Monday, February 27, 2006

AkasharDham Temple Delhi

The side view of the AkasharDham Temple

Closer view of the temple

Night view, was really cool. But since I did not have a stand, this was the best I managed to take.

A view of a temple next to the main temple that we were allowed to take pictures. It had a very beautiful carving on marble.

Another beautiful art work on the celling

I don't know who is this but was placed in the temple. You will know if you can read Hindi.

A view of the sunset. It really felt good there.

Another view of the temple as we were approaching the place.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Thaipusam 2006 -2

I see lots of photographers covering this great day for Hindus and for Malaysia

Top to ground view

As the devotees decent down from the cave temple

A rear view of the statue

Faces of some devotees

An Inside vertical view of a Kavadi

Another statue at the entrance of the cave.

I meet this boy who wants to be a Movie Director, in the bus that we were traveling back. Cool eh!

Thaipusam 2006-1

The walls of Batu Caves

The tallest Murugan Statue a pride of Malaysian Tourism

I felt sad to see this old lady taking her Paal Kudam alone without assistance

This parent carrying their child on a carrier that is made of a sugar cane

This is how she fulfills what she wished for
Another Kavadi

A nicely decotrated "Paal Panthal" (The place where they serve free drinks)
This is another type of kavadi. Usually for the goddess Amman (divine Mother)

She is cute :) She is being shaved bald

Another cute one :)