Friday, March 23, 2007

Heart Of Bangalore

I can say generally Indians are more health conscious. I see in Gorgaon after lunch it is their norm to have a walk outside before going back to work. And i see in Bangalore the community garden is well made use of...early morning even on working days

This a Murugan temple in Bangalore

The shadow view of the temple's Gopuram (no image editing)

clear view from the side

This city has both side of life as the image speaks .... the camel as the transport and the modern life as you see in the billboard, both exist here.

They do follow traffic rules in India. They stop for the RED traffic light!

Amazing India!

Bangalore as to what I see, is well organized and matured town. You can take an auto (the 3 wheeler) and tell where you want to go and safely reach the destination and you don't have to fight of the charging as every one use the non-tempered charging meter and you can trust it. But in Delhi/Gurgaon/Chennai ... whew! You have to keep your eyes open and careful. They may just drop you and say there is where you want to go and actually the location might be further up. And you have bargain the charges before you get into the taxi/auto. if you try to bargain it after reaching the destination .....well you can forget it. The price will be higher if you take it hear a hotel or if they can sense if you are not a local....

I guess until good leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh drives the country to a strong position there will be 'survival of the fittest' lifestyle will go on among the poor to live. And as i used to say the weakness will also be the strength. The 'survival of the fittest' also produces the best brains in the world.

Indians were one of the best centuries back and I would say the are back in that direction.

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