Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tirumayilai(Mylapore) Kapaleeswarar Temple

Legends: Parvati (Karpakambal) in the form of a peacock, Mayil is said to have worshipped Shiva (in a legend similar to that at Mayiladuturai), hence the name Mylapore. There are several literary works associated with this hoary shrine, which remains today, a seat of Tamil culture. The Poompaavai Patikam composed by Sambandar is associated with this temple & he is said to have brought back to life, Poompavai the daughter of a devotee of Shiva - Sivanesa Chettiar. This event is enacted on the 8th day of the annual festival in the month of Pankuni (Pisces).

This temple was special and I learned something from here. What mad me happy was, the temple was withing Chennai but i managed to go to this temple only at my 3rd visit to Chennai and I was happy to be at a temple where Sambandar had visited.

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