Thursday, December 06, 2007

Let Us Vote this Chief Minister out

by Richard Teo

Even before the words of P.M that Hindraf allegations were nothing but’ blatant lies’ had died down, Melaka Chief minister,Ali Rustam was busy demolishing yet another Hindu temple.
According to Ronnie Liu’s blog, “The Sri Penyachi Amman temple in Tambak Paya village,Melaka was demolished this morning (4th Dec.) by an enforcement team from the Malacca city council which disregarded a ’stay order’ signed by two state top officials.”
Any Chief Minister with a little bit of common sense would not have fuelled an already volatile situation bearing in mind the events of the past week.

But this stupid Chief Minister of Melaka deem it fit to provoke and cast aside the credibilty of P.M’s statement that the memorandum of Hindraf was nothing but lies.

How do you explain the close proximity of another temple demolition coming so close after the recent controversial demolition of the Kampong Rimba Jaya temple?

This is the same mindless Chief Minister who uttered the words that those who took part in the Hindraf rally should have their citizenship revoked.

To this simpleton Chief Minister I would like to tell him that citizenship is a birth right and not a privilege.To say that a person’s citizenship should be revoked merely because he participated in a rally which the govt refused to issue a permit reflects the idiotic character of this man.

There is no doubt in my mind that Malacca’s non-Malays will vote with a vengeance this coming general election.The Chinese have not forgotten his roughshod tactics of wanting to rid Malacca of pigs by setting a ridiculous time-frame of culling 100,000 pigs in two weeks.

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Question: Nothing for the man who asked the PPP to leave BN? Did he represent BN is delivering the message to PPP. Maybe PPP has not guts to leave BN?

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