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'Gandhigiri' in Malaysia: Ethnic Indians to gift roses to PM

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Monday, 07 January 2008

(Press Trust of India) - Ethnic Indians protesting alleged marginalisation in Malaysia now plan to resort to 'Gandhigiri', presenting 10,000 Valentine's Day roses to the country's premier to highlight their demand for justice.
The "Valentine Roses Campaign" will be the first public event organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) since a massive protest demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on November 25, which saw police using tear gas and water cannons to disperse some 20,000 ethnic Indians.
Hindraf Chairman P Waytha Moorthy, now in London, said a minimum of 10,000 Malaysian Indians would assemble outside Parliament on February 16 to gift red and yellow roses to premier Abdullah Badawi in conjunction with Valentine's Day.
"Red Roses would signify Hindraf's love and peaceful struggle while yellow roses would signify the demand for justice for the five Hindraf leaders held under the draconian laws and for the rights of the minority Indian community who have been neglected for the last 50 years since Independence by the government," he said in a statement.
Five Hindraf leaders have been detained by the authorities under the controversial Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite imprisonment without trial.
Moorthy said Hindraf "wishes to assert that this is purely a peaceful gathering with the view to present our beloved Prime Minister with roses to enlighten him on the predicament and cry for justice" of the Indian community.
"It is hoped by accepting the roses the Prime Minister would be compassionate and understand the needs of the Indian community," he said, requesting Badawi to personally accept the gift or make a representative available. Hindraf said it can change the venue if the premier wishes.


seals: Will they let this be in peace?

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