Friday, July 08, 2011

Comments: Cops: Restriction order against 91 individuals

Cops: Restriction order against 91 individuals

DannyLoHH: Oh my god. I can't believe they'll go so low. The police are showing once again that they are the law. What they want, the court will give. It doesn't matter that their restriction order contravened the constitution of Malaysia.

These thugs in uniform have turned our constitution into toilet paper. They are now trampling on our fundamental rights. They were supposed to protect it. In the upcoming election, Pakatan Rakyat should tell the voters that a vote for BN is a vote for a police state.

Teh: The Malaysian police have gone berserk over Bersih!

Baiyuensheng: How come we've regressed to such a state. It's a very sad day for Malaysia. I thought that while Singapore is miles ahead of us in economic terms, we were miles ahead in terms of our political maturity and democratic rights. Sigh.

Man of the Match: How about freedom of movement as stated in the federal constitution?

Mirror on the Wall: A restriction order is ultra vires the federal constitution. The sacrosanct document seems to be trampled on at will by the very authorities entrusted to uphold it. You don't have to be a Bar Council president to know this.

Bozo: We all know this will happen. BN is scared to death. So much for democracy and the authority of the king. Daulat Tuanku. Even the government of the day is not respecting the wishes of the King.

Rahmat Ibrahim: Satu lagi projek BN. The police have gone mad. How can you restrict the movements of a person who is only exercising his democratic rights?

Ruben: Actually the Bersih list comprises mostly of people who for me have all the right qualities and moral fibre to lead this beautiful country of ours. A restriction order against this group is indeed ridiculous and uncalled for.

These are people who are highly respected in every sense of the word. On the other hand, it does clearly show how fearful Najib and his colleagues are of the influence and impact these leaders have to bring about the momentum for change.

Holden: What are these men in high places so afraid of? Are they so bankrupt of ideas on how to conduct a dialogue or debate or so incapable of coherent discussion that their only response is threats and intimidation.

This appears to be like the way colonial governments would have resorted to in quelling the natives. Is this the best Umno can manage?
Nik V: This is not about politics any more. It's about power crazy and corrupted people in BN who are using politics and religion to stay in power. There is the huge difference between this being about politics and being a crime committed by criminals against the rakyat of Malaysia.

Good Men: Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it.

Cannon: Malaysians can see the Umno/BN regime is just a band of gangsters using rule by law - abetted by their uniformed thugs in blue - to repress citizens from exercising their fundamental rights of free association and peaceful assembly.

These scoundrels are now trying to steal our civil liberties after plundering our country.
Their greed and lust for power have no end. The latest actions of PM Najib Razak and his cohorts affirm it is impossible for the Umno-BN regime to change.

Lau Eng Shinn: Be careful everyone, the BN government wants to arrest all the opposition leaders and then call for election so they can maintain power. That's why there are doing all this.

The leaders should stay away, the people will continue to march. We will sacrifice for you but you must not be arrested.

Ibnu Ishak: The police and their weasel-word masters have made their point. In so doing, they have mightily helped Bersih, and all genuine Malaysian democrats, to make theirs, eloquently and impressively.

Anonymous_3e06: One day when you retire from the force, over a glass of cold beer you will tell your friends, who will pay for the beer, that the IGP (inspector-general of police) had no brains and you, like a cow, carried out orders which were utterly stupid and unnecessary.

See Tshiung Han: It's easy to tell which organisation is the main target: 11 from Umno Youth, 14 from Perkasa and 66 from Bersih.

Disbeliever: I believe that the government and the police are being most unfair that despite the meeting of Bersih with the King and consequently Bersih agreeing to hold the rally in the confines of a stadium, the police have continued to clamp down on Bersih to the extent of obtaining a court order disallowing ('banning' is a better word) 91 leaders from being in some areas of KL.

I think this is definitely going against human rights. The police are being too uptight over the Bersih rally.
Why take the so-called preventive action when these leaders have not done anything wrong? By all means, act if and when they go against the law come July 9.

The way I see it and I believe the whole world is watching, the police are out to stop the Bersih rally at all costs. This uncalled for action would definitely have a great impact in the coming general elections.

Msiakini4all: Ibrahim Ali must be so happy with this news. So will Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar. Now they can just send their monkeys to do their filthy jobs while they just sit safely at home.

Lim Chong Leong: So are we still allowed to rally in any stadium in Kuala Lumpur like PM Najib and the Agong agreed? Or do their words amount to nothing? If they are not going to honour their side, there is no need for more talks but action.

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