Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Using Handphone at Fast Lane

I was late for my training and was trying to make full use of the allowed speed limit and there this car was on the fast lane (right lane) on the so called "penang bridge" of Petaling Jaya. This car was going slow not bothering the long queue at the back.

I managed to squeeze to the left and over take the first car. As I turned to the right wanted to see the smart person who was driving slow, there sits a lady holding a hand phone on her right ears. And "boraking" from the malay word 'borak'.....err actually she looked like discussing matters. But lady you can use a hands free and get off the fast lane.

Then my horns (on my head) grew and ask my friend to take a snap with my camera that I had in my car. Then I went to the back of her car and there you see the full view of the car as she was coming down from the bridge. We were trying to take a right side picture of her but she end her conversation as we approached the Kelana Jaya seafood restaurant.

Then I walked into the training room very late :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lucky it was not me ,.. selian.
or else i would had just stop in front of her car & bamboo her :-)