Monday, February 27, 2006

AkasharDham Temple Delhi

The side view of the AkasharDham Temple

Closer view of the temple

Night view, was really cool. But since I did not have a stand, this was the best I managed to take.

A view of a temple next to the main temple that we were allowed to take pictures. It had a very beautiful carving on marble.

Another beautiful art work on the celling

I don't know who is this but was placed in the temple. You will know if you can read Hindi.

A view of the sunset. It really felt good there.

Another view of the temple as we were approaching the place.


Anonymous said...

Hi Seal,

Nice pictures....

He is Pramukh Swami Maharaj who is a spiritual leader of the Hindu organization of Boochansanwasi Aksharpurushottam Santha [BAPS]. More details can be found in



madhusudan verma said...

hi seal,

wonderful picture. Inclusion of picture of lord swaminarayan shall complete the album (of course with help of BAPS.

madhusudan verma india

Anonymous said...

Namaskar, Ivisited Akashar Dham recently,while I was in Delhi.I have no words to write about the beauty and art of this tample.I purchased a DVD and want it should also be in English and NTSC .

Anonymous said...

this is amazing temple not only in india but in the whole world also .i have no word tosay something about that. this is like heaven on that earth

kapil dhingra