Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Politics is none of your business, Markom

Markom was 'just looking for anti-gov't teachers'

Yes, government servants must support the government of the day elected by the rakyat since its policies and projects are implemented by them. But Markom Giran cannot meddle with the rights of the teachers as voter-citizens as to which party they support.

Is there any circular or law that says all government servants must be BN members/supporters? Going by your words, Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah government servants must support Pakatan Rakyat and not BN.

It is not your duty to find out which party they support. Teach the students sincerely and faithfully according to the teaching profession. Don't be political parties' mouthpiece.

You and me, and the rest of the rakyat, as voters will decide which political party to vote for in the next election and elect the government. Shut up and do your work.

Righteous: It's simply sickening that anyone in our education system would suggest that "if they are found to be against the government, we will call them up and send them for courses to let them understand that a government servant should not be against government policy."

Dear God, what are they trying to do? Whatever happened to free thinking, let alone free speech? Are they trying to produce robots that simply follow blindly? What qualifies a person to become a leader if they are never taught to think and thereby lead?

Why should the government never be questioned? If they make a wrong decision should we just swallow it whole and hope someone else sets it right?

Swipenter: Caught on tape and now trying to twist and turn. Markom, it's none of your business which political party a teacher supports or doesn't support as long as he/she doesn't bring politics into the classroom.

Did the education minister give you the directive to ferret out "anti-government teachers?" Or was it your own idea to ferret them out and send these so-called "anti-government teachers" to boot camps such as BTN (National Civics Bureau) for re-education?

Anonymous_40a7: Markom, you might just as well say, "We will brainwash any opposition supporters so they will preach to students what we wanted them to." That would save us a lot of trouble trying to understand the jibberish you are trying to say.

For a better Malaysia: Is Markom the best we can have to manage the education of tomorrow's generation? Thank God, I don't live in Johor.

Enviroman: I listened Markom's whole speech and it was clear he was asking the teachers to identify their political leanings and direct them to persuade those supporting opposition to switch sides.

If this is not campaigning then I don't know what is. It looks like even educated people are prepared to lie and this is the condition which the nation has degenerated to under Umno/BN.

Not Confused: Markom obviously thinks we are all as unintelligent and naive as him. There is a world of difference between implementing educational policies in schools, and the personal political convictions and affiliations of a teacher, or anyone else for that matter.

So if they do not support the ruling coalition, they will be sent like sheep for indoctrination courses? This is reminiscent of what happened during the Cultural Revolution in China. Perhaps they should be incarcerated in Kamunting while they are being brainwashed (err... I mean indoctrinated!).

If it were not so serious, I would be rolling on the floor in tears with laughter.

Anonymous_4135: Markom, when you tell a lie too often, you'll believe it as the truth. Unfortunately, we do not believe you or your lies. Why the heck are you trying to find out who your teachers support? Are you paid to do this?

People like yourself should be removed from your post, otherwise sacked. You're just like your political masters.

Anonymous: How do you equal support of opposition to non-support of government policies? How sure are you that support of ruling parties equal support of government policies? Need I remind you about the racist remarks spewed by PM Najib Razak's aide Nasir Safar that went against the so-called 1Malaysia thingy?

You have no right to stick your nose into other people's political conviction. If you find a government servant going against government policies, it would be on the strength of his/her act alone not on his/her belief.

You 'makan gaji' at the hands of the people, not the government. So you don't campaign for the government of the day.

Phra Ong Chao: Government servants are always required to adhere to principles of human rights and rule of law above all. If the policies of the government goes against this, the government servant should not blindly follow them.

This is why we're now saying that employees of the imperial Japanese and Nazi government should not have carried out racist and inhumane laws against the minorities in the Japanese and German empires at that time.

Ghkok: Yes, a civil servant must execute government policies when he or she is operating in a role of a civil servant. A civil servant is also a voter. In the role of a voter, the civil servant is entitled to support and vote for any political party. Once a political party wins and assumes power, the civil servant is obliged to follow the policies of that government.

The civil servant must not confuse party and government. The government cannot dictate what party the civil servant (or any person) supports. That surely is a crime.

Malaysian Born: Having broken every rule in the book about civil servants not participating or using their authority and influence for politics, Markom is trying to justify his actions. Does he mean they will then punish teachers who have affiliations with opposition parties? Force them to undergo orientation programmes like drug addicts?

I'm really concerned. If the welfare of our children and their education is in the hands of such low-grade individuals, their prospects are really under risk. This man needs to go back to school and be re-educated very badly.

Is this is indicative of similar nonsense being perpetrated in other states?

Libra: His mind has been "bonsified" just like what former student activist Hishamuddin Rais said.

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/153694

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