Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stuck At Chamoli

This is a joy ... in a weekday under the sun ..warm and cold wind and moments of joy with the family ...

making "jeelabi"
Evening at Chamoli..

"Laddu" ....

Diverse business ... :)
We arrived at about 1pm on from Kedarnath and we faced a challenge....Landslide. Just few KM from Chamoli there was a major landslide that injured 1 person and blocked the access to Joshimath. We waited but till few hours later it was still closed. We had to take the chance to go back 2 KM to Chamoli. As if we wait longer we might not get a place to stay in the hotels at Chamoli. When we arrived we found a room (the 2nd last available) and the price was raised to Rps800.00
No choice, we had to take it. Buses and people going to Joshimath, Hem Kund Sahib and Badrinath who arrived in the town after us had problem getting a room. Some had to sleep in the bus and car. It was a jackpot for Chamoli and it is common.
We spend the night hoping the access with be opened the next day early morning...........

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