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When thugs have no fear of the police

When thugs have no fear of the police
    9:07AM Apr 20, 2012   

YOURSAY ‘It is a pity that the police who were there did not stop the attack. It only shows that the police are afraid of thugs.'

Thugs attack students at Dataran Merdeka

Gerard Lourdesamy: This is a growing problem with Umno-BN sponsoring thugs and gangsters to do their dirty work. That is the big game plan of Umno-BN warlords - try to stir violence and make it into a racial incident.

The students should be praised and commended for their bravery and steadfastness. In light of the threats from DBKL (KL City Hall) and the violence last night, the students should stay put at Dataran Merdeka which belongs to the rakyat and not to the royalty, Umno-BN leaders and their cronies.

The people should come out in full force and support the students. We getting sick and tired of these forms of state-sponsored terrorism and acts of violence.

Moontime: The police did nothing to prevent the attack? If the attack is meant to invoke fear among the students, au contraire. Instead, it will just make them stronger in their resolve to uphold the cause.

The thugs are cowards, miscreants and a pathetic lot. The authorities should investigate whether or not they were being paid to do the job. There's no place for misguided vigilantes here in Malaysia.

Mohan Ghandi: Police inaction confirms that these are Umno thugs. Just reading Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's statement confirms his defensive attitude. He knows, we know and Malaysia knows.

Don't Play-Play: The police had advised these delinquents not to continue with their camping in Dataran Merdeka. It is for their own safety.

But being stubborn and hardheaded, these juveniles chose not to listen and said that they can take care of themselves. So be it.

When there was commotion last night, the police thought that they were fighting among themselves. The police came to their rescue when these students finally came to their senses that they needed help.

Thank you, PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), for going out of your way to help these ungrateful and stubborn juveniles.

Ferdtan: That was we feared most - Umno outsourcing mat rempit thugs to cause disturbances when the authorities cannot handle the situation legally.

It is a pity that the police who were there did not stop the attack. It only shows that the police are afraid of thugs.

Anonymous_3e21: Enter the Guinness World Book of Records for being the stupidest act of all act for attacking the very people who's only cause is to protect the children's of the attackers from being continually cheated by the regime.

Odev: These are hired thugs, similar to thugs hired to attack churches, to desecrate mosques by dumping pig's heads, to explode homemade bombs during DSAI's (Anwar Ibrahim's) Sodomy II verdict.

But the public at large are already matured politically. We are not going to over-react, but we do know where is our ultimate destination. Syabas mahasiswa.

Mushiro: The students protest is also symbolic of the many unhappiness that Malaysians have against the government.

For the police to just watch when the thugs attacked speaks volumes of the PDRM's attitude, bias, cowardice and blind support for Umno.

Umno has come to the level where they feel they can only win the elections through gangsterism. I commend the young students for their firm stand and their peaceful approach.

1Malaysia2Cina: This is just like the Arab Spring when the ruling regimes sent thugs to beat up the protestors.

I hope the BN government will come out strongly to stop this gangsterism and restore sanity. Meanwhile, to the brave students, "soldier on".

Dingy: Who are the people who are against students sit-in protest in Dataran Mederka? One may not agree with their objective, but it is a peaceful protest.

Why would thugs attack these students? What had the student done to them? The police were present during attack but didn't do anything until students begged them to do so.

Bender: This is typical Umno modus operandi. If you can't fight them with brain, resort to brawn.

That's what they've been doing for the past few months: sending thugs to disrupt Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs and use force to make a point (e.g. Lynas incident).

Only this time they've set a new standard, and a very lowly one at that - beating up helpless students who have done nothing but express themselves peacefully.

Obviously those paid thugs are morons whose intellect is as low as the money that they'll get for such act of gangsterism.

But the more remarkable is the kind of stupidity shown by the puppeteers who think that they can actually achieve something by resorting to this kind of foolish act.

No less pathetic is the attempt by some commenters in Malaysiakini (Umno cybertroopers obviously) to pin this on Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat.

Kairos: When a government employs thugs and gangsters to help them rule and intimidate, it has definitely overstayed its time in power.

Are the law enforcement officers of the country so inept that they need to step back and allow thugs to call the shots? Who are the real police?

When the difference between thugs and the police is removed and the two become one and the same, Malaysia is on the verge of anarchy.

As a loyal and faithful rakyat of this beloved country, I don't feel safe anymore.

Headhunter: One can't help but being angry not only because of the thuggery which was rather expected, but at the police for standing by and not doing their job.

Why are the police so docile these days? Aren't they paid to keep peace in the country or do they think they work only for Umno?

If the IGP (inspector-general of police) and his senior officers cannot do a good job, they should resign and join politics.

This Umno culture of violence and intimidation must be stopped and if the police cannot do it, we the rakyat have only one option and that is to kick the BN out before they turn all our youths into bigots, racists and thugs.

Jean Pierre: It's unfair to accuse the police of being biased when in fact they were neutral. The policemen, the flag pole and the rubbish strewn on the road were not doing anything.

Seals: Face is there arrest?

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