Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Accident At PJ/Old Klang Road Junction

On the way back at about 12.30 mn on 17th may 2006, saw this accident. I am sure it just happened as I did not see any tow trucks (as normally they are the super first to arrive). There were one casualty. That made me stop to see if I can help on first aid. As usual none of the people around did nothing to help the man who was lying on the divider, there was one African man was helping him.

Since he was conscious and had only small cuts. I asked the others at the location, they said they called but the call was passed on to Selayang Police Station. Since I had the Petaling Police Station number, I called and informed.
Then I called 112 (GSM SOS Number). The call was transferred to call centre in East Malaysia. The person that answered my call was not sure when I said nearest Hospital was University Hospital in Petaling Jaya. He transferred me to a place and a Bangladeshi answered and said 'ini pejabat tak ada ambulance". I told the person i will find ways to solve it. And disconnected. he called me back and that's when I got to know he is in East Malaysia. And told him that I called Petaling police Station again and requested for ambulance.

As I saw the situation was ok and the man recovered and was calling someone, I left the place.

What will be the best process and way for the public to contact the right unit and to have a fast response time? As I saw the same delay and problem when I was handling few other road accidents where it was critical to send the injured person to hospital on an ambulance.

An injury can become worse or even fatal when a person is transported by public who will not assess the type of injury (including the internal fractures/injuries) and risks of moving the injured person and transporting in a car.

The other time was when many of us was unsuccessful in trying to call TNB 15454 to cut off a 415V cable during a fire.
(Fire At Kg Lindungan Nov 2002 :

Is Malaysia far behind on such services?

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