Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hindu Sangam withdraws support for NIAT?

Organisation conspiciously silent after its president Mohan Shan orders his two reps to stay away from NIAT which is at the forefront of the Interlok issue.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Hindu Sangam, allegedly under pressure from the MIC and the PM’s Office, has withdrawn its support for National Interlok Action Team (NIAT) which is spearheading the Interlok issue.

The organisation has been conspiciously silent on the matter after the movement’s president Mohan Shan ordered his representatives to stay away from NIAT, said sources.

NIAT was born when the first Interlok meeting was held at the Hindu Sangam headquarters where representatives of more than 140 Indian NGOs assembled and formed the movement.
The Hindu Sangam appointed Dr Balatharmalingam, its deputy president and Arun Doraisamy, former youth chief as it is representatives in NIAT.

Although the two are still in NIAT, it is learnt that Mohan caved in to pressure from the MIC leadership and the prime minister’s office and withdrew his support for NIAT.

According to the source, this was done under threat of losing its annual allocation from federal government.
“There are also rumours Mohan was promised a datukship prior to the Interlok issue and it is now under threat of being withheld after the Sangam’s involvement in NIAT,” he said.
“Mohan does not intend to give up on the possibility of getting the title, neither does he want to lose the federal allocation to the

Hindu Sangam over the Interlok issue,” he added.

“So, as the first step he suspended Arun for not adhereing to his instruction to stay away from the NIAT and Balatharmalingam is under pressure to do the same ,” said the source.

Mohan denies allegations
The source said the Hindu Sangam is being servile to its political masters and is nothing but another tool for Umno to help brainwash the Indian community.

He said the Johor Hindu Sangam played an active role in wooing the community to vote for BN in Tenang by-election earlier this year.

“This is not the duty of the Hindu Sangam,” he said.
Contacted later, Mohan Shan denied all the allegations. He said youth chief Arun was suspended for working against the Sangam and not because of his involvement in NIAT.

“Hindu Sangam has been clear on its stand over Interlok.We still stand by our demand that the government withdraw the books from the school syllabus,” he added.

He also said that Hindu Sangam still engaged with NIAT as its deputy president still a NIAT committee member.

Interlok caused a controversy when detractors claimed that the novel contained derogatory words to describe Malaysian Indians.

source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/05/27/hindu-sangam-withdraws-support-for-niat/

seals: Do we need MHS  ..now MHS is turning into the functionless MIC....

S'wak CM's office 'issued cheques to buy votes'

Malaysian Election Observers Network coordinator Ong Boon Keong has revealed more damning evidence of alleged vote-buying in the recent Sarawak elections, following an equally controversial video exposé of the alleged offence on May 26.
NONEOng is giving the authorities two weeks to act, failing which he will initiate a nationwide campaign to mobilise voters in rejecting all candidates who have a similar 'strategy' in mind for the coming general election.
He revealed photocopies of vouchers dated March 25 and 27 purportedly from the Chief Minister' s Office, showing that a payment of RM15,000 had been made to members of a longhouse and RM1,000 to another recipient.
Ong, who has been involved in registering voters in the interiors of Sarawak since 2009, said he was reliably informed by local observers that the payments were made after the dissolution of the state assembly on March 25.
He claimed that cheques for various amounts that tallied with the number of voters in each longhouse had been distributed at the Selangau BN office to about 200 tuai rumah (longhouse chiefs).
NONE"The purpose is for the longhouse chiefs to distribute RM500 per door. The cheque was to be cashed, the chiefs were told, after the BN candidate won," he told reporters in Penang last night.
"On the eve of polling, there was a round of cash payments to individual voters, with each receiving RM50 or RM100. For example, in the Rumah Unban longhouse, the payment shown in the video was RM50 per voter."
Ong said the payments are questionable as they were “indisputably” meant to pressure voters to vote for a particular candidate.
His team also came across elements of deceit because multiple cheques had bounced, for example, due to spelling mistakes in the recipients' names.
Ong stressed that Tamin BN assemblyperson Joseph Mauh Ikeh's claim that the money was to subsidise transport expenses cannot stand against the more credible account of vote-buying by local observers.
"Mauh also called it a 'consolation' (sagu hati) payment to the voters. He should be told that such payments blatantly violate the Election Offences Act 1954, as they amount to bribery whether or not the voters eventually voted for him.
"Mauh's argument that 3,000 voters voted for his opponent does not mean that he did not try to induce voters to vote for him.”
'Gross criminality'
Mauh, the Parti Rakyat Sarawak vice-president, had shot down the allegations, clarifying that the payments were a “transport allowance” for voters to get to polling stations, or an allowance for those involved in campaign work like putting up posters.
NONEOng had earlier released a video recording showing cash purportedly being distributed to voters in the Tamin state constituency, which was retained by the BN.
He said he finds the matter troubling as the money was from the allocation for the development budget administered by the Chief Minister's Office.
"As polls were called following the dissolution of the state assembly, any allocation from the state coffers to advance a candidate's campaign amounts to criminal theft!" he exclaimed.
joseph mauh ikeh tamin mp 270511Building on Mauh's (left) remark that payments may have been issued to voters in all 71 constituencies, Ong said the total amount of public funds used for the Sarawak BN campaign would amount to an astounding RM208 million for 979,796 voters.
The money needed to buy votes for Tamin alone, he noted, would amount to about RM2.6 million for 12, 224 voters.
"This amounts to gross criminality against the state and inordinate unfairness to the opposition (which has) no similar access to public funds," said Ong.
"More seriously, election results significantly distorted by vote-buying are unrepresentative of the real choice of the people and are therefore invalid.”
Last week, Ong was deported while on a visit to Sarawak in connection with the state election. He was not given a reason.

seals:  I dont have to tell UMNO now to think of a reason ...as EC or Police or anyone will never take any action. Maybe they will say it was a long pending payments to them by government...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Islamic leaders question non-Muslim rights

May 22, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 – Several Islamic leaders have questioned the loyalty of non-Muslims in the country, declaring today the community’s rights must be re-evaluated if Malaysia is to call itself an Islamic state.
Former president of Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim), Datuk Nakhaie Ahmad, said treatment of non-Muslims must be based on the social contract agreed and pointed out that the government has been too gracious to the community.
“In attempts to get vote and support of non-Muslims, we have been very gracious in giving them their civil rights. Civil rights given to them includes the rights to vote, participation in politics, hold office, involvement in the military and so forth but we cannot just willingly give them everything.
“Our offer must be based on religious practices. If we look at the prophet’s agreement in the Madinah constitution, civil rights were given to the Jews but the rights must be paid back with responsibility. They must have the responsibility and agree to defend our country and not insult the agreement,” he said during a forum here.
Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared Malaysia an Islamic state a decade ago in a move to counter PAS’s growing influence among the country’s key Malay Muslim population.
The issue cropped up this month when several groups asked for amendments to the Federal Constitution to stipulate only Muslims can be the prime minister after Utusan Malaysia carried an unsubstantiated report of a Christian plot to usurp Islam’s position as religion of the federation.
Nakhaie stressed that non-Muslims that have broken the social contract must be expelled from the country and asked the government to adopt a tough approach in safeguarding Muslim interest.
“If the agreement is broken then actions must be taken against them. If they break our agreement then they are our enemy and must be expelled from the country. We must not compromise with them. We must be stern with them when it comes to the social contract agreed,” he said.
Nakhaie added it is important that high level government positions not be awarded to non-Muslims for national security.
“We cannot give them important government position as it is not allowed for non-Muslims to become ministers in a Islamic state. Head of military must also not be given to non-Muslims.
“Without thinking about the future of our country, we are so willing to give them everything. Granting them their civil rights must be balanced with Islamic preaching so they will understand justice in Islam and the Islamic system,” said the former PAS member who defected to Umno years ago.
He also warned Muslims to unite as non-Muslims will become stronger if the community continues to quarrel among themselves.
“They are brave now and are willing to say anything because they are becoming dominant. They (non-muslim political parties) are only working with us to only achieve their goals. It is a marriage of convenience. We know what is their programme. We are already losing economically and now we want to give political rights?” he asked.
Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (ISMA) deputy president Zamri Hashim added that Muslims must look beyond political affiliation for a common greater cause.
“We must think outside of politics. The Malay agenda is too important to ignore and a majority of Malays are Muslims. This is no longer about PAS and Umno,” said the Perak deputy Mufti.
Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) deputy president, Dr Mohd Rumaizuddin Ghazali, also stressed that Malaysia must never become a secular state.
“This is why many non-Muslim politicians want to declare the country as a secular state because then the government will not have fund religious programmes.
“They are scared that if we accept Malaysia as an Islamic state then there are many implications which means that only Muslims have the right to lead the country,” he said.
Mohd Rumaizuddin added that the Malays are beginning to be trampled on and non-Muslims are starting to take advantage of the community.
“Because of politics, we are still not free after more than 50 years of independence,” he said.
Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia president Abdul Hakim Othman added the country’s constitution must be replaced as it has been stained by the colonial British.
“A Caliphate state is based on divine revelation. It is not a democratic or a theocratic state. It is only an Islamic state when the constitution is based on the Quran and prophetic traditions,” he said.

Source: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/islamic-leaders-question-non-muslim-rights/

Friday, May 20, 2011

Angry villagers stage serpent protest

IPOH: Residents from a village here brought a live 10-foot python to the Mentri Besar's office to highlight their fear of having to bear with unwelcome visits from slithery “guests” for the past one year.
“We have been having sleepless nights as we never know when a snake would come by our beds,” said labourer C. Subramani, who acted as spokesman for the group of residents from Kampung DBI in Buntong.
He said he caught the snake on Wednesday night outside his house and decided to bring it to the state secretariat building here yesterday as “proof” of their traumatic experiences.
The villagers, he said, had to bear with incidents of snakes getting into their house compounds at least three times a week.
Raising a ssstink: Subramani (right) showing the python that the villagers had caught to a policeman at Dr Zambry’s office in Ipoh Thursday.
Subramani, 51, led the group of residents to present a memorandum to the Mentri Besar yesterday.
However, their plan was unsuccessful as the main gate of the Mentri Besar's office was cordoned off by police personnel as word got out earlier about the villagers' move.
The snake, which was kept inside a cage, was later sent to the Fire and Rescue Department. The cage was placed inside a car opposite the building.
Subramani, however, managed to present the memorandum to the Mentri Besar's special assistant Zulkefli Abdullah outside the gate of the building.
Speaking to reporters later, he claimed their previous complaints about the snakes had gone unheeded.
He said Kampung DBI, a pre-independence village, consisted mostly of wooden houses occupied by low-salaried workers and retirees and was overrun with lalang.
He claimed that the reptiles started to appear in their bathrooms and bedrooms following development work in nearby areas.
One villager died in November last year after being bitten by a snake, he said.
Zulkefli said he would hand over the memorandum to Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, who was aware of the villagers' plight.

source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/5/20/nation/8718672&sec=nation

seals: Should we go for a change?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nazri opens floodgates to religious hatred

Roberts: De facto law minister Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz misses the point. Yes, it is true that hundreds of irresponsible bloggers of all colour and creed have made sensitive comments to hurt and inflame other communities. But they are individuals.

Perkasa is a registered organisation and Malay daily Utusan Malaysia is a licensed newspaper. Can they act in the same wanton abandon as irresponsible bloggers and tweeters?

Rape is rampant in Malaysia - do we want to condone it by saying that it is the norm? Corruption is rampant - shall we then legalise it? Drug addiction is widespread, shall we let it be and say it is the norm? Crime is widespread these days - shall we do nothing about it?

There will always be irresponsible individuals, but when institutions like Perkasa and a national daily act recklessly, then our society will really go down the drain, for these institutions represent our collective conscience and morality.

Black Mamba: I am shocked that the de facto law minister can come out with such a lame explanation like that. Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali did not tweet nor blog his warning to the Christians. He aroused religious sentiments in a public rally in front of a 150-strong crowd.

If you are prepared to condone such actions, be prepared for the consequences.

Hamisu: Does it mean we can all now make seditious and insensitive remarks without any repercussions? This has gone out of line. Now it appears that if something's a norm, then there's nothing wrong with it.

This appears to be the prevailing twisted logic of our de facto law minister. Crimes are the norm. Drug abuse has become the norm. Abandoning babies has become the norm. Domestic violence has become a norm. Does it mean everything is alright? What kind of minister is this?

Changeagent: What a weak and lame reasoning by the de facto law minister. Just because something is a Malaysian norm doesn't mean that it has to be tolerated, not especially when it relates to matters as serious as religious extremism, creating racial tension and inciting social upheaval or violence.

That is why we have common laws to safeguard public order, security and civility. Anyone who breaches the law or commits an offence must be prosecuted, and it matters little whether the crime is considered a norm or not.

It seems that Nazri is extremely unqualified to hold onto his current portfolio ministership when he doesn't even understand the basic functions of law in society. He is seriously out of his depth here.

Cannon: That's how arrogant and defiant Umno is in standing up for its rabid mouthpiece. Other than practising tokenism, Umno refuses to share power with its BN 'partners', let alone turn over its power to another.

That's why it violently resists the possibility of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya and, through Perkasa, threatens to spill the blood of Christians, if they should vote for the opposition. This gangsterism of Umno/Perkasa is a 'norm' Malaysians have to accept.

Nazri has made a mockery of PM Najib Razak's moderation. The fact is, Umno will not accept a two-party system, which means that a vote for BN is a vote for Umno and for more of this nonsense - and worst.

If Umno should retain power, it will ensure that the two-party system will never take root. Umno will finish dismantling our system of checks and balances to safeguard its power. It's vital for Malaysians to unite and vote out Umno in GE13 before it demolishes our democracy.

Alan Goh: Nazri says that it is the norm for everybody to make seditious remarks and the news media can print anything, and therefore no action will be taken against them.

Thank you, Nazri, for the clarification. But please ensure that this new interpretation of the law applies to everyone and not just Umnoputras, Ibrahim Ali and Utusan.

Anonymous_40a7: Nazri, from this second onwards, you and the government will be held responsible for all the abuse, torture, suffering, victimisation, injuries and death to the Christian community by the radicals and fanatics of Islam due to your insensitive and warped thinking. Remember - each blood dropped is on your hands now.

Tan Kim Keong: Nazri, if the need is there to prosecute all people accused of making seditious statements, then it has be to done. You are a lawyer. A felony is a felony. I believe you know this very well.

In a civil society, people who commit felonies do not go unpunished. Otherwise the authority will be deemed as condoning incitement of religious and racial hatred, as in the case of Ibrahim Ali.

So what is stopping you from charging Ibrahim Ali with making seditious statements against adherents of another religion?

Chipmunk: So what Nazri is saying is that since it is a "norm" in Malaysia, the door is open for all to criticise every other religion, and I believe, that includes Islam and the Muslims? Can Nazri issue a directive that we can now criticise the Malays as well?

The other races have been tolerant and have refrained from saying anything about Islam, but since it is a norm, as what Nazri said, I want to see if any action will be taken if the Malays were criticized.

Easyone: Don't fall to Nazri's trap. The moment DAP says something disputable, they will be put under the ISA. These lackeys cannot be trusted.

Anak Kedah: This moron and his handlers are trying to provoke a violent response to Perkasa's verbal vomit so that they can use it as an excuse for Ops Lalang II.

They have been trying hard to decapitate Pakatan Rakyat's leadership - Anwar Ibrahim with the sham Sodomy II trial, and now preparing the ground to round up the rest of Pakatan leaders with Ops Lalang II.

The Tarik: If making such sensitive statements is okay, then why do we have ISA and the Printing Presses and Publication Act?

If you are sincere, then scrap both these acts. Let all the newspapers in the country openly discuss the so-called sensitive issues. Let the Star, New Straits Times, Tamil Nesan and Sin Chew Daily report the scams and scandals that are being discussed only in the alternative media.

Let there be press freedom. Give Pakatan licence to start newspapers. Let our country's press freedom index rise from the bottom.

Otherwise, Nazri, your comments are pure baloney. Otherwise you are practising selective persecution and are not fit to be the law minister. Otherwise you are a law minister only to protect the interests of Umno, Perkasa, and Utusan. And otherwise, your comments smack of stupid hypocrisy.

Solomon Moses: Very well, Nazri, you have opened the floodgates. I am calling on all level-headed Malaysians to declare 'jihad' against Umno and Perkasa, and all level-headed Malaysians, I am sure, will join this 'jihad'.

Dood: Well, if they're not going to take action against Ibrahim Ali for his very obviously dangerous threats, then why would there be any question of any action against what the pastors supposedly said?

Is it more dangerous to declare 'jihad' against another community or to declare a desire for a Christian PM (if that even happened)?

Source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/164371


Dear All,
When in doubt- always go for second or third opinion.
"There were many instances, too. A friend of mine was diagnosed as a having a septic leg and being a diabetic, he was told by the xxxxx  Specialist Centre  doctors that the leg up to his ankle must be cut since gangrene has already set in. It will cost RM25K just to saw off the leg. I told him to get 2nd opinion at the HUKM (Govt) Specialist Centre. The specialists there told him that there is nothing wrong with the leg and gave him antibiotics instead. Today (4 years after the incidence) , at age 61, he is still working and doing things such as climbing without much problems.

What would it be if he had listened to the unscrupulous doctors at DSC? He would be walking with crutches,! poorer by >25K and without a job to support his family. What a shame for these "Ugly Malaysians". I am sure there are many similar instances which everyone can share.

So be careful, Malaysian Specialists are giving the nation a bad name. They want to make money and make the patients suffer (more so if you have an insurance coverage). It is best to seek 2nd and 3rd opinion to be very sure"

"Dear friends,

I am a general surgeon in private practice in Kuala Lumpur. I would like to bring to the attention of the public the unethical practices of some doctors in private practice.

An 8-year-old boy was brought to see me by his father after suffering from fever, cough and vomiting for 1 day. He DID NOT HAVE ANY ABDOMINAL PAIN. He was initially seen by a general practitioner who insisted that the father bring him to see 'Surgeon G' at a specific private medical centre in Kuala Lumpur. The father at first refused and had wanted to bring his son to the medical centre where he was born but relented when the medical practitioner said that 'Surgeon G' will order some blood tests and will send his son home with some medications.

However, when he brought his son to see 'Surgeon G', the surgeon examined his son's abdomen and pressed so hard that he elicited pain. Then the surgeon told the father that the son had a perforated ! appendix and insisted that he be operated the same night. The father was baffled because his son did not have any abdominal pain prior to that excrutiating examination but he reluctantly agreed upon insistence by the surgeon. About 1 hour prior to the surgery, the father suspected that something was not right and he asked for his son to be discharged. He then brought his son to see me.

The first thing I noticed was that the boy had a slight cough but he was very active. His father told him to jump to prove that he did not have any abdominal pain, which he did with great enthusiasm. After a thorough examination, I was convinced that the boy did not have appendicitis and definitely not a perforated one. I treated him symptomatically for upper respiratory tract infection and sent him home with some medications. The father was outraged with what happened to his son earlier but he was relieved that his son was saved from an unnecessary surgery. Professionally, I could not! tell him that 'Surgeon G' may have tried to cheat him but, in my heart, I knew that was the case because I knew 'Surgeon G' very well and had inherited a few of his patients whom he operated upon and had botched the surgeries

The next day, 'Surgeon G' called me and asked what happened to the patient. I told him I was certain that the boy did not have a perforated appendix but he insisted that the boy was very sick and had rigors (severe shivering) when he first saw him. Surgeon G said the boy improved tremendously after one dose of antibiotics. In my years of practice, I have not come across one case where one dose of antibiotics can cure a case of perforated appendicitis. IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! He also said that the boy's father was a liar and had lied about his son not having any abdominal pain. Well, dear readers, I am a parent too. No father will lie about his son's health because he would have wanted the best treatment for his son.

I suspect 'Surgeon G' is giving kickbacks to many general practitioners to send patients to him to operate. In return, he would pay these general practitioners for each patient referred to him. He would cooperate with the general practitioners to convince the patients that they need urgent surgery. I have personally worked with 'Surgeon G' and I know that his skills are questionable. He told me once that it is alright for a patient to have a recurrent disease as a result of his incomplete surgery because he would then refer the patient to another surgeon to tackle the problem. He had caused one death from a thyroid operation and at least 2 cases of complications after galbladder surgeries which he refused to admit fault. In his clinic he has medical books with pictures of dangerous diseases which he uses to scare his patients into accepting surgery.

I am writing this to alert the public that there are doctors who are out for money only and are unethical in their practices. It breaks my heart that there are such individuals practising freely and fleecing off ! unsuspecting and vulnerable patients and giving this noble profession a bad name. The only defence patients have is to be knowledgeable about their own illnesses and not be afraid to ask questions. All patients have to right to a second opinion and no doctors should coerce their patients to accept treatment against their will. The only consolation I have is that most doctors, both in public and private practice, are still ethical and are sincere in helping their patients.

Please circulate this article to your friends and loved ones and lets hope no one will suffer in the hands of surgeons like 'Surgeon G'. Also, beware of the general practitoner who insists that you see a particular specialist in a particular hospital because he could be working hand-in-hand with that doctor.

Thank you."

Nazri: No action against Ibrahim Ali

Nazri: No action against Ibrahim Ali
S Pathmawathy
May 17, 11

No action can be taken against Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali over his warnings of violence against the Christian community as such remarks are now a Malaysian norm, said de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

No matter how unsettling such remarks are, Malaysians therefore "need to live" and "be mature" in dealing with such characters as Ibrahim and his ilk since social platforms and media such as Twitter and blogs have allowed statements such as Ibrahim's to proliferate beyond the government's ability to proscribe - or punish - them, he added.

"It's difficult to take action against Ibrahim now with the existence of Twitter and blogs ... because we cannot be selective in our prosecution," he told Malaysiakini when contacted today.

Ibrahim had caused public outrage after issued an ultimatum of sorts against "ungrateful Christians" if they went on with a purported plot to subvert the position of Islam as the official religion of the federation.

NONEIbrahim had based his remarks on an Utusan Malaysia report earlier this month that alleged Christian leaders were conspiring to change the federal constitution in order to install a Christian as a prime minister and turn the Muslim-majority country into a Christian state.

Nazri (left) said users of Twitter and bloggers have been guilty of making statements deemed sensitive to one or other group.

"If I take action now (against Ibrahim), I have to move on all (of such) blogs and those (issuing similar remarks) on Twitter," said Nazri.

That, he added, will be a difficult task as the government would then be accused of stifling freedom of speech.

"The courts will be full of prosecutions against (persons accused of making) seditious statements," he reasoned.

He stressed the mammoth prospect of such a task presently compared to a few years ago when those propagating extremism and those uttering racial insinuations were hauled to court and punished.
Nazri: Live with it
Mohd Nazri had previously said that the government should "get rid" of the right-wing group, as it had acted in an extreme manner.

His comments came at a time when Perkasa had acted as a major stumbling block to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's economic reform efforts, as the group had decisively opposed the PM's proposal to gradually lift affirmative action policies to encourage open competition.

Mohd Nazri had then stressed that action can be taken if leaders of such groups uttered seditious remark.

In contrast, Nazri now says, "The state of the country is now beyond this... we have to live with it now.”
Religious leaders, critics and politicians from both sides of the fence have been mounting pressure on the government to act against Umno-linked Utusan Malaysia for its reckless reports on the alleged 'Christian conspiracy'.

utusan malaysia kritsian agama rasmiUtusan front-paged an article titled 'Kristian Agama Rasmi?' (Christianity the official religion?) that cited unsubstantiated allegations on two pro-Umno blogs that Christian pastors were supposedly hatching a conspiracy to take over the country, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

The parties alleged to be involved have vehemently denied the reports and had lodged police reports against the Malay daily, and Utusan as well as the bloggers are presently under police investigation.

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/164348

seals: so this is norm?  Can the others start a similar groups and say the same ?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Church leaders: Act now against 'crusading' Ibrahim

While choosing not to retaliate, Christian leaders today called on the authorities to act quickly against Pasir Mas parliamentarian Ibrahim Ali for inciting religious hatred.

The lack of action, they said, risks further damage.

NONESpeaking to Malaysiakini, Sabah Council of Churches president and Bishop of Sabah Albert Voon said Ibrahim's (right) threat to launch a crusade against Christians is sowing seeds of hatred which will embolden other extremists.

“His statement is very insidious and destructive to harmony and instills hatred against Christians over no basis.

“The church does not feel insecure as our security is based on our relationship with God, but the government should take action to safeguard civil peace,” he said, noting that this is not the job of the church which is a spiritual organisation.

He noted that what Ibrahim said was unjustified as it was based on an Utusan Malaysia report on a purported Christian conspiracy to usurp Islam. The report was unsubstantiated and has been refuted.

“When our churches were burnt, did you see Christians retaliate in anger?..It is always the other side which is getting worked up over (one) thing or (an)other,” said Bishop Voon.

“(The police say) they are still investigating (the claims of Christian conspiracy)…but imagine if a bishop had used the term crusade - he would be under Internal Security Act (detention) the next day.”

Gov't leaders 'shouldn't keep silent'

Similarly, Council of Churches president Reverend Thomas Philips said that it is crucial for government leaders to speak up against such extremist statements.

“With all the statemeNONEnts made, who will speak for those who have been attacked? The silence of leaders, who do not defend the rights of the minority, raises doubts among the minority. One person inciting religious sentiments would arouse many others,” he said when contacted.

He added that there are laws to deal with such statements which “incite or create disturbances” and this should provide space for action.
Yesterday, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein reportedly responded to the issue when he said Ibrahim - who heads Malay-rights pressure group Perkasa - does not represent the majority of Malay-Muslims. However, the minister refused to brand him an extremist.

His ministry had issued Utusan a letter of reprimand on Friday but the move was chided by critics as being too lenient.

While Bishop Voon is wary of engaging “such an angry person”, Rev Thomas said the church is always open to dialogue as evident in their meeting with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak last week.

'It's the Home Ministry's fault'

Supporting the church leaders is DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who said Hishammuddin's statement - after his ministry's seemingly lenient action against the Malay daily - has only made matters worse.

NONE“This dangerous lie by Utusan has given a golden opportunity to extremists like Ibrahim to make Christians the object of hate and incite enmity amongst Malaysians,” he said.

“Hishamuddin even went one step further in defending Perkasa and Ibrahim by refusing to brand Ibrahim an extremist for calling for a crusade against Christians.”

He said Ibrahim's open declaration of support for Umno and allegiance to Najib is proof that the NGO's polemic cries are for BN's benefit, especially coming into snap polls.

Lim also chided BN component parties Gerakan and MCA for merely condemning Perkasa in press statements instead of using their position in government to act.

“So far no Gerakan or MCA ministers have dared to press for a cabinet decision insisting that cabinet acts firmly against racists and extremists seeking to burn one Malaysia with these dangerous lies,” he added.

seals: Hmm as usual they will arrest the people that reported the case but let or promote the one who said / act. The penang case was the best. They arrested the reporter who reported the statement from the UMNO man but he was free and happy. It will be the same here ....

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Selangor Exco Elizabeth Wong's personal assistant arrested by Police

For the rest who dont understand Malaysian Language... The arrested man is the PA for a Member of Parliament and he keep asking "WHY ARE YOU ARRESTING ME, WHAT ARE THE CHARGES, WHAT IS MY RIGHTS"  AND NONE WAS ANSWERED .... he was still thrown into the police car and "arrested" ...  this is Malaysia ...WHERE IS THE HUMAN RIGHTS?

Arrest ...No Reason....No Rights for the "victim" ...is  this Police State,,,,,?