Wednesday, September 12, 2007


All of a sudden at about 7.35pm Kuala Lumpur time i felt my body was shaking with some pressure at the heart center. I tried to stop it but it went on, first I assumed something wrong with me, and I checked my heart beat and it was normal.

At the same time my office mate called me across the room and asked if you are feeling like shaking. The I realised I was OK but something else was wrong and I stand up and saw the curtain strings were swinging a little. I walked to her place and concluded it could be an earthquake. I checked website, at that time it only showed the latest earthquake was in Papua New Guinea. But that is too far for us.

Then I went back to my place and packed to go back. I also informed a friend on my YM that there could be an earth quake.

As i was walking back my office mate called me and it was reported (at that time) as 8.0 magnitude earth quake. We were shocked and called our friends in Indonesia to inform then as it was said there is an Tsunami Alert.

Lucky till now it end at that level......

This was my first experience ........!

Hope the two legged, talking, reading mammals will take care of the earth and heal the earth, so that we will not face disaster that we faced few millions years back that wipe off the flesh of the earth!

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