Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Kids Of an Estate After Their Education Was Secured

She was so happy to see us there and she was very loving.
She is one of the kids of SRJK(T) Bukit Darah that the group from

All smiles for this kid from another estate studying in the same school. About 35 very poor children from around this place had their school fees paid and other school going items like books and school uniform, shoes were taken care.

Now the next thing is the home. Look at the condition. If you see the room that they rent for about RM300.00, you might cry. And the mother wants to stop her 13 year old daughter from going to school so that she can earn some money. The group stopped it and paid her school fees now she too is happy that she gets to go to school and she wants to be a civil engineer.

Now most of the parents here will loose their job when the factory "close shop" in march 2006.

Shying away from the camera.

What will happened to the kids. Are we to let things go and see a disastrous future for the kids

Have someone forgot the existance of these kids?

Waited and waved till we went out of sight.


lily said...

I wish I could share the happiness with them!

FuNnY n FulL oF iDioTiC jOkEs said...

simply a wonderful pix wid beautiful kids... tears came out of my eyes looking at the pix :) So ppl after seeing this pix juz think for urself as be happy for wat u have rather than not having anything at all... smile always... ~CHEERS~