Friday, November 30, 2007

Chia: Don't Be Misled By SMS Out To Tarnish Minister's Name

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 (Bernama) -- Deputy Information Minister Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye today said some irresponsible elements are out to tarnish the reputation of Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein via a short message service (SMS) purportedly sent out by Bernama, the Malaysian National News Agency, yesterday.

"The Education Minister did not make such a statement nor did Bernama send out such an SMS," he said in a statement issued here today.

The SMS purportedly quoted Hishammuddin talking about Indian and Chinese voter support.

Chia advised the people not to be misled by the SMS.

A spokesman from Hishammuddin's office said the Umno Youth chief also did not make any public statement yesterday.

He said his office would ask the authorities to identify the source of the malicious SMS.


But I have a Question:

Why not Hishammuddin make a statement? And I am sure people will by default believe this because we did before heard Ali Rustam said this ( and till date we did not hear any apology or the whip of BN taking action.

People trusting such SMS's not because they are stupid but there are past factors that makes them accept it without even checking it. For me when I got the SMS I logged in to Bernama and searched. But I did not see it. I think there should be a statement from Datuk Seri Hishammuddin that UMNO still needs MIC / MCA and other component parties......

Correct me if I am wrong .....

Things that I saw around Badrinath

The Birds...

A friend from Indore
The people...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Police report lodged against Malaysia Today, Raja Petra


A businessman has lodged a police report against web portal Malaysia Today and its owner Raja Petra Kamaruddin for an article in the site which he alleged could cause disunity.

Noor Hisham Yusoh, 33, lodged the report at the Brickfields police station at about 7.30pm yesterday accompanied by seven other friends urging the authorities to carry out investigations into the article.

He said the article headlined “What the eye does not see (” by Raja Petra had elements of instigation.

“As a Malaysian citizen, I think that his accusations are serious and can convince a lot of people in Malaysia that the country is not peaceful anymore,” he said, adding that the article could make the situation worse.

Noor Hisham from Bukit Subang said he decided to lodge the report after having a discussion with his friends who agreed that the article could cause disunity in the country.
“We are living in a very prosperous country and we do not want such an article to cause any problem,” he said.

Marks to be adjusted for Chemistry paper

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Examinations Syndicate (MES) will adjust marks accordingly for the Chemistry 2 paper of the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.
MES director Datuk Mohammed Zakaria Mohd Noor said a “printing error” had caused confusion.

“Students should not worry about losing any marks as we will make the necessary adjustments so they will not be disadvantaged,” he said when contacted.
The Star had received many queries on the possible errors in the paper.
Mohammed Zakaria said the operations room had received many calls from teachers and students.

Students sat for the two-and-a-half hour subjective paper last Thursday.
He had also said last week that the MES would adjust students’ marks in the Chemistry 1 paper due to the possible errors.
A total of 439,255 students are sitting for the SPM ("O" Levels), which started on Nov 12 and ends on Dec 6.

The Education Ministry ‘s operations room contact numbers for problems related to the SPM are 03-8889 3551/3520 or 03-8884 3030, Mondays to Fridays from 7.30am to 5pm.
Question: This is not the first time or second time or even third time. I have heard this many times and every time there is an excuse and a free marks are given.
1. Can the students later come back and say "writing error" and ask to 'adjust' the marks and make them pass that question?
2. If printing error, will the examination syndicate (ES) never proof read the papers ? The papers not printed one day before the exam!
3. Do you know the stress that is placed on them when they face a question like this? And this will eat into the mental state of the student for the next questions and the time to attempt the questions.

Keep out, Nazri tells Tamil Nadu

Keep out, Nazri tells Tamil Nadu

KUALA LUMPUR: Stay out of the controversy involving the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) – that’s the stern message for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, who rebuked Karunanidhi for interfering, said what happened here had “nothing to do with Tamil Nadu.”

”Do not meddle in our affairs. This is Malaysia, not Tamil Nadu ... lay off,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday, when asked about wire reports that Karunanidhi had written to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to take immediate and appropriate action to end the “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia.

Nazri said he would not apologise for calling those who participated in the Hindraf rally on Sunday “penyangak” (thugs), stressing that the demonstrators had violated the law as no permit was issued.

He explained that it was illogical to assume that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would not accept their memorandum.
“I cannot accept the action of 20,000 people who want to be involved in a simple action of submitting a memorandum. They can send one person or even 10. The question is – are they really sincere in highlighting their grievances, or are they trying to create chaos?

“It’s a mistake to make an apology to them. It’s not the Indian community that’s involved. Don’t be samseng (gangster),” he said, adding that the issue was discussed at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

Nazri said police would probe a petition to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, which stated that a genocide would occur here with the Indian community being forced into violence like in Sri Lanka if their “cause” was ignored.
“The Attorney-General’s Chambers will study who sent the petition and charge the writer for sedition. The Hindraf memorandum is also a matter of concern because its contents are seditious,” he added.

“I’m sure these matters will also create animosity between the Indians, the Malays and the Government. We will take action. These people must be responsible for their actions.”

Nazri also reiterated Abdullah’s warning that the Internal Security Act would be used if the situation warranted it.
“Don’t challenge the Government. They can try and hold a rally again and see what will happen,” he added.

“The authorities were accused of excessive action. Look at France, whose police used tear gas and even rubber bullets when a demonstration occurred there.”
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has expressed support for most of the demands made by Hindraf.
He told reporters yesterday that he turned up at the Klang Sessions Court on Saturday to give moral support to lawyers P. Uthayakumar, Waythamoorthy and V.S. Ganapathi Rao.

Anwar said he had advised Hindraf not to use Article 153 of the Federal Constitution to pursue their demands as it involved the rights and privileges of the Malays and other indigenous local folk.

In a separate press conference, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang urged Nazri to apologise unconditionally for labelling the demonstrators “penyangak.”

Question: Does this means even Malaysia should never make statement on matters/human rights matters on other countries? Have Malaysia never made statement?

What IGP Musa Hassan Said - 25 Nov 07

I really hope all will respect each other and love each other and we don't see such thing again in Malaysia. We are of not of this culture (as some said) but surely we have to see what changed them rather then to challenge them at this point. Address any issue in the beginning and deliver the needs of any community as Malaysian and as Human with values....we are a Human first!

For the leaders and the people look at "what mistake I have done for this to happen" (positively) before starting to point fingers at another.........!

Negara Ku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darah KU....Whatever it can be this is my country and I am of this soil....what ever I comment is intended to bring positive changes and addressing something that I see that can be changed or to be made known....


MIC to the rescue?

Scenes in Batu Caves

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Protect ethnic Indians in Malaysia: Vaiko

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko on Tuesday requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take immediate steps through diplomatic channels to protect ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

In a letter to Dr Singh, a copy of which was circulated to the media here, he said the Malaysian authorities had used police force against ethnic Indians, mostly Tamils, when they took out a peaceful rally on November 25.

"Making up some eight per cent of Malaysia's population, Indians are historically underprivileged, compared to other ethnic groups and have long felt discriminated." "More than 90 per cent of ethnic Indians in Malaysia are Tamils.

They have contributed to bring economic prosperity in Malaysia, shedding their sweat of labour all these years. But they have been discriminated in education, jobs and business opportunities by Malaysian authorities," he added. Stating that the reported statement of the Malaysian Prime Minister against the peaceful rally was "disturbing and causes apprehension" about the future safety and welfare of ethnic Indians, Vaiko requested the Prime Minister to take steps to protect them.

At Badrinath

The Temple ... Badrinath

The surroundings hills are the beauty...
It was much colder then last year during the same time.... will find man and ladies selling shawls and "malas" at the gate.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Child

If you want JOY, play with a child
If you want to see LOVE, look at a child
If you want to see PEACE, look at a child
If you want to see GOD, LOVE unconditionally every child

The Story Of Middle Finger

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Endless Love

Does love has an END? Or love is an END? What a question........

A love is an energy once it vibrates beyond the emotional body, no it has no end. But also yes it felt as ended once you are in infinite/absolute.

"its only YOU in my life" ........


AirAsia offers to operate Subang airport on its own

SEPANG, Thurs:

AirAsia Bhd is keen to operate and develop the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Subang via private financing initiative (PFI) and make it more business driven and competitive regionally.
AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said today the company is prepared to table a fresh proposal to the government seeking its permission to operate the airport.

When asked for his reaction should the government allow this, he said:“Definitely AirAsia will be prepared for that (to operate the Subang Airport via PFI).“You have PFI roads, PFI power stations as well as many infrastructure projects, why not the airport,” he told reporters after the company’s annual general meeting here.Personally, he said, it will be a good idea for the government to allow AirAsia to go into Subang Airport so that subsequently the no-frills airline will address on its own all matters related to the operation and infrastructure of the airport.

AirAsia had, among others, suggested that it too be allowed to operate via Subang just like community airline FireFly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.Yesterday, AirAsia X chairman Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan was reported as saying that Malaysia needs a larger low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) soon to accommodate the increasing passenger volume if it wants to become the regional hub for low-cost travel.

My comment: I think they should be allowed to operate then we can see a competition and people will not be 'slapped' with huge airport tax, tax that is more expensive then the ticket.

Dare Devil

Wow! A hard working guy constructing the steel beams at a construction is normal ...

Hmmmm what is the height?

Wow is high and he wears a simple safety belt...

Now you really see it. This pic was taken from 21st floor of the adjacent building in Makati City, Manila. And you can see the height of the steel beams and where his legs are placed. He is standing at least a 3 floor height from the last constructed floor. Cool..

Stay away from Hindraf rally, Indians warned


The MIC has called on the Indian community to stay away from a planned gathering in front of the British High Commission on Sunday.

It said the organisers of the rally, the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), was a front for the opposition.Disciplinary action would be taken against party members participating in the event, which had been widely covered in Tamil dailies.MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said yesterday the organisers were irresponsible as they would not take the blame in the event of any untoward incidents."In the end, the community will be the real loser."

The organisers plan to present 100,000 signatures in a petition to Queen Elizabeth II for a Queen's Counsel to represent the Indian community in a representative action filed on Aug 30 in the United Kingdom seeking STG4 trillion (RM27.7 trillion) in compensation for the community from the British government.

He said the MIC was not against social activism but felt it must be within reason."They must be realistic and work towards objectives that are realistic."Subramaniam also said that several SMSes on the gathering were being circulated, with one stating that each Indian would get RM100,000 if the case was won.

He said MIC was worried that irresponsible people would take advantage of the gathering to create trouble.MIC Youth chief S. A. Vigneswaran said the SMSes were dangerous as they fanned racial hatred.

Meanwhile, police yesterday raided the Bangsar office of lawyer P. Uthayakumar, one of the leaders of Hindraf, in search of an allegedly seditious publication.City Criminal Investigation Department chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah said they had obtained a warrant to look for a publication titled 50 Years of Violation of the Federal Constitution by the Malaysian Government.

He said the action was related to a function held by Hindraf at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last July.


Define Realistic? Very soon and the population drops 2% more, Indian will be under "Others" category.

REMEMBER this warning is for MIC only not for MALAYSIAN INDIANS.
IS MIC scared this guys are doing what they fail to defend and HINDRAF in getting more popular?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moving Towards Badrinath

The life of children, in joy after they got some sweets from us..
Selling "malai" at the Joshimath - Badrinath Gate

Between Joshimath - Badrinath is where the the access to Hem Kun Sahib is located. It is the same way that people going to Valley of Flowers have to take

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The complainant (Sashidaran) made a police report after he was accused of stealing at Giant, Shah Alam (one of the popular hypermarket chains). Not only he was accused, he claims that the security guards planted items in his bag, assaulted him, insulted his religion, and forced him to write a false confession. He was turned over to the police and taken to Seksyen 11 police station where he was subject to more assault and threats, and forced to sign another confession. He was denied access to his parents for three hours. His father later came and he was released. He found that some of his belongings were missing. He was to attend court hearing on 19 november 2007. He made the police report to protect himself and claim his innocence.

Nama : Sashindran
Bangsa : India
Agama : Hindu
Umur : 22 tahun
Pekerjaan : Technical Supporting
Laporan Kejadian

Pada hari 16 hb November 2007, lebih kurang pukul 11.20 pagi, saya telah pergi ke “Giant” di Seksyen 13, Shah Alam untuk membeli barang. Setelah saya beli barang itu berjumlah RM23 dan selepas membayarnya saya meletakkan diatas kaunter “ Giant “ untuk beli satu lagi barang.
Selepas saya mendapatkan barang Ambipure dan letakkan diatas kaunter. Semasa itu saya menerima pangilan telefon daripada pakcik saya. Semasa saya bercakap dan meletakkan telefon saya dalam “ sling beg “ saya ditegur oleh 2 pegawai sekuriti “Giant “ dan dibawa ke bilik mereka.

Sejurus sahaja saya sampai dibilik itu, saya dipukul dari belakang dengan tangan oleh salah seorang pegawai sekuriti dengan memberitahu berikut :-
“ kamu apa 08 punya orangkah, you tahu saya siapa, saya pun 08 punya orang besar “
Sejurus selepas itu, saya yang merupakan seorang penganut hindu yag memakai symbol keagamaan saya “ kum kum “ di dahi saya dan rantai yang ada wajah gambar tuhan (Krishna ). Pegawai itu terus memukul saya dan paksa saya untuk duduk dibawah dan seterusnya memadamkan “kum kum “ yang merupakan kesucian agama saya serta mencabut rantai keagamaaan saya daripada saya dan lalu dicampak dalam bilik tersebut.

Selepas itu, pegawai sekuriti itu ambil gambar tuhan Krishna saya yang berada dalam bentuk “pendant “ dan meletakkan semula di atas dahi saya dan beritahu perkara berikut sebelum dia menendang saya dibahagian belakang :-

“ Sekarang kamu nampak macam syaitan “
Selepas itu pegawai sekuriti menyuruh saya untuk menulis surat akuan bahawa saya telah mencuri “ silicon , bostik, polish kereta dan perfume aroma therapy “ . Saya memberitahu bahawa saya tidak boleh menulis kerana saya tidak buat salah atau mencuri barang-barang tersebut. Selepas saya beritahu ini, saya dipukul dengan kerusi plastic berwarna biru sampai kerusi tersebut pecah. Saya yang dalam ketakutan dan kesakitan, terpaksa akur dengan ugutan mereka untuk menulis surat akuan tersebut.

Selepas saya menulis surat tersebut, mereka suruh saya tandatangan diatas surat itu, tetapi saya menolak permintaan mereka.Disebabkan itu, mereka pukul lagi dengan kerusi plastic yang pecah tadi. Mereka juga mengambil selipar saya dan diikat dengan tali dan menggantungkannya di leher saya dan beritahu sekali lagi berikut :-
“ Kamu sekarang macam anak syaitan, selapes itu dipukul sekali lagi dan dimarahi lagi “ keling, bodoh ………. “

Dengan paksaan itu saya terpaksa menandatangani surat itu dan pada masa itu sekali lagi, saya dipukul di tangan kanan dengan menggunakan kerusi tersebut. Selepas itu sekuriti itu minta saya mengaku dan bayar RM30 agar saya boleh dibebaskan tetapi saya tidak bayar. Saya tidak ingin bayar kerana saya tidak mencuri barangan tersebut .

Dalam masa yang sama, saya perhatikan mereka memasukkan barangan tersebut, “ silicon, bostik, polish kereta dan perfume aroma terapi kedalam beg saya.

Selepas itu, mereka mengambil gambar saya memegang beg dan seterusnya mereka suruh saya buka beg, satu lagi gambar diambil, kemudian mereka suruh saya mengeluarkan semua barangan yang sekuriti tadi masukkan dan diambil satu lagi gambar diambil. Akhirnya saya disuruh pegang semua barang itu dan diambil satu lagi gambar. Mereka mengambil 4 gambar.
Selepas itu, saya dipukul oleh kedua-dua sekuriti dikepala saya dan mengugut saya bunuh sekiranya beritahu sesiapa.

Selepas itu pegawai sekuriti itu memanggil polis untuk menyerahkan saya dan dalam masa menunggu mereka terus pukul saya. Sejurus sahaja, polis sampai, salah seorang polis tamper saya dari belakang dibahu saya. Selepas itu, seorang polis menggunakan bat senapang dan memukul saya dibahu belakang.

Saya digari dan dibawa kedalam kereta peronda polis dan diberitahu akan dibawa ke Balai Polis Sekysen 11, Shah Alam. Semasa berada dalam kereta peronda, salah seorang polis memaki saya seperti berikut : -

1. “ India keling you apa 08 punya orangkah “
2. “ Saya boleh lepaskan awak dan tembak dan membuang saya dimana-mana sahaja.
Kemudian dia mengambil ID pekerja saya dari dompet saya dan campakkan keluar dari kereta. Masa itu, saya meminta jangan campak tetapi dia terus memaki saya seperti berikut :-
“ You India keling pasti masuk lokap, kamu akan hilang kerja, tak payah ada ID, Ini negara Islam, apasal you ada sini, kalau mau curi balik India “

Selepas itu, saya terus dibawa ke Balai Seksyen 11, Shah Alam. Sarjan Azami meminta saya terus mengaku bahawa saya mencuri padahal saya kata saya tidak mencuri.

Seterusnya, sarjan Azami mengugut saya untuk menandatangani laporan yang disediakan oleh Sarjan Azami sendiri tanpa mengambil keterangan saya.

Apabila saya kata tak boleh, dia mengugut seperti berikut, “ kamu akan dimasukkan kedalam lokap 14 hari dan dipukul”. Masa itu, saya minta mereka menghubungi bapa saya tetapi tidak dibenarkan.

Akhirnya, saya terpaksa mengalah dengan desakkan mereka, saya tandatangani laporan Sarjan Azami tersebut.

Selepas lebih kurang 3 jam kemudian, saya dibenarkan untuk menelefon bapa saya. Mereka hanya berikan telefon bimbit dan dompet. Barangan dibawah telah hilang semasa saya menerima “ sling bag “ saya:-

1. Castrol Multipurpose tool.
2. Duit berjumlah RM150
3. Pen drive
4. Proskit Precision Tools

Saya juga mendapati kredit ditelefon saya telah kurang sebanyak RM7.00. Selepas itu bapa saya dating ke Balai dan saya keluar dengan jaminan polis dan diminta untuk hadir ke mahkamah Seksyen 6 pada hari Isnin ( 19-11-07 ) 9.15 pagi.

Saya membuat laporan ini untuk membuktikan bahawa saya tidak bersalah, saya dianiaya dan sekuriti tersebut telah dengan sengaja mereka cerita palsu tentang kecurian tersebut. Saya juga ingin membuat laporan ini untuk melindungi diri dan keselamatan saya daripada dua sekuriti Giant Seksyen 18 dan pegawai polis yang mengugut untuk membunuh saya. Kalau apa-apa berlaku pada saya, pegawai sekuriti dan polis tersebut adalah bertanggungjawab.
Yang benar,
( Sashindran a/l Ravichandran )

This was again a shock to me ...Let the world see what is Malaysia ...

I remember a BN Minister said Bloggers are liars, Mr Minister .... is this?
Who gave the rights for the Giant guards (uneducated fools) to hit him and make racial statements.
How can we ever trust a police? Even I guess when a woman manage to escape from a rapist, looking at that is going on she cant even run to police to safe her self.
When a nation fails and the people who were in harmony transformed to morons like this...who is responsible? The leader and the leadership? Yes of course ...this is something every PM from the day we got independence is to take responsibility over the current status of Malaysia!
It is time we change MALAYSIA .... we are not the Malaysian we used to be .....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Moving on From the landslide

After about 24 hours of wait we start moving slowly. On a close observation by the BRO, one by one we were allowed to cross. As were were in queue ... This boy was in the bus...

The landslide site ....

It is a narrow curve for a two way traffic ...

Can you imagine a road like this...

This the the view as we get closer to Badrinath...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My First Experience

After many year of flying with MAS (will change to SIA because of the "generally" poor service) for the first I had a real experience. About 40 mins after take off on 12th Nov 2007, I asked for something to drink. The stewardess said they have stopped providing food / beverages as we are returning to KL, reason being "smoke in the cargo".
Ten minutes later the Captain announced it. It took a longer time to land, I guess they were circling over the KLIA to be given clearance to land.
Upon landing the pilot "pull over" to the side and shuts the engine.....

You can see the flappers are not normalised and the engine was turned off. We waited in the aircraft for about 1hr 30 mins

During the 90 mins the fire brigade went in with their breathing apparatus and other fire fighting stuffs (you can see in the picture)

Later they declared there was noting wrong

But towed us to the bay and said they will change the aircraft and the boarding time was 2pm. But they took off at about was delayed for about 5 hours, but glad all safety steps was taken for a safe flight. Good job MAS.

But ........but ...the meal coupon that was given did not really say value or what we get with it in terms of value. And none of the food outlet served vegetarian food. There was one outlet called "Noddle" had in their menu "Vegetarian Curry Noodle". Happily I sit down and the waitress came, I made an order. I reconfirmed if it is Vegetarian. She said "It is not really vegetarian as they put Chicken Stalk in it. Excuse me ...... when did chicken stalk became Vegetarian item? Don't the others knows the term of Vegetarian? Then she suggested other items that was fish and chicken ..... uh ...I am asking for Vegetarian food and she was suggesting fish and chicken.

At last I found an Italian Food outlet Sobarro (not sure of the spelling). They had vegi pizza. I was hungry and I had no choice. When I asked what do I get for the meal coupon...the answer was 1 slice (1/6), 1 soft drink and 1 soup or salad. I really don't know is that my limit or it was their choice....and MAS forgot (again, many times) the food requirements of the customers...
At the end question was ... why they did not evacuate us first? Lets assume it was a fire and can lead to explosion and bigger fire that can be a risk even after landing.