Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ascending to Kedarnath from Gaurikund

One of the first view as we were going up...

I could not take all the water falls as i had limited space in my memory card. I had to work within the 4GB CF card space that I had. I had to leave my computer in Rishikesh considering the roughness of the journey

As we were ascending from Gaurikund (1982m) to Kedarnath (3583m) on horses (one of us went by foot) on a 14Km path. We were welcomed by the beauty of the hills and water falls and rivers and sunrise, birds eagles and the nature itself. When I went there 2 years back by the time i reach the top the cloud has covered the hills. But this time it was as clear as the open sky and the great WHITE HIMALAYAS was so beautiful beyond words. that's why i said the pictures did not speak the truth...the truth of the beauty of himalayas.... you have to feel and see and experience it to really know it......
This is the question for me to ...why am I going the the same place again and again?

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