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World On Selian/Selians

1. Selian Lutheran Hospital, Arusha, Tanzania

"A hospital with a mission to serve the poor andthe sick in the name of Jesus Christ."


  • Selian is a small river which runs off the southern slopes of Mount Meru in the northern Arusha region of Tanzania, East Africa. The town of Arusha resides to the east of Selian River.
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  • a Lutheran hospital in Arusha, Tanzania;
  • a village in Azerbaijan of Iran, in Asia;
  • a Baltic tribe that used to live in east Latvia and north-east Lithuania (the surroundings of Visaginas). This nation was small and their Selian language became assimilated into Lithuanian and Latvian between 1400 and 1600;
  • a farmstead, a part of an open-air ethnographic and history museum in Jekabpils district of south-east Latvia;
  • an Armenian last name.
  • Wine Name : Selian Reserve. Vintage : 2001. Wine District : Tunisie. Type : Red.

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5. Selian Hospital/Ebenezer School Arusha

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7. The Selian was a Cardassian Legate-class cruiser starship of the Cardassian Union's Central Command in the 24th century.

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13. Selian Hospital - Vesico-vaginal Fistula Repair - Lifetracks ...

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