Saturday, January 28, 2006

Punjab, India

My visit to the Golden Temple in Amritstar was really nice. We were taken care. And the temple and the prayers was really good

Friday, January 27, 2006

Lake Garden in Seremban

Fish fish and fish the Lake that attracts lots of people

A close view

There were lots of people on every bridge feeding the fish. You can buy the fish food at the Lake Garden

This place was filled with people flying kites.

All kinds of kites, bit not like in Kelantan. Hehehehe!

The more common kite

We tried to fly kite but unsuccessful

But this kid, did it without any problem. Hmm better to be a kid then an adult.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The pic that I took after a week of rescue work at highland towers.
I had to face 2 weeks of mental disturbances and overcome it.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Kids Of an Estate After Their Education Was Secured

She was so happy to see us there and she was very loving.
She is one of the kids of SRJK(T) Bukit Darah that the group from

All smiles for this kid from another estate studying in the same school. About 35 very poor children from around this place had their school fees paid and other school going items like books and school uniform, shoes were taken care.

Now the next thing is the home. Look at the condition. If you see the room that they rent for about RM300.00, you might cry. And the mother wants to stop her 13 year old daughter from going to school so that she can earn some money. The group stopped it and paid her school fees now she too is happy that she gets to go to school and she wants to be a civil engineer.

Now most of the parents here will loose their job when the factory "close shop" in march 2006.

Shying away from the camera.

What will happened to the kids. Are we to let things go and see a disastrous future for the kids

Have someone forgot the existance of these kids?

Waited and waved till we went out of sight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The man that was resting infront of the BADSHAHI Masjid

A View from inside of the BADSHAHI masjid. The white building is a Gurudrawa(Sikh temple)

A of a half moon

The Lahore Fort.

A beautiful drawing that was destroyed by irresponsible people and time.

A very beautiful handwork.

A fantastic architecture at the time or Shah Jahan (1633 AD)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Art That Captured My Heart

A drawing that I found at Delhi Hayyat. Look at her eyes.

A very nice drawing on the walls of Shereton Karachi


KLCC Just before it get wet.

A view of Wet Nilai town

Frog & Bug

I have a few PR resident status frogs at my garden that loves to sleep in the dry area and places like shoes.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sri Lanka

One of the most beautiful view I have seen

Submerged into the beauty of the Beach

The best dating place

I have no words to express this moments

Grandma, Grand daughter and the beauty of the beach

The Statue of Buddha at Kandy

Another view of the statue

"The loving care of the mother" at the elephant sactuary

Hey, look at me! ......

Oh, this is cool and fun mate!

The place that Buddha's tooth is kept

Cool lake view in Kandy

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Village Life in South India

A young fellow!!

A little girl is making a "kolam" in front of her house. This is a traditional way that every Indian will clean the house and do this "kolam" in font of their house using rice flour. you have this model with you?

A current view of a village.

The good old way of selling flower in the village of South India

This is the local bus. Here you cant just sit anywhere. There are seats allocated for ladies and if there is a lady sitting on a seat and the next seat is vacant a male can't sit.


A Picture of the 65 foot Statue of Shiva at the temple behind camp Fort, Banglore
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Water Burst At Serdang

Hmmmm A nice fountain? Are you sure?
No, it is not. It's a main water supply pipe at Serdang that burst while some work was going on with the supply pipe.

The damage that went on for hours.

My question, who will end up paying for the loss of revenue?