Monday, April 28, 2008

Bridal Fair @ Mega Mall 2008

As previous year I walked in with my camera ( I always promote this even in my blog, I walked around and had a look, I noticed that the fair has shrink to almost half, from what i saw 2 years back. The number of chairs placed in from of the stage was very few, I felt like the chairs was placed for some unexpected visitors who wants to see what was happening. Few chairs was still empty and a demo was going on for a skin care product.

I walked around, It was a Saturday evening and the who place was packed but not this place. There were booths bout was not as crowed as outside in the Mall.

I felt, either the place was not getting its attention or promotion. The J&K tourism booth was unmanned.

Basically, it was not that I saw last 2 years.

The best part was, I took out my DSLR and took 2 photos. First was the Kolam and 2nd was the inside picture. One man who earlier was taking care of the reception booth ran to me and said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY". He was just saying I cannot take photos, only MEDIA is allowed and I have to prove that I am from media. Then another man who is one of the organizer came to me and said "You cannot take photos". Reason was I am using a DSLR and I might use for commercial, claiming that pictures are mine.

Then I asked, "so I cannot take pictures for the bridal fashion show?" He said yes. If I want to take photos I have to register and give my details. After some talk and question why there are no notice that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED", he said he will do it next year and he allows small cameras but not big cameras.

IF they copyright the dress and make up, then they should register with Intellectual Property. I have not seen such thing before. As far as I know the want photographers and promote it.

My comment to the organizer was, it is only at south India places that I get this "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" rejection ..... One at the south Indian temples, as though the pictures will kill the divinity of the temple (North India temples will encourage) and second, here in this Bridal Fair.

5 floors down, there was a MEGA MALL Fashion week was going on. There the organizer provided a area and a stand for the photographers to take pictures.

What a difference......

Here we are not going a LONDON - PARIS - NEW YORK kind of a fashion show, but the same Saree (the Saree was not designed for the show) it is just how to make up and wear as a bride. What is there to be so protective? Is it a million dollars make up design that was done by a world class make up artist?

I think rather then promoting, you are just shutting yourself by doing all these!

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