Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sungai Siput MP’s former car torched

Sungai Siput MP’s former car torched

IPOH: The Volkswagen once owned by Sungai Siput MP Dr D. Jeyakumar was torched outside the house of a fellow Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) member in Sungai Siput.

Sungai Siput OCPD Supt Azman Salim said PSM member V. Patrick had been inside his house at Taman Orkid when he heard his dog barking and the sound of a motorcycle at about 1am on Thursday.

On going outdoors, he found that the side window of his car had been shattered with the use of a brick and a there was a small fire in his car from a homemade pipe bomb.

According to Dr Jeyakumar, the Volkswagen had been his since 1981 but he had passed it on to Patrick a few months ago.

Neighbours, he said, had spotted four young men on two motorcycles at the scene.

Describing the attack as the work of political rivals, Dr Jeyakumar said this was not the first time that fellow PSM members had been targeted.

The police are investigating the case.

seals: I feel by police not taking action against things that happens to PR members, it promotes terrorism and more getting brave to attack PR members .... what the police has done so far .... being quiet on such cases ... ?

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Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! this is a very very public and very very serious act of threat to kill and blatantly published in a daily.. is UTUSAN threatening to kill KOK? how come no one's doing anything abou tthis.?