Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Taipusam 2007

The Talest Lord Murugan

Pre-hours Floral Parade

The team from Terengganu

Ipoh Mali....the dance team member from Ipoh

In a jovial mood ! ...

It was fun to see the practicing (i suppose) they were in a happy mood ...

Happy visitors....

The Ipoh group

It was a good job!

Sad, I could not make it in the early morning, was planning to go at about 12 noon. But, a motorcyclist bang onto my car and my car had bad damage and he was injured and his bike was damaged too. I was out of mood......still waiting for report.

An Intro to Digital Photography

I saw this article on the net, it can give you a good intro.


Have fun.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jumping "Q"

I was driving to Puchong today and saw a lots of car at Sunway toll and it was a low traffic hours. I guess as usual ...weakness of the operator and we are paying toll to face congestion.

Myself and BHX was in a queue...then the other 2 cars on the right cut in even though the queue at the back in not long. Please observe the 2nd Touch & Go is off line. It is normal to see that lane to be off line :)

Then the 2 queue ...became 3 ...... grrrrr. To my surprise the car in front of me was leaving a gap to allow the jumping queue cars to cut in ......

As i moved closer to the toll a WAJA car cut in just before the concrete barrier.

And he was successful ...... what kind of brains they have....

I think they should sell the SmartTAG at not more then RM50.00 (to sell at cost price) or below and open more SmartTAG lanes. As they will gain from reduction on employment (per seat cost 4.5 head count). Less booth and air conditioner. Insurance, medical etc ...that in not seen as direct profit but gain back from reduction of overhead.

Once more start using SmartTAG then we can see less congestion then users will be happy.

Daya Bumi At Work

Daya Bumi At Work ...I guess it is "tak berdaya" anymore...
Taken with my FSLR Yashica Electro TL many years back...

The Eyes

I took this photo using Nikon FSLR many years back when I was in Stockholm. I just found it and scan the picture to be blogged :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ponggal 2007

Ponggal is celebrated at the end of harvest season in India as part of thanks giving to the workers, tools, the elements and the people.

And this is carried on as a culture where ever the South Indian migrates to.

My favourite food. This is called PAYASAM. Hmmm wan to know more about this PAYASAM....ask your Indian friends

Ad hoc Cake

We celebrated our best friends birthday on an ad hoc basis at one of our friends daughters birthday and year end party....... and this was the "creative cake" that was made on the spot for him ......hahahahahaha!

A Safe Picnic Place?

When you see nails and sharp end of branches that was used for camping everywhere....would you call this place a picnic spot?

branches...and nails and it is at the picnic spot

Do we blame the FRIM (where this place located) for a poor maintenance. Or the campers? Who allowed such camping and did not enforce to clean up the place?

I was here 20 years back for a training on rescue operations. The place was very clean and deep water...what happened now?

And another view of KLCC

It looks like a missile being launched or ...errr many ways to look at it.....

The sad part was that I did not have my tripod with me...i had to rest the camera on the wall to make the camera steady.... But i am glad I managed to capture the moments...
Where took the picture from ? Shhhhh! A secret.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I found this poster at one of the Mall in KL..... I don't have to say it....you can see it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

People @ Delhi Market

I wish i have take a close picture of her... she is pretty

The modern girls