31, 2006: Four people including two children were killed when they were buried alive in a landslide that flattened three blocks of longhouses at Kampung Pasir during a downpour at 4.45pm. - Bernama

Updated: 01:14PM Sat, 06 Dec 2008

MP and five JERIT supporters arrested

MP and five JERIT supporters arrested
by Karen Arukesamy

PETALING JAYA (Dec 9,2008): Six people including Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar, four coordinators of the coalition Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) and a bus driver were arrested today near Kuala Kangsar during their 'Ride for Change' cycling campaign.
The coordinators -- Rani Rasiah, 53, M Sukumaran, 47, P Jody, 49, and M Karthiges, 27 -- were arrested when they refused to give out the particulars of the 44 participants who followed them in a bus.

The team was going to Sungai Siput from Kamunting with the other participants travelling in a bus when they were stopped by police at the Kuala Kangsar exit along the North-South Expressway at about 12.30pm.

Jerit national coordinator Y Kohila told theSun police stopped the bus and wanted details of all the participants.

She said when the coordinators enquired why they were stopped, the police said they were curious why they bus had so many people.

She said the coordinators refused to give police the participants’ details and gave their own particulars instead.

She said police demanded bus driver, S Vasuabbraw, 49, to open the door to take details and he was arrested when he refused to do so without the coordinators’ instruction.

The participants in the bus were then taken to the police station for questioning and later released.

Kohila said one of the team members was manhandled by police, who allegedly punched her on the face and sexually assaulted her outside the police station.

She said the incident was witnessed by two others in the team and the woman lodged a report on the assault at the police station.

According to Kohila, police confiscated a camera belonged to another coordinator, Lee Huat Seng, whose arm was hurt him in the process.

In Taiping, earlier in the day, two cyclists, Yong Chat Wah, and Ooi Choon Nam, both 22, were arrested at the Bukit Gantang Rest area in Taiping for distributing campaign leaflets.

Kohila said police claimed Jerit's office address was wrongly printed in the leaflet.

Meanwhile, the southern cyclist team also faced problems on the route.

Kohila said the cyclists were blocked at Segamat at about noon, and detained by police for more than three hours.

"A lorry containing bicycles, van with leaflets and a Pajero were taken to Segamat district police headquarters.

"They were released at 3.30pm," she said.

She also said the OCPD mentioned that he had received calls protesting the blocking of the vehicles.

The van driver was released on police bail as police are investigating the leaflets.

Kohila said the reason given was that "there is no proper information on the publisher" of the leaflets.

"Despite assurances from the Segamat OCPD on Monday that he will extend full cooperation to the campaign, yesterday the officers did this,” she said.

"Their aim is to frustrate us and make it hard for us to continue the campaign. But the more they stop us, the more persistent we are," she added.

She also said the Kluang OCPD had checked the leaflets and found no problem with them.

She said the campaign will continue until the cyclists reach Kuala Lumpur on Dec 18.

She also said Jerit will submit a memorandum to Suhakam (Malaysian Human Rights Commission) tomorrow to protest police intimidation and harrasment of the Jerit cycling team.

Updated: 07:36PM Tue, 09 Dec 2008

seals: Wahhh...people cannot "call for change" also ..... can get arrested. But people can gather in front of Bar Council and have molotov bomb and get police protection and uni students can get permit in 2 hours. Wah .... what message the police sending ......

I fell like we are in British time ..but this time the British is BN. UMNO/MCA/MIC then is now the PEOPLE.

Msian businessmen say police force most corrupt institution, survey finds

Msian businessmen say police force most corrupt institution, survey finds
by Maria J.Dass

PETALING JAYA (Dec 9, 2008): Malaysian business people are highly critical of the government's efforts to fight corruption compared with those in other Asia Pacific countries.
They also rated the police force as the most corrupt institution in the country with a Bribe Payers Index (BPI) of 4 (1:not all corrupt, 5: extremely corrupt), according to Transparency International's (TI) 2008 Bribe Payers Index (BPI) findings released today.

The business community also believes that their own companies are highly involved in corrupt practices in Malaysia and the region, while political parties were singled out as the most corrupt institutions in the Asia Pacific region with a BPI of 3.6.

The outcome of the survey is similar to the results in the Global Corruption Barometer 2007, said Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M) president Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam.

"TI believes that while most of the world's wealthiest countries already subscribe to a ban on foreign bribery, under the Organisation for Economic Corporations and Development Anti-bribery Convention, there is little awareness of the convention among the senior business executives interviewed in the BPI."

"Therefore it is crucial that governments go beyond speeches and proclamations, and show greater dedication to combat bribery and corruption in spite of great resistance by self-serving pressure groups whose main interest is to benefit themselves even at the expense of civil society."

"Governments have to ensure that foreign bribery should be stopped at source and make good on commitments to prevent and prosecute such practices."

Ramon said TI-M believes that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Bill and two other bills to be tabled by the government in this parliamentary session will help improve poor public perception at home and abroad - that Malaysia has a mediocre score and success in fighting corruption.

"It is important that all MPs support the bills and improve them during the second reading and pass them with maximum parliamentary and public support,," he said.

The survey was conducted among senior business executives from companies in 26 developed and developing countries, including Malaysia. A minimum 100 executives were interviewed in each country and the enterprises they represent were selected through a stratification process that took into consideration the size of firms, their sector and location.
Belgium and Canada showed good results by sharing the first place with a score of 8.8 out of 10.

Practices prevalent among companies from their own countries, when operating in their own continent or region

Bribery to high ranking officials to or political parties
Malaysia: 42% of 92 respondents
Asia Pacific: 47% of 763 respondents
Average (26 countries): 41% of 2,292 respondents

Bribery to low level public officials to speed things up
Malaysia: 38% of 94 respondents
Asia Pacific: 45% of 769 respondents
Average: 43% of 2,430 respondents

Use of personal and familiar relationships on public contracting
Malaysia: 44% of 93 respondents
Asia Pacific: 44% of 762 respondents
Average: 42% of 2,401 respondents

Assessment of government action in the fight against corruption in Malaysia (100 respondents)
Very Ineffective – 27%
Ineffective – 46%
Neither – 9%
Effective – 12%
Very Effective – 6%

Sectors in Malaysia perceived to be affected by corruption (1:not all corrupt, 5: extremely corrupt)
Police – 4
Political Parties – 3.8
Registry and Permit Services – 3.6
Parliament/Legislature – 3.3
Customs – 3.3

Updated: 07:38PM Tue, 09 Dec 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Problems for Hindus to have weddings in the temple

Dear Dr. Bala,


I am writing to you to highlight an issue faced by the Hindus in this country.

I have written to Hindu Sangam previously via the main web page but never had any response from Hindu Sangam.

Me and my family are devoted Hindus who believe and practice Hinduism in every way of our life. I have been going for prayers to Sri Thandayuthabani Murugan temple in Seremban since I was a kid to the extend the temple can be called as my second home.

A few years back (about 4-5 years ago) this very old temple went through a major renovation where a whole new, very beautiful temple was built at this site. We did all we can to help the temple to raise funds and etc to
accomplish this temple construction. My older sister's wedding took place in this beautiful temple.

It was a temple wedding with everyone, the bride and groom as well seated on the temple floor right at the front of the altar, in front of Lord Murugan. Such a pride to have it at one's own temple!

That was the last temple wedding that took place in the temple. The construction of the temple hall was completed then. After that the temple committee only allows wedding to take place at their hall only. They strictly do not allow weddings to take place inside the temple. I do not understand the logic behind this.

A Muslim can get married in a mosque, a Christian at his church and the Buddhist in the temple. But why is an Hindu denied to be able to get married at his own holy place? Does that mean an Hindu will have to convert to other religion first in order for her and him to get married in their holy place?

I think this not right. I believe this is people's temple. One committee or one president can never ever decide for the rest. Obviously the temple wedding fees was less and the hall rental cost more in which provides more income to the temple. However money should not be the issue. They can always charge the same but let the people decide where they want their marriage to take place.

I will be getting married in August 2009. Me and my partner are very eager to have our wedding to take place in this temple. We went through many ups and downs due to many issues and finally able to settle down. We have always had Lord Murugan to rely on. We are really eager to have our marriage right in this temple.

However now we are told that the temple committee will never have the wedding inside the temple.

I want my holy matrimonial to take place inside the temple, right in front of Lord Murugan and not in a hall behind the temple. A hall will always be a hall no matter where it is located. whether inside the temple or outside the temple. All I am asking for is to allow me and all other youngsters to be able to tie the knot in the temple.

We cannot wait for the President or the Board Members to be gone and then get married.

I really hope you could help me in this case as a Honourable General Secretary of Malaysia Hindu Sangam. I have plead to them but been ignored without any consideration. Pls get involved with all the temples and avoid these committees from discriminating us. We don't mind paying any money to be able to use the temple for our wedding. It is just for our wedding and not any other funky celebration or gathering. They can always give option between temple or the hall and let the people decide.

FYI, the temple has given a few reasons on why weddings should not take place inside the temple.

1. They are following Hindu Sangam's regulations
2. They are following pursuits of many big temples in KL
3. The non Hindus i.e. Muslims, Chinese and others who will attend the wedding do not know the do's and don'ts in a temple
4. The Hindus who are not clean (females on menses, etc) will attend the wedding and therefore will step inside the temple
5. The temple President will not allow wedding inside the temple

In my opinion on some of the few reasons they gave above:

1. Why do you impose that regulation? Why Hindu's cannot use our own temple?
2. Why other temples have to follow pursuit of the big KL temples?
3. First of all who allowed them to set that standard?
4. We will not invite the non Hindus if this is the case.
5. Why do they think our own Indian females do not know this? We all as Hindus do observe this at our own house altars. We are all civilised people.
6. How do they screen those tourists who visit our temples everywhere in the world? Are they screened?
7. Why they can be welcomed as tourists but we are discriminated although we strictly follow this?
8. Who is the temple President to decide on this matter? This temple belongs to the people. He is just the guardian.

In fact when I told I am willing to pay the same amount as per hall fee or slightly more than that, one of the admin staff actually said may be it can be considered if you pay RM 1 Million..??

Dr.Bala, I would really appreciate if you could personally pursue this matter and help all the Hindus being discriminated at our own temple. Pls allow the youngsters like us to have our holy matrimonial in the temple. Pls help us. We are all
civilised, educated people. One should not begging others to be near and blessed by his Almighty.
Pls help. Thank you in advance for your future actions. Appreciate your precious time taken to read this mail and pls drive this change. I would love to have you to join my wedding in August 2009. And I trust Lord Murugan and you will make this wedding happen, inside the Sri Bala Thandayuthabani temple, Seremban.

Thank you. Vanakkam.


Sheila Ramasamy
GE Oil & Gas
PII Pipeline Solutions
Team Leader
Asia Pacific Analysis

A mail that was send to :

Seals: A very valid question that she has put up. Is MHS capable of handling this?

Bukit Antarabangsa Tragedy Aftermath: Hotel stay for the homeless

KUALA LUMPUR: Those left homeless by the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa will be provided with accommodation at hotels.

International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who visited the site yesterday, said temporary lodging would be provided to ensure no residents remained at the unsafe area.

"The government will put them up at a hotel if there are no relatives or friends they can live with. This way, they won't feel helpless and worry about where they can go."

Asked if the affected residents would be compensated, he said the government had not considered it yet.

"We have not even thought about it yet. The important thing is to save lives. Compensation is a secondary issue. What's important is that there is no recurrence of this tragedy. We have to ensure measures are taken."

When it was pointed out to him that the government had given the same assurances in the aftermath of similar tragedies previously with nothing concrete ever emerging, Muhyiddin said he did not want to debate the issue.

"Let's not argue about it here. "This is something the government has to look at very seriously.

"The prime minister and deputy prime minister have visited the place and instructions have gone out on what should and shouldn't be done. I hope these instructions are adhered to."

Ampang Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Ismail Kijo said a fund had been set up for the victims.
Donations have already started pouring in, with Ampang, Pandan and Gombak BN contributing RM10,000 each. Muhyiddin pledged RM30,000 as well.

The money, Ismail said, would be used to help affected residents with their children's school fees, as well as to provide relief to those with trouble keeping up with their house payments.

"We will form a committee to handle the fund, which we are calling the Bukit Antarabangsa Disaster Fund. We will open an account to deposit the money and RTM will air information on the fund and how donations can be made."

Ampang BN has also organised 20 taxis free-of-charge to facilitate the evacuations of residents.

seals: Someone preparing for some elections? Wah...can the people expect the same "hotel" treatment and UMNO CASH collection( for the other landslides in poor peoples area and flood victims? Why they did not do the same for the Gombak landslide?

Bkt Antarabangsa: Search on for Sri Lankan woman

Bkt Antarabangsa: Search on for Sri Lankan woman

KUALA LUMPUR: Search and rescue resumed late last night at the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide site after police received reports that a Sri Lankan woman was missing, said Selangor Chief Police Officer Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

He said that the woman was believed to have been with veterinarian Dr N. Yogeswari who was among the four who died on Saturday when the landslide hit the homes of sleeping residents early in the morning.

He said that the woman in her 30s was Yogeswari's maid and had been with the family for six years.

DCP Khalid said on Monday that rescue teams were, therefore, concentrating the search at Yogeswari's bungalow at No. 1, Jalan Bukit Mewah, one of 14 bungalows in Taman Bukit Mewah and Taman Bukit Utama that were damaged by the landslide at 4am on Saturday.

He added that the search teams had to tread carefully as the ground was still not considered safe.

Meanwhile, about 2,000 residents of Bukit Antarabangsa were still trapped in their residential area as the main access road to the housing estates there remains cut off by the landslide.

Work to build an alternative route had been by the rain but was expected to be rady by Sunday evening, he said.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported that he had also asked the media to avoid interviewing the affected residents on the situation in the landslide area as there could be conflicting reports.

The media should report to the security authorities if they came across trapped people who had been overlooked so that immediate action could be taken to assist them, he said.

Despite the disaster and the rain this morning, Muslim residents in the area attended Aidil Adha prayers at the Addinniah surau located about 500 metres from the landslide area.

Muslims among the people trapped in their homes owing to the cutoff access road attended prayers at the AlHidayah Mosque.

The four people who died in the landslide are Dr Yogeswari, 40, accountant Eng Yee Peng, 30, Shaiful Khas Shahrudin, 20, and Indonesian national Surinah, 30s

seals: This is not the first time we hear about landslide in MPAJ area and some deaths due to that.

This is not the first time we the Federal government says stop all hill side projects, after all forgotten the government continues to approves the projects.

This is not the first time we hear a lame reason "unseen underground water stream" (by our Deputy PM) ...excuse me then why do they have geologist in such projects?

The other time MPAJ man said "we did not disclose the condition of the hill slopes as they did not want property value to drop". So it is ok for many to die, but did not want to disclose the condition slopes .... I think he should have been charged with murder. Lucky I guess he was a BN guy.

They say "hot hot chicken shit" (hangat-hangat tahi ayam) was all the stands, decision and orders the BN government gave every time a landslide happens.

When will the next death will happen? Do you wish this to happen again?

Recall this:

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Khir: Broom award for officials a success

Khir: Broom award for officials a success

SHAH ALAM: Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo has claimed that the controversial broom award he introduced proved successful in providing the necessary push for local councils to perform better.

He said his actions, which was later slammed by many for being humiliating, had brought positive results when the council that received the “award” last year became the best performer this year.

“I was accused of humiliating the officer and now, the same officer got the best performance award. It shows that what I did was right,” Dr Khir told a press conference after the Shadow Executive Council meeting here yesterday.

Last year, Dr Khir presented a broom to Hulu Selangor District Council chief Tukiman Nail and Hulu Selangor Land Office’s former district officer Mislan Tugiu for failing to collect assessment above the 50% mark required for 2006.

Dr Khir said the performance of the council had improved from 47% to 94%.

seals: But did you forgot, the people broom BN out ......

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thai Unrest According to RTM Dunia

I hardly watch RTM programmes at night. Last night (29 November 2008), I reached home slightly early and I managed to watch some parts of a special programme about the political unrest in Thailand.

The presenter told the audience on the head and tails of series of political development of Thailand while showing the visual of political development in Thailand. He said all demonstrations are because the protestors reject Thaksin and his proxy party to be in power. The last line of the voice over of the programme is: “The lesson we can learn from Thai political unrest is, never let non pri-bumi to rule the country.”

I got a shock to hear this line in the programme. After the video presentation, a lady presenter interviewed a political science academic while receiving phone calls from audience on the political situation in Thailand. A male then called in and said he agreed fully with the statement made by the presenter of the documentary on Thai unrest, i.e. never let a non pri-bumi to rule the country.

My question is, what is “race” or skin colour got to do with the Thai political unrest? Has RTM become a tool for UMNO to impart racial consciousness to the audience, especially the Malay audience?

I have been told that many Malay morning talk shows in RTM and ASTRO have been quite racist lately? Is BN government going to use TV as a channel to split the racial relations in the country?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Muhyiddin: Unforgivable for Zaid to be at PKR meet

Muhyiddin: Unforgivable for Zaid to be at PKR meet

KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s presence at the PKR congress on Saturday in Shah Alam is unforgivable, says an Umno vice-president.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said it did not make sense for the former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to attend an opposition gathering.

“It appears he is lending his moral support to them. To me, this is showing disloyalty to Umno. This is unforgivable,” he said.

The International Trade and Industry Minister said this yesterday after a dialogue with members of the Sabah media here yesterday.

Muhyiddin noted that it was not the first time Zaid was perceived as acting against Umno, adding that the controversial politician was issued a show-cause letter last month for his open letter to the Prime Minister and for meeting with MPs on repealing the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Asked whether Zaid’s latest move was an attempt to provoke Umno, Muhyiddin said: “He’s a small guy ... he is just wasting our time.”

Zaid, the former Kota Baru Umno chief, was quoted – after attending the opening of the PKR congress – as saying he was still an Umno member but was keeping his options open.

seals: Kui kui kui..... UMNO has been disloyal to people that is worse. UMNO don't even understand the message by people from the last elections.

Sorry Muhyiddin, it does make sense. What can the good people do? The move out to the good side.

Next time don't complain ... when you know you are not performing for the people.

When elected MP for for the people who elected them, you say "break rank" and you punish them.

Kayveas: We will leave Barisan if ISA is not amended

Kayveas: We will leave Barisan if ISA is not amended

KUALA LUMPUR: The PPP will pull out of the Barisan Nasional if the Internal Security Act is not amended before the next elections, party president Datuk M. Kayveas said.

“I have to follow what the Youth and Wanita divisions have proposed to the party and they want the ISA abolished.

“As a responsible party I told them let’s go halfway and ask for amendments to the Act so that it is not a draconian law imposed on innocent citizens,” he said when opening the Youth and Wanita meeting and elections yesterday.

“The Barisan has to make changes before the next general election. It would be suicidal if we do not.

“The problem with the Barisan is its success the past 50 years. Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

“The March election has shown what the voters are looking for: good governance and multi-racialism.

“The solution has always been multi-racialism but to date the Barisan is still caught in its own political racial configuration and so what is said is not implemented fast enough.”

Wanita leader C. Josephine Anne said the Barisan had to act now to “fast-track development programmes for all races, show our sincerity and start by uniting the Barisan parties.”

“The Barisan must work towards a common society to regain the confidence of the rakyat, and not just offer lip service and continue to use the race card.

“In this day and age, we cannot continue to pit one race against the other and talk about unity.”

PPP Youth chief T. Murugiah said they did not support the use of the ISA against ordinary citizens.

“The ISA was designed to handle a terrorist threat and should be used only for the purpose.”

On Murugiah’s position in PPP, Kayveas said that he would appoint him to the supreme council and get the council’s approval to appoint him as vice-president.

R. Ellan Govan, who was deputy Youth chief, beat two others to become Youth chief while incumbent Wanita chief Josephine won uncontested.

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