Monday, May 28, 2007

F18 During Prade

First the Skyhawk made a fly pass was 4 of them ....but I focused on one Skyhawk setting my camera to prepare for the F18 Hornet

hehehehehe you can see the two F18 approaching ....

This is the left side F18 (left from cockpit)

The F18 on the left ....closer just before it pass where i am standing (the location was a good place to see but not good for photography)
This is the right F18 (right from cockpit). Taken with a 200 mm zoom lense 1/1600, f10.

Today was the first day I guess for the practice for "Hari Tentera" I managed to take this two shots near the TUDM.
I salute the Malaysian Heroes who serves the solider.... and my special solute for the one who is flying the above F18 and the Weapons System Officer.
When this aircraft takes of ...then we know that was the end of practice fro the day :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Intresting "click"

I was taking pictures of the banana trees when i saw this bird ... and you can see it for your self now. I was lucky to catch this shot

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kids At Delhi

This is in Delhi, India. I looked local and they were not interested in me. She was looking at my friend who is a Malaysian ....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Badrinath .....

The river that eventually joins with Ganges ....

The temple on the way to Vasundra Falls

I don't mind going to badrinath every year .......or even more ....
I wish i get a job at Nepal .....

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Beauty Of Nature, Don't Play-Play

like in the movie POWDER .......
like a dragon spitting out fire ......

This was my first attempt. But i learned some.It was tough, i will had to start counting in my mind when i see a sign of possible main lightning. Why i had to count keen my mind in focus so that i can press when i see the flash. it needs a quick response and I missed many ... i was lucky with this few....
The minus point here was the street light cable that was crossing. i had no other high point so i had to settle with the presence of the cable.
This is my start......

What A Place To Sleep

It was a fine sunny day and I guess that made this guy to have a nap ..
This picture was taken at Brickfields

Cute Fellow @ trees of India Gate, Delhi

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wanita asing jual bayi luar nikah - Root Cause of Baby Sales?

Wanita asing jual bayi luar nikah (Woman selling own babies bown out of wedlock)
Oleh Iskandar Shah MohamedKUALA LUMPUR:

Segelintir wanita warga asing yang hamil akibat terlanjur kini menjadi ‘modal’ kepada sindiket penjualan bayi yang dipercayai bertindak sebagai orang tengah bagi urusan jual beli kepada pasangan tempatan.

Sindiket itu yang bergiat aktif sekitar Lembah Klang dan dianggotai warga tempatan serta asing mengetahui beberapa klinik swasta menjadi tempat wanita asing terbabit melahirkan bayi.

Selain menanggung segala kos bersalin termasuk pembedahan dan perubatan, sindiket itu akan mendapatkan sijil beranak sah selepas menerima wang daripada pasangan tempatan.

Antara punca wanita warga asing terbabit menjual bayi mereka ialah kerana ditinggalkan selepas terjerat dengan cinta palsu teman lelaki yang juga pendatang asing.

Difahamkan, harga bagi seorang bayi luar nikah itu mencecah hampir RM30,000 dan jumlah wang diterima si ibu bergantung kepada kewarganegaraan mereka, antaranya warga Filipina RM5,000, diikuti Myanmar serta Vietnam (RM3,000) dan Indonesia (RM2,500).

Kegiatan sindiket itu didedahkan Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam (Cassa) melalui 35 aduan yang diterima daripada mangsa dan hasil siasatannya sejak lapan bulan lalu.

Dalam kes terbaru, seorang wanita Indonesia berusia 27 tahun yang mahu dikenali sebagai Sandra, kini hamil tujuh bulan dan terpaksa menghubungi sindiket terbabit selepas terpedaya dengan teman lelaki.“Segalanya berubah selepas saya kehilangan pasport beberapa tahun lalu dan hidup sebagai pelarian. Saya kemudian bertemu dengan lelaki warga Pakistan yang banyak membantu dan kami bercinta.“Bagaimanapun, selepas mengetahui saya hamil, dia meninggalkan saya dan membiarkan hidup saya melarat sehingga hari ini,” katanya ketika ditemui baru-baru ini.Menurutnya, dia didatangi anggota sindiket penjualan bayi dan ditawarkan RM2,500 untuk membeli bayi yang dikandungnya.“Saya kini buntu dan terpaksa bersetuju dengan tawaran itu kerana kesempitan hidup dan perlu memberi wang kepada keluarga di kampung di Jawa Tengah,” katanya.

Dalam kes kedua, seorang wanita Filipina berusia 24 tahun yang mahu dikenali sebagai Cristina, mendakwa menjual bayinya dan mendapat RM5,000 daripada sindiket terbabit, tiga bulan lalu.“Saya masuk ke negara ini menggunakan pas sosial beberapa tahun lalu. Saya terpaksa menjual bayi itu selepas tak tahu siapa ayahnya sebenar kerana mempunyai terlalu banyak teman lelaki ketika bekerja sebagai pelayan pelanggan (GRO) di sebuah kelab malam suatu ketika dulu. “Namun, kini saya insaf dan berharap wanita senasib dengan saya supaya tidak melakukan perkara sama serta terjebak dengan sindiket terbabit,” katanya.

Mengulas kes itu, Presiden Cassa, Datuk Dr Jacob George, berkata pihaknya memandang serius kegiatan sindiket itu dan mencadangkan hukuman berat terhadap teman lelaki warga asing yang ‘lepas tangan’ selepas membuntingkan wanita terbabit.“Kami juga bimbang sindiket terbabit menjual organ bayi berkenaan, termasuk mengeksportnya ke pasaran luar negara,” katanya.Bagi membantu wanita warga asing yang menghadapi masalah, katanya, Cassa boleh dihubungi melalui talian hotline di 016-2917001 untuk sesi kaunseling.

My Comments:

I guess in actual there is an "acute shortage of Babies". I am sure there are many childless couples wanting to adopt a child in Malaysia. But, to what I see it is very difficult to adopt a child in Malaysia specially when it comes to Indians and Chinese.

"2 years of wait and you are lucky if get a child within two years and may not have a choice" a comment by a officer when someone registered with Jabatan Kebajikan to adopt a child. This is a good indication for my statement.

Why the high demand? There can be many reasons....drop in fertility rate can be the main reason.

Adding to that, the government policies that does not want to practice openness in "medical technology" to provide solution and alternate ways in handling fertility matters.
And the other main problem that I see is government's openness in adoption process.
If there is a shortage in Malaysia, why not allow foreign adoption? Parents can adopt a child that they want. Any reason why Malaysia does not want to practice it? Can the ministry answer this?
When all kind of restriction are seen in getting a child and the process itself is so unsure and does not protect the couples, the next best solution is buying a child. I think this news is more focusing on GRO's but I guess there are more single girls, students and even a married mother with kids pregnant and does not want the child, are in this situation.
I am not encouraging baby sales here, but don't you think the sale actually safe the child rather then ending up dead in toilet bowl and plastic bags?

Why not the government and the NGO's start joint centres for such cases and even allow anonymous drop centres for new born? Rather then make it a BIG SIN from the religious point and make then hide away (scaring them) and end up throwing the child? This is a bigger SIN then getting pregnant out of wed lock.

No religion teaches or encourages premarital sex, but it happeneds, and from there are many who gets pregnant (don't say this is only among uneducated, but it is among all). Should we pretend it does not happen and ignore all and take legal action when they throw babies? Or acknowledge that it happeneds and take proactive steps will in advance?

And being pregnant out of wedlock or even married and does not want the child, they can hand over the child to the right channel to be given away. Do we have any? Or is it very limited?
A back door process starts when the formal process fails to meet the actual requirements.
And if the government does allow foreign adoption, please don't make it like how they handle Foreign Maid Employments. Appointing an agent and they make profits and the price shoots sky high up. Then it will fail and couples will resort back to the back door process.

Malaysians are very good in finger pointing at things that happened, but never looks at the ROOT CAUSE and solve it at that level.

You can arrest 10 illegal agents, 20 new will start the "business" and the price will increase 100% more. If the government wants to solve a problem look at the root cause not the surface!


The above pictures taken at places around Ashram of Mother Anandamayee (

The above pictures was taken at Hariduwar during "Ganga Arati". The song, music and feeling was very spiritual.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bukit Jalil Again

Feeding the fish ...
Prairie .......
Vertical view at a horizontal sun light

Minah rempit ...hehehehehe

Shiridi Baba

Taken from Forwarded Mail ( and my view

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Sai Devotee Sri L K Noolkar

Lakshman K. Noolkar, who was sub-judge at Pandharpur in 1909, while Nana G Chandorkar was Deputy Collector there, was being induced to go to Shirdi by the latter. Lakshman K.

Noolkar: I cannot go until I get a Brahmin cook and good Nagpur oranges for presentation. I can find neither of these. N G Chandorkar: Baba's grace will provide. That night a Brahmin cook came to N G Chandorkar and wanted service and was referred to Noolkar who engaged him. In the morning Noolkar found a parcel of excellent Nagpur oranges and no trace could be found as to who the sender was.

Any how, Noolkar, convinced of Baba's miraculous powers of providing the needful, started with N G Chandorkar and went to Baba. Baba: Nana, who is this notorious crazy person whom you have brought with you?

Next day when Noolkar visited Masjid. Baba was in a furious mood and seizing his head, knocked it against the pillar saying, "Your existence or truth will be lost or your unreality will be lost". Noolkar was much afraid; but N G Chandorkar, gave an optimistic interpretation of these occurrences.

That night Noolkar suddenly got up and asked Nana for betel (paan), which Noolkar was not ordinarily using. Just at that time, Baba was at the mosque far away. Baba to someone present: Take these four bidas i.e., rolled up betel, and go and give them to an old man, at Chandorkar's who needs the betel.

The sudden appearance of that man and the delivery of the bidas convinced Noolkar that Baba was his Antarsakshi and thenceforward Noolkar's faith was greatly strengthened and he stayed on at Shirdi.

Noolkar's death suddenly came on, rapidly sacred literature was read within his hearing, as he approached the end. Baba's Pada Theertham was also brought and given to him and Noolkar died with his attention centered on Baba. Baba referring to Noolkar's death: Tatya, (Noolkar) has gone in advance (of us). He stayed here as I directed. His life's goal has been reached. He will be born no more.

(Contributed by Source: Sri Sai Baba's Charters and Sayings by H.H. Narasimhaswamiji)

I see few points in the above experience:

1. The GURU himself and you in a the path of a GURU
2. The Disciple and GURU relationship and how it would be
3. Things that is beyond the humans perception
4. Surrender.
5. Acceptance of death and being aware of it with all centred to the GURU.

The greatest thing to happened is the 5th point. And you need to have points 1 - 4 to have the 5th. And this is not something that we work for when we are old (As some say spirituality is something that you do after you retire). But it is to be done the moment you are born, the moment you start breathing.

Only then we will be able to grow spiritually ....

Death is a right of a human, Birth is caused by un-fulfillment
Fulfill the cause of the births, and you will reach the end of birth

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Women want 'bocor (leaking)' MPs penalised

Taken from The SUN

KUALA LUMPUR (May 15, 2007):
Husna Yusop
The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) has demanded an immediate public apology from the two MPs involved in the 'bocor' issue.

It wanted the two - Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) and Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) - to also apologise to fellow MPs and be disciplined by Parliament.
"We are outraged by the sexist behaviour of certain MPs and condemn the remarks made by the two which were extremely offensive to the particular female MP they were directed at," JAG said in a statement read out by Women's Development Collective (WDC) executive director Maria Chin Abdullah.

"Also, in referring to a natural biological function of the female body, the remarks were discriminatory against women in general."

WDC is one of the non-governmental organisations under JAG besides the All Women's Action Society, Women's Aid Organisation, Sisters in Islam (SIS), Women's Centre for Change and Women's Committee of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress.

The statement was read at a 50-woman-strong demonstration held in front of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry here this morning.

It was later handed over to the minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who came down 15 minutes after the gathering started and stayed to speak to the group for less than 10 minutes.
Shahrizat said there is no need to be emotional over the matter and bring it to the street as the government is taking it seriously.

"All MPs are expected to be gender-sensitive and not to make sexist remarks. The law is very clear. The language they used was unparliamentary," she said.

"I will bring this up with the Cabinet tomorrow which is the more appropriate channel."
Also present at the gathering were representatives - male and female - of Suaram, Malaysian Youth and Students Democratic Movement, PAS, DAP, Keadilan and even MCA.
Maria said insensitive comments made against woman MP Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) reflected an underlying, deeply entrenched culture of sexism and gender discrimination within Parliament.

JAG also asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who chairs the cabinet committee on gender equality, Shahrizat and the Parliamentary Gender Caucus to take immediate action to end all forms of sexism and discrimination in Parliament.

"We demand that any MP who continues to ill-behave in Parliament should be suspended for six months and his pay and allowances be cut during that period," Maria said.
"Malaysians deserve better quality representatives in Parliament.

She said from from their observation, the recent incident was not isolated.
They have identified three other MPs who have been involved in such sexism since 2001, namely Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) and Abdul Fatah Harun (PAS-Rantau Panjang).

Felicia Ling, of Cheras MCA Wanita, said the MPs must apologise to their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters for having made such remarks.

Keadilan Wanita chief Fuziah Salleh expressed disappointment with Barisan Nasional MPs as they had kept quiet while the incident was going on last week.

My Comments:
The only way is to show them the peoples power. Don't elect this MP in next election. We have to only elect a person who lives there and have served the people there and have a good tract record with the people. But are we ready to show people's power? Or the people are too weak for that?

I agree "Malaysians deserve better quality representatives in Parliament."

“Where is the leak? Batu Gajah MP also leaks every month,” Bung Mokhtar was quoted as saying." ..... Does any one see the relation of the building leak with a woman?

Read also :

Outrage grows against ‘Bocor’ MPs
Pauline Puah, Hwa Yue-Yi and R. Manirajan

KUALA LUMPUR (May 14, 2007): The "bo­cor" issue, which caused an uproar in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) last week, has spilled over.
The parliamentarians who were responsible for the remark that offended women received a dressing down in the Dewan Negara today.
And elsewhere, women’s groups are preparing a protest gathering tomorrow, with calls being made for a mechanism to “take care of this kind of behaviour”.
In the Dewan Negara, Deputy Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Wong Kam Hoong said the rough remarks made by some MPs had ruined the govern­ment’s campaign to create a well-mannered society.
He was answering a supplementary question from Gooi Hoe Hin, who suggested the ministry hold a courtesy course for “some parliamentarians”.
“Our courtesy campaign has been ruined. Pak Lah’s programme to build a first class human capital has been ruined as well.
“As MPs, we should be careful on our conduct and the way we talk, especially issues on women whom we respect,” Wong said.
He said the lot of MPs had been besmirched.
“Repeatedly (they made inappropriate remarks). How do they face their family, mothers, daughters, sisters, especially when yesterday) was Mother’s Day? I am very disappointed,” Wong said, without naming the MPs.
He said the ministry would submit a report on the matter to the premier.

Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN – Kinabatangan) and Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN – Jasin) had raised an outcry for uttering a sexist remark against Fong Po Kuan (DAP – Batu Gajah) during a heated exchange about the ceiling leakage in Parliament last Wednesday (May 9).

“Where is the leak? Batu Gajah MP also leaks every month,” Bung Mokhtar was quoted as saying.

Earlier, in answering another question pertaining to this issue, Women, Family and Community Development Ministry parliamentary secretary Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said the minister concerned would bring this matter to the cabinet soon.

At a function today, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat said she wants action to be taken to ensure that remarks that insult or belittle women will not be repeated in Parliament.

“I feel hurt at what hap­pened and I want concrete steps taken to ensure that similar incidents do not recur.
“I will raise the matter at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday to discuss the steps to be taken,” she said.
“This has been happening many times and must not be taken lightly. More importantly, we want action.”
At another function, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was also asked about this matter.

Initially, he said it was up to Parliament to decide, but when pressed whether it was proper for MPs to make such remarks, he said: “I don’t want to pass judgment about what they said. They said it in a very ... It was not supposed to be taken seriously, I think if you take it with a sense of humour, then ... But of course people are making a big meal out of this issue.”
Outside Parliament, the Joint Action Group on Gen­der Equality (JAG) is organi­sing a public protest tomorrow outside the Women, Family and Community Develop­ment Ministry in the Bukit Perdana Government Complex.

The protest will start at 11am with the reading of a statement from the group, after which JAG representatives hope to meet the minister.

“What we aim to achieve is to stop all this discrimination and sexism in the Parliament, and also to ensure there is a mechanism to take care of this kind of behaviour,” Women’s Development Collective executive director Maria Chin Abdullah said on behalf of JAG.
Women’s Aid Organi­sation executive director Ivy Josiah noted that from as early as 2000, there had been a pattern of chauvinistic remarks by the MPs.
“Occasionally there was an apology and what appeared to be a slap on the wrist, but it is not addressing the deep-seated sexist culture. There is this attitude that women are fair game,” she said.

She noted that in 2002, the banner organisation Women’s Agenda for Change submitted a three-page memorandum to the House Speaker, highlighting examples of sexist and lewd language in Parliament and urging that sexual harassment prohibitions be incorporated in the Parliamentary code of conduct.

“Hopefully we will not have to wait another five years,” she added.
The All Women's Action Society (AWAM) said in a statement the comments by Bung Mokhtar and Mohd Said insulted every girl and woman.
AWAM said “letting [the MPs] off without even a reprimand, or making them apologise, sends the signal that sexual harassment of women is acceptable”.
DAP leaders today sent a letter of protest to the office of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, who is also BN Whip.

The party is also organising a forum on this issue on May 17 night in Wisma YMCA in Brickfields.In the letter, the DAP called for the suspension and the sacking of the two BN MPs over their sexist remarks.

“Repeatedly (they made inappropriate remarks). How do they face their family, mothers, daughters, sisters, especially when yesterday) was Mother’s Day? I am very disappointed,” Wong said, without naming the MPs.