Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shocking find in rubbish bin

MALACCA: A garbage collector had the shock of his life when he saw two little legs jutting out from a plastic bag at the Bestari Apartments in Bukit Beruang.

When he realised it was the body of a male stillborn baby, he informed his supervisor who called the police at 2.45pm yesterday.

The supervisor, Azmi Yusof, 28, said the garbage bins were usually full with plastic bags and the worker thought the bag contained diapers.

Police detained a woman, in her mid 20s, who was walking back to the apartment with blood-stained pants.

“The woman claimed that she had been having heavy periods for the past two days,” state deputy CID chief Supt R. Gunarajan said.

The woman has been sent to the hospital for a check-up, he added.
Anyone with information can call C/Insp Lina Samidi at 0120-3671699.


seals: more cases... and more .... they rather drop the baby in bin and dump site then drop them at a place that can keep the baby alive .... please comment where would you choose to drop the baby at a place where the baby can be safe and alive and you can send the baby or even deliver anonymously? If there is an option...would you do it rather then to throw the baby?


Anonymous said...

my Opinion will be...

rather than throwing the baby in a bin..I rather keep the baby...:)or think b4 having the baby?mayb could help!hehe

Seal in Astral said...

yes i agree....

Best if you don't have sex.

If you really want to have the physical thing, have a plain romance.

If you think both of you need more and you know you can balance yourself...never go beyond oral....anyway there are risk here. Risk of crossing the limits and Diseases

if you want to have sex...then get ready a condom. This will safe you both from many situations.

The message that I posted is for the ones that cross all the way.