Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dog owners in Nilai must now get neighbour’s permission

SEREMBAN: Dog owners in Nilai must now get written permission from their neighbours to keep the animals in their homes. This is the first time such a ruling has been introduced in Negri Sembilan following recent amendments to the Dog Licensing Bylaws 2008. The municipal council issues annual dog licences at RM20 each.

Council president Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Latif said the ruling covers dogs which were three months old and above. “For those who want to rear more than two dogs, their premises must be at least 1,000 sq metres.“You are allowed to keep more than four dogs if the area is larger than 1,000 sq metres,” he said. The affected areas are Nilai, Rasah, Ampangan, Mantin, Lenggeng, Pantai, Rantau, Labu and Senawang.
Abd Halim said the owners were duty-bound to ensure that their pets were not a nuisance to their neighbours such as the animals defecating in public places. “The pets cannot be allowed to roam freely outside their compound,” he said, adding that officers would take away unlicensed pets. Those caught without a licence could be fined up to RM1,000 or jailed not more than six months, or both.
The Seremban Municipal Council issues dog licences for RM10 each but has not asked owners to get their neighbours’ permission. Applicants are required to attach a vaccination card for their pets. The state Veterinary Services Department issues licences for RM5 for those living in other areas.
Resident Melissa Wong asked why was there a need to get her neighbour’s permission to keep a dog. “My neighbour’s cats defecate in my compound almost every day. Why doesn’t the council make it a requirement for cat owners to get their neighbour’s consent?” she asked.
P. Manimaran, who lives in Rasah Kemayan, said he may have to give up his dog because he was not on talking terms with his neighbour.

Those with queries can call the Nilai Municipal Council at 06-798 9099/9077.

seals: Same question, this should apply to cats too. Dog just barks and the end result is safety...what cat delivers. So, if a deog owner has to give up the dog because the neighbour does not agree and later there is a break in, who is responsible? Nilai Municipal Council is trying to set a new standard? Will the neighbour will sit in to guard the house? And when the cat mess around in neighbours compound can we call the Nilai Municipal Council to come and clean it?

This is a fools move ....


dharmavritta said...

Dumb, dumber, dumbest.. does get any worse?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes..... we have to vote the right people....... Wonder who is running the state government there? BN? Would have guess so...... eventually .... not only dogs ...... you might not get to eat pork next !!!!