Thursday, July 05, 2007

Full government-aid plan for Tamil schools

Full government-aid plan for Tamil schools

July 5, 2007 EDUCATION Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said steps were being taken to ensure that all Tamil schools become fully government-aided schools.

There are 524 Tamil schools in the country with about 150 of them in rural areas and estates, and being partly aided by the government.Malaysia Nanban quoted Hishammuddin as saying that schools with enrolments with fewer than 50 pupils were be merged.

The government would build new schools, which would be fully aided by the government, for the purpose. The minister was speaking to reporters after submitting the National Education Blueprint Policy in Parliament on Tuesday.

Tamil Nesan reported National Population and Family Development Board consultant Dr Abdul Majid Mat Salleh's statement that birth rates had been declining since 1957 with no sign of improving. Board statistics showed that in 1957, the average birth rate in Malaysia was 6.7 children per woman, but it has declined to three children per woman in 2000.

Dr Abdul Majid said Malays were the most fertile ethnic group in 2000 with an average birth rate of 3.5 children per woman compared with 2.5 among the Chinese and 2.4 among Indians.

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My Comments:

Tamil schools has never was given a proper attention till date. Merging the schools in the beginning will only narrow down the enrolment further. I suggest a task force is formed (not fully given to a political party) consist of NGO's and scholars to study and promote TAMIL and the TAMIL schools and also deploy improvements equal to the existing fully government aided schools. This will surely improve students intake of every TAMIL schools.

Would any one send they child to a school like this :

Surely the schools needs improvements. When there is surely the enrolment will not be a problem. Bravo Datuk Seri Hishammuddin, you are doing something.

The government also should look into improvement of social-economy status of Indians and this might also improve the birth rates among them.

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