Friday, December 09, 2011

Teresa Kok: Police control of carolling is 'abuse'

DAP wants the home minister to explain why further conditions are being imposed on Christmas carolling, such as the need to provide Bukit Aman and the National Security Council with full details.

NONE"The supposed current need for further information and restrictions on carollers, such as the requirement to provide the police with details of names and contacts of home owners, who the churches’ carolling groups will visit, is simply unnecessary and an abuse of power by the authorities," said DAP national organising secretary Teresa Kok (left) today.

"I urge Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to clarify why the supposed need for the churches to inform Bukit Aman and the National Security Council of this insignificant information.

"This should not be practised nor tolerated by the government of Malaysia and further clarification must be delivered by the authorities should this episode be merely an act of overzealous police personnel,” said the Selangor senior exco in a statement.

She cited two cases of churches in Klang apparently receiving a memo from the district police requesting details of carolling activities, such as the homeowners’ information that she said was "rather perplexing and indicates an attempt to clamp down and infringe on religious freedoms".

"The police must not use politically motivated manoeuvres to hinder long-held customs, such as the tradition of carolling among Christians, which has been an exercise of goodwill and peace for decades in our country during the joyous season of Christmas," said Kok.


Seals: The first effect of the new Bill?  Soon Thaipusam, non muslim funerals, weddings, and any functions that is not affiliated with UMNO?

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