Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Venmai (White-ness)

Venmai is a short film inspired by a true story about a young girl's torment in an estate. The complete shooting of Venmai was done in 14 hours without any prior rehearsal. Some of the actors were also selected in the estate and trained on the spot. Some of the actual facts have been altered for theatrical purposes.

Comments: Somehow I came across the video that actually captured my heart and attention. Thanks to Bala an Indra. I have heard many cases like this, the young girls has to / or taken into flesh trade in estates because the family can't pay debts or forced to by the supervisors. The root cause is Poverty in the estates and they have no where to go. Many escape to towns to earn and live. But even the the town is not the answer for many, they are caught by suprises and culture shock ... they had to face more challenges in towns. For the ones who try to survive in such places it is the poverty kills them.

What have the government has done to look into such matters? Could this be a contribution fact, why the minority Indians feels left out. In this context British brought Indians here and here you see how they live.

This video can be clearly indicating the live of many poor in the estates. Thanks again to Bala & Indra.

We are with you if you are with us.....we can work with you not for you (if you are with us). We all are MALAYSIAN. You don't have to stop anything that is being done now, but help the really poor ones (not limited to Indians) and help all in education and economy.

"Negara Ku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku"

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Selva said...

Really fantastic film...