Friday, May 07, 2010

Umno won't let May 13 ghost rest

Multi Racial: Azhar Ibrahim is the type of politician Malaysia will be better off without. He is racist and he is using the same old racial threat used by Dr Mahathir Mohamad for decades. Those days Malaysians were blinded as there was no alternative media.

But today, Malaysians can see for themselves how we have been cheated for the sole benefit of allowing such irresponsible politicians to hold on to their power. Those were the dark days we do not want to go back.

Now we are on the path of reform. Either the government of the day do it or we will voted those who will reform.

Lonestar: My goodness, what's wrong with this Azhar? How does one link May 13 to whatever happened to Aminulrasyid Amzad. Can he not let the ghost of May 13 rest?

The issue involving Aminulrasyid is due to over-reaction by the police. No one is disputing the work done properly by the police.

Dr Jacob George: How to win 'hearts and minds' with political dinosaurs and idiots like this in political office? May 13 again - Nay, Malaysians more matured and aware despite certain politically bankrupt individuals attempting to resurrect it.

TPN: How does MCA convince the Chinese voters to back BN when idiots like Azhar continue to utter idiotic statements. Najib, get rid of there morons from Umno if you want non-Malays to back BN.

Confused: Azhar, it appears that you are not used to play the role of an opposition. However, keep it up, you will have lots more opportunity to practice. You sounded really childish and as usual making allegations and statements which are unfounded or unsupported by facts.

Isana: This Umno dinosaur realised that the only way to come back to power in Penang is through another May 13 incident. Umno is nothing but racist, power-crazy and corrupt. They stole Perak, indulge in bribery in Hulu Selangor and the same will happen in Sibu.

Rayfire: I don't know if May 13 will happen or not, but definitely March 8 will with a bigger tsunami that will drown you bigoted clowns!

Paddington Bear: How much longer are we going to spend our lives under the imminent threat of another May 13? It's over 40 years ago now. The only reason why we can't seem to let it go is because politicians (read: Umno) don't seem to want Malaysians to move on with their lives.

Ng Seng Tong: This guy must be hauled up by highest authorities, including the prime minister and the king, for suggesting and therefore planting the idea of the possibility of the army versus the police. This rable-rouser cannot be left off the hook.

The highest authorities must reprimand such wrongdoings. Here, we are dealing with dangerous issue.

Bernard Phillips: Please don't fall into this trap, people. He is doing what the national Umno leaders have been trying to do for the last two years - attempting to stir up emotions so that a state of emergency can be proclaimed. How else can the BN/Umno politician grab power back?

They are completely bankrupt of new ideas to govern, and are even more desperately lost when in opposition.

Sentinel: I think Penangites should not be alarmed or surprised at the behaviour of this so-called opposition leader Azhar. They are expected to behave like this because they are from the same mould, which is the racist Umno mould.

Look at Bukit Bendera's Ahmad Ismail, are we even surprised? The more they do this kind of behaviour, the longer Pakatan will stay in power in Penang - but they don't realise that, they will continue with these petty and childish behaviour.

FedUp2010: This is another one of BN's stooges planted in Penang to question every single sincere effort of Lim Guan Eng and cause trouble. Why didn't he question the various fishy dealings of the previous state government?

Ferdtan: Gerakan, please do your part. Please disassociate yourself from this moron, and if no statement is forthcoming then it means that you agree with him.

Wira: Every time the state government does the right thing, we have an Umno racist bringing up "pendatang", "prostitutes" and "May 13" to cover up their past wrongs. Hulu Selangor must have emboldened them.

Al: If there's one thing I learnt since March 8, 2008, BN makes very poor opposition in states run by Pakatan. They don't know how to raise any credible points at all. Just look at Selangor's Mohd Khir Toyo.


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vinnan said...

If UMNO decides to start another May13 the non-Malays will not be able to stop them from doing so. However, UMNO wants the non-malays to 'start' the ball rolling. This will then justify the 'Malay' mobs, killings and eventually the imposition of emergency rule which will enable UMNO to amend the constitution and parliamentary constituencies as it bloody well pleases so as to keep itself in power forever.

UMNO calls the non-Malays pendatangs, prostitutes and beggars and all sorts of nasty names. They kill Teoh Beng Hock so as to provoke the Chinese to riot. They call Tian Chua a Malay killer even though the car which killed the soldier in the accident was driven by a Malay. Mahathir is used to lend credence to Perkasa as a force for the Malays and to justify the racist/Zionist ideology of UMNO.

In other words UMNO is trying to or are laying the grounds to justify the violent seizure of power simply because no political party in the Malaysia has the financial resources to buy elections on the scale of Bagan Pinang and Hulu Selangor and now Sibu in a general election.