Thursday, January 07, 2010

Missing jet engines: Two charged

'The AG wants the rakyat to believe that only these two men were involved? That only these two pocketed RM100 million and took the whole government for a ride?'

Bobby Chin: We have a RM500 million submarine commission paid to a so-and-so company which the government initially denied and multi-billion ringgit navy boat contracts awarded to a local company with experience only in building fishing boats.

Then there was the multi-billion ringgit scandalous helicopter tender for the Nuri replacements which was thrown out after public complaints, and now missing jet engines? What next? Who was the defence minister then? After so many scandals, shall we allow these to go on?

Steven KC Poh: The attorney-general wants the rakyat to believe that only these two men were involved? That only these two pocketed RM100 million, took the government, the air force and the Customs Department for a ride and managed to connect with buyers in Latin America? Please...

SameSame: And another Umno/BN spin on the story. Good lord, why do these people think we are such dumb-dumbs? These two are just the 'ikan bilis'. There are a few big piranhas involved here. These two just happens to be just their 'sacrificial lambs'.

Abil: Even the 'Great Train Robbery' took a dozen men to organise, coordinate and execute. The 'Italian Job', too, took a dozen men to execute. Here in Malaysia, it took only one man to organise, coordinate and execute a massive theft from a high security zone. The other cohort had no business being near the army base as he was a civilian.

A single man could take out two jet engines from a high security region. He is a genius tactician and the whole air force base's security from top to bottom are very real jokers who should be sacked.

The attorney-general is 'brilliant' in his analysis in that a single man could jeopardise the security of a whole air force base - that too a low-ranking non-commissioned foot soldier. At least Malaysians can be proud that we have geniuses in our air force.

Ko Pi Ior: I am completely appalled and confounded by the claim that only a relatively junior army officer was involved in stealing and selling the two jet engines. This is yet again another case where the powers- that- be try to insult the intelligence of the general public.

The strategy is to distance the senior officials as far as possible from the episode as the latter is so close to the leadership for comfort - if one catches fire, the other would certainly also feel the intense heat of the debacle.

Well, if stealing two interceptor jets plane engines are just the work of a few mischievous junior officers, where were their bosses and what were they doing? Are the bosses engrossed with bigger mischief which are yet to be disclosed?

Chipmunk: Does the government take us as idiots who were just born yesterday to believe that only these two were involved? These two must be so damn good that the people at the Defence Ministry, the air force base security, the transporters, the logistics crew, the Customs, the police and all the rest couldn't detect the theft.

Even James Bond must learn from us. Kudos! I really take my hat off for these two gentlemen who without any other help, pulled off this job.

Wira: What fools must Malaysians suffer to think that a sergeant can authorise the movement of parts worth millions out of a warehouse in an air force base? Who is his superior officer? What about the boss of his boss? That guy is just an NCO (non-commissioned officer), much like a clerk or a supervisor in a private company.

Nicholas Lim: Where are all the people who asked us to shut up and let the police and AG investigate? "Give them time to investigate. They won't cover up. Why you all always only like to condemn and condemn before the investigation is finished."

Well, this story will tell you why. A Kugan will tell you why. Teoh Beng Hock will tell you why. Altantuya Shaariibuu will tell you why. I pity the fools who keep on hoping beyond hope that one day we would be proved wrong. Suckers.

Frankie Tan: Outrageous! Simply outrageous. Those moronic spin doctors are spining out of a web. One army sergeant and one outsider can pull off a professional job like this? US Homeland Security officials must be very impressed indeed. Mind-bogging and jaw-dropping.

Joe: Being brilliant is one thing, fooling the Customs with documents and shipping the two engines out of the country is surely adding insult to the effectiveness of our Air Force and the Custom Department .

Roti John: Maybe a scrap metal dealer is the middleman between the seller and buyer. The CIA or Mossad need to learn on how to run the covert operation from our guys - very efficient and go undetected for a long time.

Maybe if the terrorists need the Sukhoi engines, they can contact our scrap metal dealers. They know how to get it from their underground network.


seals: Just blame the people for this...

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