Monday, August 10, 2009

Will Home Minister Hisham take action?

On 'Utusan - the true face of 1Malaysia'

CS: From the audacity shown by this Utusan Malaysia writer, it is clear that he has been put up to this task of inciting racial hatred amongst all Malaysians. It is also a foregone conclusion who is behind this despicable act.

I would urge the home minister to remember the words of his grandfather, Onn Jaffar. He said "the only way forward for this nation is to think as one, to believe as one and to act like one". These words were drops of pearls, inspired by Allah for the good of all mankind.

Dear Dato Hishammuddin, as home minister, you now have the power to make or break this nation, which is at the brink of collapse. You will make the nation proud if only you act as the leader of one nation, not as a Malay, Chinese or Indian but as a Malaysian.

Show the people that you really care, like your grandfather would have wanted. Put an end to this type reporting/comments in Utusan. You know what the consequences will be if you do not take action now.

Be all you can. Love all and hate none. May Allah always guide you like he did your grandfather.

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